Saturday, April 4, 2020


The Part Time Prime Minister sure as hell dont.  Her Deputy is in glorious Isolation not officially acknowledged, and the hapless "Health Minister"  sems MIA

A tsunami of GPs,  anecdotally admittedly, are relating stories of up to 50 per cent of test swabs being rejected by Laboratories for Covid testing because they do not meet "the central committee"  guidelines.

Finally through the curtain of obfuscation, some less charitable might say avalanche and calling them Lies, the silly Girl finally appeared to  heed  the call by the WHO echoed by Chair of the Covid emergency Committee of the Parliament a day later, back  in mid March,  for "test test test", sadly it was nearly three weeks later the communicator agreed and then it might in truth be just another dissembling affair.

Today Gps are a growing chorus claiming that big lie from the appointed one is anything but what they experience as the reality.

Really useful having a graduate in  communications occupying the NZ Inc CEO chair but if the intellectual grunt is only matched by the ability to deliver a barrage of meaningless and often conflicting output she might just as well quote from an old phone book.

ps  For those who graduate with a degree in Communications, can it be inferred the Communications have any connection to facts and widely agreed  truth.
I consider there may be no such connections what so ever.


Anonymous said...

The trouble with you GD is that you think small. When blame shifting you gotta think big. The Trump admin shut down the early warning pandemic centers along with other stuff in order to fund the "popular|" tax cuts for the rich. So try blaming your hero for shit we are in.


Psycho Milt said...

It's an indication of just how weird things are getting that right-wingers are starting to claim the people running the country's testing laboratories take orders from a secret politburo. Imagine if a government chosen by such people were running the country right now, it would make the Trump administration look sane.

gravedodger said...

People, I do not think the Orange man bad saga is in any way involved in the succession of stuff ups continually being perpetrated on NZ Inc.

It does seem odd that a GP sends a sample to the laboratory that has previously just delivered what was on the request form suddenly discovers for some reason it is declined to be processed on a claimed directive from a party outside the contractural relationship between the GP and The Lab.
This against a background of claims from the Politburo there is more capacity than currently being used.

Leave Trump out of it, this is simply a conundrum where the Prime minister with a clear proclivity to be "Flexible" with known facts seems at odds with GPs actually dealing with in their somewhat stressful work load.

Forget Trump I consider Trust to be the issue.

Anonymous said...

How the hell can your forget Trump Tom?, all roads lead to Rome. I'm not a people or a dude.