Friday, January 24, 2020


One year on from the total Mirage of  "Year of Delivery" launch that has only delivered a mass of appalling decisions, rising welfare figures, threats to criminalise thousands of law abiding citizens who wish to acquire and own various firearms, often similar in motives  to those who might collect fine china, quality tools, veteran motor vehicles, etc, ectera.

Oh there is the once full bank accounts that the economy set up by Sir Bill English continues to actually "Deliver" but is struggling to maintain.

We are now suffering more empty rhetoric from Ms Part Time Prime Minister who clearly serves only at the whim of Mr Seven Percent and is forced to an ignominious survival while overseeing woeful performance by the worst ministry in living memory if not since forever.

All enabled by a media still in thrall to an image of a middle aged ardent socialist who manages to respond to an occasional crisis with adequate demonstrations of empathy, sympathy and hugz.
Jacinda Ardern has used her first speech of the year to call for a "factual" election campaign and it's understood the Labour Party is going to sign up to a social media transparency tool to prove it.  
"New Zealanders deserve a factual campaign, one that is free from misinformation, where people can make honest reflections for themselves about what they want for the future of New Zealand." 
The Prime Minister delivered remarks about running a "positive"and "factual" campaign at the party's caucus retreat in Martinborough Thursday morning in her first official appearance since the summer break. 
Any doubt that the MSM might have recovered from their obsequious, fellating attitudes comes with the eerie silence to the latest slogan summation of what will never be even partially achieved.

New Zealand's very own "Pravda" dream - under the one poor bugger to suffer the removal from the ministry while a far more conflicted Porn Jones continues as a protected species, and a more demonstrably incompetent Twyford slides around as if coated with Teflon.

The sometime 'cardigan man' continues to follow a path of creative accounting. A Deputy Party leader is locked in the wash house whenever his leader is absent. A bizarre choice for welfare supremo watches helplessly as all the now much-reduced measurables go the wrong way. Yet another champion pie-eater presides over an energy sector that will lead to brown outs if not blackouts. An inept Health minister continues to blame the now-gone-for-over-two-years previous administration for the growing by-the-day failures. A justice minister who thinks spending inordinate amounts of money to try and placate a minority of the families of the 29 deceased miners at Pike River Mine is an effective smoke screen for his attempts to release a growing number of direct threats to society onto the streets.

Meanwhile a party of communists and Far Left activists try to overturn all that has been created by decades of management from politicians who would, to a person, eclipse every single member of the current executive.


Snowflake said...

Awwww, you sure are cute when you get uppity old fella.

Paulus said...

Watch out Tova O'Brian is back so Cindy is ok and Simon is scum - Jamie Lee says so!

Johno said...

I see Cindy is having Neve around like a flag at Ratana. Dutifully lapped up by the sycophantic media.

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Better to be amusing that boring.

Rusty Arrow said...

Johnno, Gravedodger is neither, all though is a good example of the damage drinking Sherry at 0800 daily can cause to a senile brain.

Anonymous said...

Soooo jealous of Todger, he attracts the creme of the comments.

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Anonymous said...
Soooo jealous of Todger, he attracts the creme of the comments.

January 24, 2020 at 11:20 PM

And that, gentle readers, is as good an example of a lack of self-awareness and irony as you'll ever find.

Anonymous said...

Well that should close this thread in a millisecond. Normal service will be resumed in the next post.