Friday, October 18, 2019


The assault on "mbovis" continues and success is some way off,  possibly even likely to end in failure.

The cost benefit analysis was always somewhat doubtful and the longer eradication is attempted that figure only gets worse.

A source close to the heart of the cattle industry has wondered if the whole response was not merely a reduction of the herd dressed up in cameoflage of good intentions to garner support.
Not so fanciful when there is a veritable army of economic stupidity soldiers standing very adjacent to those promoting the eradication attempt who dream of a massive reduction in Bovine herd numbers.

There seems a dearth of information of any progress and  more people involved are believing the disease was present in the new Zealand Dairy herd a lot longer than published admissions portray.
Early infections possibly presented as  mastitis that normal therapy didn't cure so the cows were sent to slaughter and since there was no investigation for mbovis no one knew any different.

One thing certain, there have been a lot of high producing cows killed and mbovis is still here, we will have to wait for the book.


Johno said...

I have done involvement with MPI and AssureQuality response management although not with MBovis specifically.

I can't see a conspiracy to reduce the herd. There's nothing to prevent a farmer rebuilding his herd and he gets compensation money (eventually) he can use to do it.

Snowflake said...

Just what flavour drugs are you on? This is what the Trump presidency has wrought. Ya, dem commies is destroying the cows.

Noel said...

I was in favour of making the farmers sorting it not the taxpayer. Pity you didn't raise this earlier.

Murray said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

".........nothing more than gratuitous insults or aspersions upon the character of authors or other commenters - will be vigorously discouraged."


Did you think we don't mean what we say?

Murray said...
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S. E. Nile said...

Grow a spine, Adolt. And Muzza, get a brain.