Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Following her elevation to lead The NZLP when saner heads realised "Angry" Andrew Little was never going anywhere and then a clamouring media grasped at a straw in a flood of bad polls, the person now pretending to be a Part Time Prime Minister very quickly made a significant statement of why she was in politics.

The Labour leader declared she wanted to reverse the numbers of children claimed to be suffering serious deficit in quality of life statistics.

Ironically the then National Leader  Prime Minister Bill English was continuing with an initiative he'd begun as Finance Minister in making some changes to identifying and solving what is a clear failing of the current Welfare system in the form of statistics which are almost always an indictment on poor parenting skills.

Recently the current "Children's Commissioner" - ex-head of the youth court, Andrew Beecroft -  released his annual report which contained the revelation that there had been in fact absoludely no improvement in the child-quality-of-life figures. This after two years of effort emphasised by Ardern taking the cabinet position for reducing child deprivation.

Jeez Andrew that is not what wonderland wanted to hear. If nice is not available then best keep shtuum dopey. You know; sometimes better to be silent and thought stupid than uttering and removing all doubt.

A Blenheim solo mum was recently quoted she was only some thirty dollars better off financially by working than what might come from the benefit.

Of course the salient fact is that working - with its social construct and personal accomplishment - does not have a monetary value in the understanding of many who see entitlement for state wages delivered by Welfare as the solution!

A media with the desire to attack John Key, or any National spokesperson for that matter, would be feasting for weeks on this abject failure to even hit child poverdy let alone dent its inexorable march to a devastating outcome. But it's Adern, so it's therefore not surprising that the failure as described by Beecroft's report is not so news-worthy. That said, reappointment might not come knocking for the drone.

Drone: a male bee needed to fertilise the eggs of the Queen Bee, with no urge to work at gathering food and water, make wax to build the comb, or defend the Hive. Sound at all familiar?

Ms PTPM,  it is a failure two years in and zero difference.  You own it, lock stock and barrel.
Perhaps make that "two smoking barrels": you choose.


Judge Holden said...

PTPMCOLPRINCESSCINDYFAIRYDUSTSLG!!!!!! Keep going old fella, you’re convincing everyone.

alloytoo said...

What's worse is that Labour abandoned the toolkit that English had developed, and indeed implored them to retain.

Commentators have consistently referred back to his approach, which offered hope of breaking generational poverty. (Hell, even if it had failed, at least it was a novel approach).

Ardern's approach is much like Boss baby's (, which is, to simply toss money in the air and hope it will distract everyone long enough to get away.

I don't object to spending money for social outcomes.
I don't object to spending more now for better outcomes in the future.
I don't even object to the risk of failure (especially when trying something new)

What I do object to is reinforcing the generational trap by spending more and more on the same old thing until the money runs out and someone with some fiscal responsibility is forced to, of necessity, call a halt.