Thursday, April 2, 2020


The majority of Covid-19 cases can be traced back to arrivals from overseas.

One would have thought and expected a half competent government to be going after this HARD.

From the Police Commissioner in response to questioning at the Emergency Response Committee meeting this morning ....

118 persons are quarantined with symptoms.

1,573 are in managed self-isolation in hotels.

4,078 are in non-managed self-isolation.



RosscoWlg said...

Yes the worst offender was the Ruby Princess that arrived in Wellington on 17 March then moved to Napier.

This ship is responsible for 10% of ALL AUSTRALIAN INFECTIONS.

The new Zealand Ministry of Health had the legal responsibility to stop this ship. They did nothing!

People even rang them before the ship docked here and were duck shoved by the MOH.

Perhaps a criminal investigation is wanted?

The failures by the MOH are mounting up rapidly and by association its Minister, a clone of the incompetent Tyford.

Andrei said...

"The majority of Covid-19 cases can be traced back to arrivals from overseas"

Of course they are because that is where they have been looking and you can't find things in places you where don't look.

Which is why you don't see the woods for the trees.

The Veteran said...

Andrei ... I miss your point. You deal with the reality and the reality is that by admission we have 4,000+ persons in non-managed self-isolation. If only 1% of that number decide, for whatever reason, to break out from self-isolation then you have 40 potential time-bombs ticking away in the community.

Again I say ... WTF.

Chris T said...

Agree Veteran and Rossco. The ones self managing will be straight off the plane into the crowded supermarkets. Crazy.

RosscoWlg said...

As I understand it, off a plane: 7 days of quarantine at a hotel followed by 14 days self isolation.

Andrei said...

Veteran, you are trying to close the stable door long after that particular horse has bolted.

In case you hadn't noticed the tourism industry which is our top foreign exhange earner has totally collapsed and is not about to recover anytime soon...

The Veteran said...

Andrei ... all I am saying is that non-managed self-isolation has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese on steroids. It assumes the cohort will comply. If you believe that then I have a bridge to sell you going cheap.

If the Gummit were serious the 4,078 would be in managed self-isolation joining the 1,573 that are. Clearly they're not. End of story.

Andrei said...

And what I'm suggesting to you is that this virus was circulating in New Zealand long before testing even began without anybody realizing it and the battle to keep it out was lost long ago.

And the Government is squandering resources at a rate of knots while the real crisis we face is developing and they are exacerbating that crisis in this quixotic attempt to contain what in effect is a relatively benign disease for the overwhelming majority of New Zealand citizens.

ROFL said...

Shocking...expecting Kiwis to switch on the location facility in their phone.
Police state eh Andrei

Tom Hunter said...

Just saw this comment on Kiwiblog re tracking of cellphones.

It’s already well under way. As I mentioned in GD a couple of days ago. I was contacted be a member of my local DHB, who informed me I may have come into contact with a Covid-19 sufferer in Te Anau a fortnight ago. I did not stop, I did not buy anything or talk to anyone. The only way the authorities would have known I was in Te Anau on that day was by using my cellphone data and location services, which I might add, I never have turned on.

For our government it increasingly seems that the book 1984 was not a warning but "How To" manual. Anything in the name of The Emergency.

The Veteran said...

ROFL ... so no response to the essence of my post then. Clearly you agree that non-managed self-isolation is a crock. Thank you for your support.

Rusty Arrow said...

HUNTER, location can be detected by triangulation of the cell phone towers the phone contacts. Not as precise as location services, but still enough to tell if Citizen X passed through Town W. Turn your phone off when you travel. It's a bit like leaving a country on one passport and returning on another. Makes them wonder where you've been.

Tom Hunter said...

Jesus - it's not the technology it's the state thinking that lies behind the tracking.

I'll bet if it's Hager being tracked you'll be super concerned.

Rusty Arrow said...

Tom, you mean like the State thinking that the US has used to pressure sovereign nations to not use Huawei 5G? Because the Yanks want to be the only ones with tracking equipment.

The NSA has already mandated backdoors in a variety of tech products. If they're using it, you can bet the other 4 eyes are using it, too.

It is why I turn my phone off when I travel, use my UK & NZ passports alternately, encrypt my hard drive, and never take a cell phone through immigration in the US.

Tom Hunter said...

Do you do the same when you visit China? Britain. France?

They're all doing it.

Oh - and "encrypted" hard drives. Pfft.

ROFL said...

Well I believe the call has been for quarantine of all these groups of people.

Not sure how that can be accomplished. Maybe you can enlighten me?

Currently the 118 I presume are in hospital?

The managed self isolation are those that had no plan. Correct me if wrong?

The non managed are those who had a plan and went to their addresses.

Where do you quarantine 5 thousand odd people these days?

Rusty Arrow said...

I have never been to China, and in my trips to Europe, no one has ever wanted my cell phone handed over. But yes, I still mix and match my passports, and even when I am heading down to Akaroa 4 Square for another bog roll, I turn off my phone.

Now you may think I'm paranoid, but organising with the SDS in Melbourne taught me a lot about how the surveillance state works. They still fuck up quite a bit, but they can also fuck up your life if you're not careful.

How do we know the CIA didn't assassinate Kennedy? He's dead.

Rusty Arrow said...

oh, and just because you don't understand hard drive encryption doesn't mean none of us do.

Tom Hunter said...

... organising with the SDS in Melbourne taught me a lot about how the surveillance state works.

I'll bet. And clearly you're a little concerned / paranoid about State tracking.

You see! There are things we can agree on.

Not that it's stopped you having a crack at me over my fears of the State and "Emergency Powers" over the last few weeks. Given what you've just said that's trolling.

Tom Hunter said...

oh, and just because you don't understand hard drive encryption doesn't mean none of us do.


Oh sweetie. If only you knew.

Noel said...

Quarantine vs isolation.

Rusty Arrow said...

Tom, I doubt you'd understand half of what we do with encryption.

Am I paranoid about state tracking? No, paranoia is a disease. I am cautious, suspicious, and observant. I grew up in Bolte's Victoria, lived under Bjelke- Peterson's "Moonlight State", and supported Dunstan when he sacked Harold Salisbury as SA police commissioner. In the vast majority of cases, the surveillance state only targets the Left, the Trade Unions, the homosexuals, and Free Thinkers. It rarely targets the Right, where most of the terrorism originates.

Ex Ustashi Croatians roamed the hills around Melbourne, plotting an invasion of Yugoslavia. ASIO and the Vic Police were ignorant, until a few locals investigated the stinks and bangs. At the same time, the SDS premises in Rathdowne Street were under 24/7 surveillance and were raided 3 times. They have not improved since. We even had a good laugh at the incompetence of ASIS staging their "raid" on the Sheraton, although that could have turned out quite poorly if Sheraton staff phoned the wallopers a bit earlier.

Even NZ was not immune. NZ police and security systems failed to foil the the two terrorist attacks NZ has seen. We know the CIA knew about the French one, but the fifth eye wasn't deemed important enough to be forewarned. One day we may find out how much, or how little ASIO/ASIS/DSD knew about Tarrant.

You're terrified of Huwawei, but the NSA al;ready has backdoors in Intel and AMD chips.

I operate in a Zero Trust world.

The Veteran said...

RA .. hotels dear boy, hotels. They're empty.