Wednesday, March 18, 2020


For now NZ Inc is in the dark,  making moves that are entirely reactionary.

Nat leader Bridges has made several pleas for a massive ramping up of testing for the Wu Flu while the Silly Little Girl pretending to be Dear Leader has concentrated all her energies on re-election strategies and/or her personal captains calls as evidenced by her significant use of  "I".

As posted yesterday tacking the additional Pike River recovery Top Up along with blatant vote buying for those who do not create any wealth that could sustain revenues coupled with  a pathetic NZ$500 million to provide the additional funds for DHBs to create greater capacity for ICU facilities is pure electioneering.
Whatever happened to the nine years of neglect that the Padre has been rabbiting on about while he has dismantled every measure that Ryall, Joyce and English established to focus health vote effectiveness. Well Padre for now just forget the politics and provide the leadership Vote Health needs to cope with this pandemic.

Nothing was clearer that the Labour appointed Ministers are still firmly stuck in the opposition mindset than the closing remarks from the Pretend Finance Minister as he completed his largely vote harvesting effort yesterday.  Zero attempts to bring all to focus on the task facing NZ Inc, he just couldn't let the chance go by, he had to try and kick National in the goolies.

All the stats being shouted from the lectern by Media Party Members over infection and death rates possibly connected to the Covid 19 virus are meaningless in the absence of the data that widespread testing will provide.
How many are infected, suffering minimal symptoms and discomfort, then  escape the count because they had a cold for a few days and were never recorded
How many deaths occurred amongst seriously health compromised patients that were never proved to have had their death precipitated by the virus ,  testing might measure.
A chorus of anecdotal evidence mounts that accessing a test has some inane hurdles when eventually the truth will out and it just might be that person to person is already happening, in the absence of extensive testing who would  know.

Could the billions sent to seat warmers at the UN, the Paris accords, and the NZ taxes being pissed onto walls in virtue signalling and re-election moves be better spent. While absolutely no funding for employers and the self employed who will be in the advance of the recovery when the virus abates, is voted.


Andrei said...

You are talking as though testing for the virus was a simple job accomplished in a few minutes

But of course it is not - there will only be a finite supply of test kits and only a limited number of people with the training and skills needed to interpret the test results and draw the correct conclusions from them.

With limited resources it is quite important that they be used to acheive the optimum results even if these may not be as good as we might like

RosscoWlg said...

Read about the test kit situation on KB, explained quite well if you can understand what the DG of Health means when he says we can do 750...or is perhaps 1000 a day.

Dear leader has claimed 1500 so I think he realised half way through his talk he had dropped Dear Leader in it and tried to creep it up to 1000 /day.

Shambles as usual with Labour... even Milt seems to have slipped into the woodwork, probably advising Wellington City council on their 10% rates rise in the middle of a pandemic, and how to spin that!!

oneblokesview said...

I find it interesting that apparently testing takes 5 days here( A comment about testing the boy in Dunedin. We will know the results by Friday).

In South Korea(for example) where they have driveby testing stations.
results are available in 5 or 6 HOURS!

Maybe thats why they only have a mortality rate of 0.7%..

Andrei said...

"Maybe thats why they only have a mortality rate of 0.7%..

Or maybe this virus is not as serious as we have been led to believe and by TEST TEST TEST they are getting a better handle on how dangerous it really is - which is not very dangerous at all

Anonymous said...


The kit is licensed to one company and they do not have the capacity to export more. It seems the US has a couple of companies about to do the same thing but once again the US has such a backlog we are unlikely to see them soon.

Tom l'Tankengun

Anonymous said...

Please forward this to those who just say it's just flu bug.

The EU commission have just announced that there is lot of social media stuff coming out of Russia trying to minimise Covid-19 and encourage young people to break quarantine

The dissing of Covid-19 seems to be a common thread here with Grave dodger, Adolf and Hunter all singing from the same song sheet..but I wonder who wrote the song.

Just read what Harvard MIT said.

Petri Dish

Andrei said...

"The dissing of Covid-19 seems to be a common thread here with Grave dodger, Adolf and Hunter all singing from the same song sheet..but I wonder who wrote the song."

Anyone with any shred of common sense is Petri Dish.

This is a case of mass hysteria led by a totally irresponsible mass media and among other thing demostrtes the weakness of our political leadership

Do you know how many people die in China every day Petri Dish? Let me tell you - it is over 40,000 every damn day because my foolish friend it is th human lot to die - a grim reality we all have to face. The nom de plume chosen by the author of this post acknowledges that fact with wry humour

There is nothing anomalous about an 84 year old man dying of pneumonia in Australia - a factoid reported with glee in the lead news item on One News last night as though it was some harbinger of doom. And do you know what over 450 people die in Autralia each and every day and apart from the people close to them nobody notices, everybody just carries on as ususal.

Which of course is exactly what we should all be doing - our time will come soon enough and Jacida Ardern and her lot can do nothing to change that

Anonymous said...

Total bollocks Andrei...ROME (Reuters) - The death toll from coronavirus in Italy has jumped by 250 in the last 24 hours, the biggest daily increase ever recorded by any country, as the worst-affected Lombardy region asked for a complete shutdown of factories and offices.

There is a tipping point in any pandemic and Italy is about to reach it. It has got into Iranian prisons and now it into UK prisons, some of the worst in Europe.

Its "just the Flu"

Can't you bloody well read.

Judge Mental

Andrei said...

Italy has the oldest population of anywhere in the world and on an average day in normal times around about 1800 Italians will die

Anonymous said...

yes but today was 2150 and tomorrow it will be 2450 and the day after 300...pandemic,geddit

ROFL said...

250 deaths in people who have covid19

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It's time for the panic to stop. Reports from a variety of countries indicate a number of readily available drugs successfully treat the Covid-19 infection.

To my way of thinking, that is a true tipping point.

And now for the vaccine. The first clinical trial of 47 patients is underway in Seattle.

Psycho Milt said...

Nat leader Bridges has made several pleas for a massive ramping up of testing for the Wu Flu...

Of course he has. He knows that the government's ability to ramp up testing is dependent on availability of test kits and capacity of the skilled staff needed to carry out the testing, so he can bluster at them safe in the knowledge that flapping your gums is easier than actually doing something about the problem. I hope to gods we never end up with this cheap grifter responsible for dealing with a national crisis.

Also: "Wu Flu" - those damn Chinks, huh?

Lady Scott said...

Talk about the "butterfly effect".

One bloke in China eats a bat and causes a worldwide shortage of toilet paper.