Thursday, October 17, 2019


Fascinating the story here about the Rt Hon Winston Peters being called to account by the Chief High Court Judge, Mr Justice Murphy, and told to stop prevaricating and to supply written answers to several questions posed by the Crown by Friday (tomorrow) ... or else????  In doing so he ordered Peters to pay (modest) costs because of his failure to provide answers in accordance with the rules set down.

This all relates to the High Court action initiated by Peters against Paula Bennett, Anne Tolley, the State Services Commissioner and the Attorney-General over the leaking of the detail of his NZL superannuation over-payments just prior to the 2017 election.    The full trial is due to commence on 4 November.

The bombshell in these early exchanges is the revelation that MSD sent Peters a letter back in March 2014, four years into his seven years of over-payments, asking him to check details that he had supplied including whether he was still single.    Peters did not respond to the letter.   He said he did not recall receiving it but 'I do not doubt that I would have received it'. 

Seems to me proof positive that Peters played fast and loose with his superannuation entitlements.  



Johno said...

Oh please let this vindictive wankerism blow up in Winston's face.
I utterly despise that lying blowhard drunken midget.

RosscoWlg said...

Quelle Surprise.

How the might lawyer is bought down in by a scrap of paper....

James said...

Will it not be considered a grave insult to the host country he becomes our ambassador / High Commissioner to once he is finally booted out of parliament for good?