Sunday, January 19, 2020

A Miss in The Darwin Awards

It's time to take a break from the 24/7 Sturm und Drang of Trump world, kick back, and enjoy a little humour.

On SWMBO's social media account we recently saw that one of her friends is currently touring through Etosha National Park in Namibia and having a great time.

As you can see from Etosha's publicity department it's not exactly backpacker stuff, with luxurious accomodations even in the so-called "camps".

Anyway, one of this woman's friends was so excited by all this that she posted about her own experiences touring Etosha National Park. Read it - and weep for our species, as clearly Darwin was not on patrol that day:

On the other hand there are people who do know how to operate around wild animals - like this guy from New Zealand having a little fun with our beloved mountain parrot, the Kea. The narration is so dry it could be straight from New Zealand's fourth-most-popular folk duo.


Anonymous said...

Clearly American by calling a LWB Landy a jeep, sacrilegious.

On an even more humorous note the uniform of Trump's space force has been revealed and approved by the great man himself. It is Euro woodland camouflage including the patches.

Wow, apparently the navy blue with little white dots was considered too Pollyanna and they weren't going outside to fight anyway.

My suggestion would be a metallic grey with a diagonal stripe to match the air doors of the Enterprise. Perhaps a little speaker that went PFFFTT every five minutes could be incorporated.

Petri Dish

Anonymous said...

Oh Tommee, Tommee, you have worked so hard to establish your Kiwi farming credentials in the "boonies" and then you go and blow it by calling a Kea "our beloved mountain parrot".

When you hear a farmer say that you know it's time to join the Space Farce.


Tom Hunter said...

I hope all our other readers have enjoyed watching the reactions of "'arry", "The Maquis of Toulon", "Petri Dish", and "Oddball too" to a non-political OP about the foibles of ordinary humans.

Yes, folks, this is what 100% committment to politics gets you: boiling, hate-filled insanity.