Thursday, October 31, 2019

The Little Engine That Could

The Washington Nationals.

A team that in 2005 crawled away from the godforsaken poverty of being the Montreal Expos to move to Washington D.C., becoming the first baseball team in the USA's capital city since the almost equally godforsaken Washington Senators left in 1956.

A team even their fans wrote off at the end of the 2018 season when they failed in the playoffs for the umpteenth year in a row.

A team that subsequently sold a couple of key players - starting with the great batter Bryan Harper - and who everybody assumed had gone into rebuilding, aiming at getting good again circa 2021/22.

A team that had won just 19 of their first 50 games this season by May 23rd, just a few weeks after the season started.

A team that could not even win their division, coming second to the Atlanta Falcons with 93 wins in the season, and who were therefore a Wildcard team.

A team that some how, some way, beat the Brewers in the all-or-nothing one-off Wildcard game, and then went on to beat the over-powering LA Dodgers (106 season wins) and sweep the St Louis Cardinals.

A team that were total underdogs against one of the best teams in baseball, the Houston Astros - 2017 World Series Champions and with the best record in baseball this year of 107 season wins...

... have won their first ever World Series.

For seven innings it looked hopeless as they scored just one hit off an Astros pitcher who looked totally in control, throwing just 74 pitches into the 7th inning. At the same time the Astros put the squeeze on the National's great pitcher Scherzer, putting two men on base with nobody out or one out in the 2nd, 3rd and 5th innings and scoring two runs. Scherzer was lucky it was only two.

But a Nationals solo home run, followed by a walk in the 7th inning saw the Astros starting pitcher pulled - and from that point on the Nationals just got better and better. In the end they cruised to a 6-2 win.

Like most New Zealanders I root for the underdog. So two years ago I wanted the Astros to win their first ever World Series. This year it was the Nationals - and to come back from such seemingly hopeless positions all season, as the undoubted underdog at every stage, just made it even sweeter.

Well done guys.

Now I just want the Cubs to beat the shit out of you next season!


Roj Blake said...

Like most New Zealanders I root for the underdog.

Maybe where you reside, in Little Chicago, but kiwi sheilas won't even root for the All Blacks. :-)

The rest is just your usual bullshit, dressed up as I dunno, bat shit, maybe. Basically, who gives a fuck?

RosscoWlg said...

Little roojie... you really are someone's twisted sister..aren't you little fella!

I suspect you are Eggies little windup toy, who he sets loose on command.

You are certainly a pin up boi for the Left... a very sad one at that..but needs must for them.

Send me your bank account details and I'll shout you a root, a root beer cos that's all you deserve.

Better still a sex change would probably solve your bitter pill syndrome!

Snowflake said...

The fans are great. They turned the President of the United States and Second Coming of God into a whimpering baby in 10 seconds.

Tom Hunter said...

Fantastic stuff as two representatives of the Far Left join into another perfectly ordinary, non-political article to unleash their inner demons on the rest of us.

No wonder your ideology loses so much. My god but you're grim, angry little gargoyles. What a fun-filled time it would be to be in your worlds 24/7. Yeesh.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Well I'm certainly not far left or even moderately left and I thoroughly enjoyed the "lock him up"'s called chickens coming home to roost or give and thou shalt recieve.

Tom Hunter said...

Oh Pffft.

The upscale, wealthy, high-income denizens of a city that voted 96% for Hillary Clinton - yes, really - boo the shit out of the GOP President. What a shock. And what a meaningful insight into the country at large it is.


Oh, and that crowd was Whiter Than White, which is also entirely typical of such places, with all their blathering about "diversity". Probably why they acted in such a low-class manner, but it's further evidence of the increasingly bitter divide in the US.

The faces of some folks near me exuded hatred. They reminded me of an ugly crowd scene in an old Hollywood movie — one in which simpletons are portrayed as hate-filled and easily swayed.

That sums it up, I think.

Judkis and Dawsey say that “after [Trump’s] brief introduction, Trump was largely a non-presence in the ballpark.” I’m not sure what kind of “presence” they think Trump might have maintained, but if they mean no one paid attention to Trump, they are are wrong. Folks seated near me continued to turn their heads in the president’s direction from time to time for many innings.
There won’t be a civil war when Trump is impeached. There won’t be one in the extremely unlikely event that he is removed. But, while I don’t equate [the] tweet with the vociferous manifestation of hatred I witnessed last night (there’s nothing violent about booing), I can now imagine something like a civil war in America.

It seems like there’s almost enough hatred in the air to fuel one, and the hatred won’t go away when Trump is no longer president.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Well apart from talking the hind leg off a donkey you have actually said very little. The hatred is manufactured by bad actors on social media and you don't really help matters when you ridicule and insult.....just turn the other cheek and it will all go away.

Trump invites hatred and contempt and if he did not cynically use it in his speeches he wouldn't get it back and I get the impression a civil war in the USA would make you extremely happy.

Tom Hunter said...


Yes he does. But Mitt Romney didn't. Niether did John McCain, even GW was a pinata - and they all got much the same treatment, though the first two not as bad because they both curled up into a fetal position and didn't fight back.

Trump does. To coin a couple of phrases, he gets in people's faces and punches back twice as hard. Apparently such approaches had the full support of a former President. They loved it when he trash-talked like that.

... when you ridicule and insult...
If you blurt ignorant, unthoughtful garbage you can expect ridicule and insult - and I've seen enough of you on this blog to know that you're no bearer of high standards yourself, so save the preaching.

Frankly it sounds more like Trumpian self-pity old boy.

Tom Hunter said...

Somebody asked me the other day what I thought of the divide in the USA and some loose talk in high places about the possibilty of Civil War II.

I told them I thought it was more overheated crap from "pundits" who are paid to get clicks and eyeballs.

But there's no question that things are a more tense than I can ever remember, judging from conversations I have with old friends who talk of friendships ended or on ice because of fucking politics and "culture wars".

And I was reminded of that with a comment I saw on a blog that was writing a series of articles on the famous 1969 World Series win by the so-called "Miracle Mets", the New York Mets who pulled off an even bigger surprise win than the Nationals did today. Among the many comments about one of the WS games reviewed was this one.

jaytrain • 16 days ago • edited
I watched one of these games one afternoon in the airport in SF ; me a degenerate long haired hippie and sharing beers with a Marine back from VN : we watched the game together. Back when this was one country.

That's a pretty telling, sad commentary on where the US is right now when you think of the huge tumult of 1969 in the US.

And Trump is not really a factor. He's actually just a symptom. This doesn't end with his departure from the Oval Office, though too many Democrats and Leftists think it will. That blindness is one of the reasons they lost in 2016.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

You must have some very odd friends....mine are not angry about anthing. All your stuff is just hearsay....fact is when Trumpo comes out with racial steriotyping, lock her up and send them back he is not punching back...he is just catering to his low IQ fan base.

But I can live with him for a little while longer and feel no animosity to his suppoorters providing they stay within the law.

Max Ritchie said...

I've lived in the US, frequently visit, have family there and I receive visitors each year. Trump is a symptom. An exaggerated one admittedly but there are two - actually more - Americas and they are strongly opposed to each other. Two dominant tribes with a whole lot of sub tribes. Currently Trump is the focus but I do remember watching the Rodino hearings (I'm a senior) and my host said "Pack of crooks" to which I replied "Do you think Nixon is guilty? Reply: No, Rodino and all the Democrats. We Righties have Lefty friends and vice versa. (I'm worked Ng on them). Much less so in the USA.

Max Ritchie said...

worker Ng is actually "working".

The Veteran said...

Gueez folks ... give me a break. Simple post about a game of baseball and the next minute its all about Trump. Have we come to the point were I to do a post criticising the quality of food at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, in Bloxi, Miss, someone would surely argue it's all Trump's fault. Obsessive behavior Greta style.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Derangement is deeply embedded.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Veteran's mainly because Kiwi's havn't a clue what basball is all about, the politics and tribalism of the game is beyond antipodean comprehension.

Basically it is a derivitave of the medieval ladies game of rounders introduced to the US by an Englishman in the 1800's. Baseball and cricket is like checkers and chess.