Saturday, April 4, 2020


Evidence that his recovery from the Neurological set back Cameron Slater suffered, comes today in a post at his new 'digs' The BFD News in a post drawing attention to the misuse of wartime allusions from "Earlynhard" in the tripe being spouted over the CoL response to the Covid Pandemic.

"The Unfortunate War Analogy Being Used" is the header with a very accurate and topical  sub header;

"If We Are In A War  We Need To Be Talking About Acceptable Losses".

As the NZ Inc economy goes over the clifftop, along with the Lemmings,  the focus on the so far single death "with", note, not "because" of  Covid 19, this Nation needs to review the total shut down of the economy.
Shutting down every worker not deemed 'Essential' however prone to inaccuracy that is being proved when so many actually operate in a semi isolation status while many deemed "Essential" work,  cheek by jowl with fellow workers for the only reason that such delivery has 100% political risks is problematical.
Such drastic responses only seemed necessary to the morons in charge because they ignored the risks from a steep Graph curve of infections that was fed daily by the thousands who walked across our borders as returning citizens and tourists from Late January and apparently still do with bugger all attempt to make any moves to manage the risks involved.

As one clearly in the path of the Pandemic I think the total shut down is daily being proved as a looming disaster on so many fronts.

Yes a 'stay at home and isolation'  protocol  for those at risk is sensible and responsible otherwise all the CoL have achieved is the trashing of much of the economy, massive advancement of their socialist wet dreams and a debt burden that will be placed on the future generations that will cripple the nation for decades.
Sure the destruction of the Tourism part of the economy is total and outside of anything the government could have done, but imho that sector  was well overdue for a massive reset and review as some of the downsides were destructive to the product NZ was selling.

Any way it is a good opinion summary, Thankyou Cameron.


Psycho Milt said...

Yes a 'stay at home and isolation' protocol for those at risk is sensible and responsible...

So, how long do you picture that protocol continuing for, if COVID-19 is running wild in the rest of the population? How does the health system cope with huge numbers of people infected and a significant proportion of those requiring hospitalisation? How does the economy cope with much of the population either infected or trying to protect themselves via self-imposed isolation (which is what a lot of people would do if a government so incompetent as to implement Slater's ideas were in power)?

Tom Hunter said...

And how long do you think this Level 4 protocol can last, Psycho, especially now we have the Minister of Health, Dr Ashley Bloomfield, talking about "eliminating" the disease, which seems in complete contradiction to every epidemiologists expectation that the virus will go through much of the population and that Level 4 was merely to slow it down.

Because Level 4 lockdown beyond four weeks is not going to work. It will break down, not in any obvious way, but crack by crack opening up and the Police (and Army) unable to stop it everywhere.

And even if it did work over the next few months, what happens when we announce that COVID-19 has been defeated, we come out of lockdown - and COVID-20 turns up a week later?

Psycho Milt said...

I assume the government is well aware that the lock-down is an emergency measure that can't go on indefinitely, and also assume that both the discussions among the expert advisers and the discussions between experts and the government about how to get us down a level or 2 without inflicting disaster have been what you might call "robust." From media reports, it sure sounds like the discussions among the governing politicians have included some Slater-style ideas about how many "acceptable losses" should be sacrificed to the sacred cow of GDP, but I'd be willing to bet those ideas have had short shrift from Ardern and Shaw at least - which is one reason I'm glad we have them running the country right now, and not blowhard Pharisees like Simon Bridges.

Anonymous said...

Endless speculation from Tom , and now it is Covid 20, how about 20 and a half, 21, 20,32.

There are so many variables in what is happening around the world at the moment and virus's never perform to medical or political expectations.

It will take years and perhaps more than one Govt. Inquiry to get the what might resemble the truth. At least the doubting Thomas's have now admitted it's a pandemic and not a slight cough which is very reassuring as I have a slight cough.

Now, not to be to pedantic, the Worldometer death and infection rates are all those that are reported on the day, most are are just catchup figures that happened days or even weeks before. Big daily jump in British, French and Italian figures are to do with with the tail catching up with the head.

So when in doubt over react, which is much much better than under reacting and treating the threat with condescending contempt. Ask General Percival.

It is interesting that the alt right blogs and newspaper comments in Sweden are lambasting the Government for NOT closing down the country like the rest of the EU.

Like the Virus they go for the weak spot and the negative.