Thursday, March 26, 2020


Yes I remember meat, sugar and petrol coupons!

We buy most of our meat from a mobile wagon that came on Thursdays at 1400 hrs.
No more,  it will be the shite meat from the supermarket and the quality will be just above petfood.

I accept the simplicity that has allowed Food stuffs and Countdown to function as a monopoly but meat quality is something many have no freekin idea about, including most  supermarket butchery staff

If a Dairy can operate with a one out one in policy it seems bloody minded that the very few independent Butchers are denied the chance to satisfy their loyal customers.  If we are talking hygiene I would back an independent butcher any day, I am not talking the petfood the Mad Butcher chain sell, I am referring to Peter Timms, Elite Meats, Halswell, Barrington etc.

Had a follow up for Swmbos new hearing aids before the curtain came down yesterday and was a little surprised the local independent Brenna Sincock is not "essential". Oh she can attempt to resolve a problem over the phone but this is high tech and without service it will be a problem.
Recently at end of last year a part of the transmitter detached in the ear canal requiring an after hours assist so I asked what if that happens again. Answer go to ED, reply bugger that, let's hope it does not re-occur.

A repeater attempting to bring clarity to the "buggers muddle" currently evolving tried to claim the State of emergency dumped on the citizenry yesterday made a reference to a system that arose from the inquiry into the CHC  quakes.
If what has evolved so far is an official "Plan" lets all fervently hope another seismic event does not intrude.
I mean if I live within a walk to a beach I can indulge in the well known therapeutic airs a walk on the sand delivers but according to Colonel Klink this morning don't anyone think they can drive to a Beach. 

We have been in isolation now for nearly a month and it seems more than a little confusing, not that surprising when the mental abilities of the CoL are considered.

Update, someone left the stable door open and a whinnying horse admits Racing is "essential"
Who is surprised at that!!!


Ray said...

You also have to wonder at the thinking behind only Liquor Trusts being able to sell spirits, it is definitely going to be difficult for those who live 100s of miles away from a source of real booze.

Anonymous said...

Clearly where liquor trusts are located they are needed as an essential service. I’m thinking of West Auckland in particular.