Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Enron, WorldCom, Fannie Mae - meet The Clinton Foundation

This comes as a companion piece to The Vet's OP on Bernie Sanders, describing the attack on him by Hillary Clinton.

There have been numerous "reports" - more like quips - over the last few months that she would like to get back in the game against Trump and get revenge for her 2016 loss in the unloseable election.

Hillary appears to have done various positioning media plays, but nothing more. She seems to be hoping, and perhaps expecting, that the Democrat clownshow will collapse into such hopelessness in trying to find a credible nominee to take on Trump, that they'll turn to her.

Fat chance. And what she's actually angling for can be explained in one graph.

Oh well, never mind. The family still has sufficient pull that it's been able to land daughter Chelsea Clinton $9 million since 2011 from a corporate board position:
Both IAC and Expedia are controlled by Barry Diller, the business and television mogul, who is a friend of Hillary Clinton. 
This is why Hunter Biden's Ukranian cash collection is regarded as no big deal in Washington D.C. Everybody's in on such scams built around political connections and names.


Snowflake said...

You seem to think that the Clintons get some personal financial benefit out of Clinton Foundation donations. Admittedly this is how the Trump Foundation used to work before it’s forced closure, but not all charitable foundations work that way, and in fact it’s illegal. Now cue the insinuations and scoffing, links to that nutter Schweizer and other evidence free conspiracies.

You actually have a point about the unearned privileges of the offspring of the rich and powerful. The Kushners are a prime example. How about a death tax? No?

Tom Hunter said...

A death tax? With Hillary still on the loose?

Tom Hunter said...

BTW - the concern here is more around what the donors expected to get out of the Clintons by donating to their "Foundation". Whatever it was it clearly was linked to her political positions.

All a complete coinkydink I'm sure.

Andrei said...

The USA is corrupt as any third world shithole as we all know Tom

It's ruling classes are rotten to the core, unfortunately problem is these are people with nuclear weopons and as their putrid civilization, the Godless Evil Empire, collapses they may pull the whole house down in their rage.

Tom Hunter said...

Sure Andrei, sure.

Meantime Putin's billionaire mates are as clean as a whistle, ammirite?

And I suppose some sort of congrats are in order to your little hero on finding yet another way of being Russia's first 21st century czar (but not the last I'm sure).

I think we had all wondered what Vlad was going to do after his repeat of the repeat Presidency was done in 2024. I'd assumed a third term somehow wangled through yet another modified constitution.

But shifting much of the powers of the Presidency to the Prime Ministerial position after 2024.

Dude! That's impressively cynical. The ghost of this website, Sir Humphrey, would be impressed.

Wonder what happens to Russia after Vlad eventually dies? How old are his kids again?

Andrei said...

Look a squirrel...

Snowflake said...

“With Hillary still on the loose”. Chuckle.

Any evidence the donors got anything other than that dreamed up in the fevered mind of Peter Schweizer? At all? Why wouldn’t they just pay a bribe directly to the Clintons? Seems weird that all it would take to get a policy concession is a charitable donation that didn’t benefit Bill or Hillary financially. Almost quaint. That’s why it’s bullshit. These days you have to grant trademarks to the President’s daughter or stay at his shitty resorts or give the Trump Organization a sweetheart deal to build a shitty hotel in your country, or bail out his useless son-in-law (who his felon of a father bought a degree from Harvard for). You know, good old fashioned quid pro quo grifting.