Tuesday, October 29, 2019

You cannot recreate the past......

Believe it or not there is a ray of sunshine that Brexit has brought to the EU.  Marine Le Pen the feisty leader of the hard right National Rally party ( Nee National Front) of France has abandoned any thought of running on a Frexit ticket as the polls show that an overwhelming number of people would not support or vote for it. Even her own people have told her to drop it.

One of the main reasons, apart from Le Pen accepting a big wedge of Russian cash and a court ruling that she misused EU funds and has to repay 300,000 euros out of her own kick is that the French far right have taken a really close look at their far right brothers in arms across the border in Germany and don’t like what they see.

The Austrian far right Freedom Party makes them break out into cold sweat as the last Austrian leader to visit France did not leave a good impression and nicked four million bottles of halfway decent plonk.

France has the control of most road movement in the EU and the Italian far right are having a bit of trouble explaining to their rapidly shrinking business base that on an Itexit they would have to pay large surcharges to deliver goods to the UK or Spain on the excellent French autoroute system.... and so the Brexit lessons are becoming apparent with cost and time analyses being done by the bean counters. Traffic movement across the Alsace border is right up there with Dover and any disruption will cause permanent tailbacks right through some of the most picturesque villages in Europe.

Of course we wont mention the thing that Italians are not very good at...queuing, bugger I just said it.......re-introducing passport controls for Italian holiday makers flying to Spain or Greece or anywhere for that matter is not something the general public has thought about very much......aah, lets just leave it to the crazy Brits.

Forty years of urban sprawl and industrial estates have swallowed up old border posts, on the Spanish, Belgium and German borders the old demarcation line runs down main streets similar to Tweed Heads NSW/QLD border to those who know it. Borders now are all in the mind and the battle for peoples minds on Social media by competing interests are about to get nasty and the first rule is to demonise the enemy and strip them of any vestige of humanity.

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