Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Even in the early times of owning a mobile home we often used Motel accommodation as a family.

Not any more and one reason is the use by welfare and Housing crisis associates  in resorting to the Motel industry as a solution to Emergency Housing.  People struggling to meet the standards of rental owners have increased exponentially since the solution authors of the utter bullshit three years ago were selected by Mr 7% to lead the government.
Now it is variously reported that the motel industry is able to extort much higher daily tariffs from welfare "clients" than Joe Average and Ms Whatever with their tribe of ferals are willing to part with on a short holiday, ostensibly due to the greater losses that accompany the welfare trash.

Many rental owners are being suggested (by the Sallies) to be leaving the long term rental market in favour of 'Air B&B or selling up entirely and seeking industrial/commercial investment.
Who wudda thunk that as an unexpected outcome to the nanny state interference in that market, sheesh we know best, don't we?

"Nine years neglect" my posterior, how about nine years of no action and then a vain attempt by those incompetents of opposition handing to incompetents now with the power to "manage" for two years since and counting.

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