Wednesday, March 25, 2020


The NZ Border has more holes than a swiss cheese,  nah make that a  freekin grater.

Just been in conversation with a mate in a Nelson settlement who has a Neighbour just returned from a short visit to a very ill family member in the US, arrived in their street to self isolate at home.
Now the US is challenging for a Covid19 leader board top spot.
He has presumably come through AKL, Domestic to WGN then NSN and we are in "LOCKDOWN".
So close contact with  linked US medical facility, travel through at least five airports and "we" should stay at home. To quote deer old 'One Foot in the Grave'  Victor Meldrum "I don't believe it Margaret, I just do not believe it".
I am not suggesting anything other than while the country is at code 3 headed for code 4 at 1159 hrs tonight and as of 1230 hrs today, Wednesday, under emergency powers following the declaration of a "state of Emergency", that potential body full of virus should have only made it to whatever we have at Whangaparaoa for quarantine or better still a room in one of the by now probably vacant Airport Hotels. This person's alleged travel seems to have been laced with a generous topping of Laissez Faire flavour.

Hoping for the best clause in the current socialists pants wetting scenario  seems to have escaped ever being stated or revealed as such.

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