Friday, February 14, 2020


Last June,  a mere eight months ago, a furore erupted in Hawkes Bay when employees of The Ministry for Children acting in what they had deemed a justifiable process, attempted to remove a seven-day-old child from the custody of its 20-year-old single mother because they believed the child was at risk of serious danger if it went 'home' from the Hawkes Bay Hospital.

Now a police officer - who has witnessed far too much of the almost epidemic and truly awful abuse of little children - has described this latest incident in a Hawkes Bay settlement as possibly the worst he has become involved with.

A four year old male child, already with a history of serious damage requiring medical intervention and action by Oranga Tamariki - the rather euphemistically sounding name now used for what was once "The Ministry for Vulnerable children" - is now in Starship seriously brain damaged, to the extent that if the poor wee sod survives, he will be condemned to a life as disabled since a part of his brain is dead tissue.

In circumstances eerily similar to the Kahui Twins disaster fourteen years ago, apparently two weeks on the Police are faced with a wall of silence from the family members who have knowledge of some or all of what transpired to leave this recent victim deprived of a childhood that most would consider to include an inalienable right to a safe upbringing.

Amidst the inevitable hand wringing and ineffective responses nothing emerges that might bring a solution to what is a national disgrace.

Watched a bit of parliament yesterday and the appalling efforts of Minister Seppoloni to remove the word "Dole" from any discussion around benefit figures.

Sheesh, if a word that has developed over decades of welfare-empire creation is so important as to need expunging, one wonders where - in the priorities of those who would rule us all - has murder and serious assault of innocent children been placed?


The Veteran said...

GD ... your comments endorsed. I guess there are some very embarrassed people out there right now (or perhaps not ... being too wok to understand) ... those of the hang-ringing variety who were prepared to jump all over the system for their proactive intervention.

It beggars belief that proactive intervention has become a dirty word ... and the result?

George said...

Charge all of the ferals.
They all knew what was happening.
And have a word in various shelllikes that the next protest when kids are at risk will result in jail time

ROFL said...

....too Wok...

Noel said...

Should we be surprised.
This is the Agency who sent out plain calendars to thank care givers for there service during the year.
Dates missing on many of the pages and on some simply a jumble of numbers with out any sequence.

Anonymous said...

I think he missed an 'e'.

Anonymous said...

The Ministry of children staff are between a rock and a hard place.
If they appear overzealous, they get attacked in the press
If a child dies, they get attacked for not preventing it from happening.
They are constantly dealing with clients who typically lie or misrepresent the situation, which just makes their job harder.
I flatted with a social worker from that department some years ago.
I got the impression that it's a thankless depressing job, constantly dealing with 'interesting' people.
Solace was typically found in a gin bottle or similar on a Friday night.


The Veteran said...

Yep ROFL .... missed out the 'e'. Terrible, much worse of course than the child abuse happening on a daily basis with intervention now a dirty word. I can understand completely your need to focus on the trivia.

ROFL said...

Anonymous said...

"Words that begin with a very specific meaning, used by a very specific group of people, over time become shorthand for our politics, and eventually move from shorthand to linguistic weapon. Or in the case of woke, a linguistic eye-roll."