Friday, October 11, 2019


Ironically for now via electronic media??!

The reasons for the lack of engagement in voting are many and varied, both at National and Local level.

Many solutions  have been tried and possibly the most successful was the linkage to Colonel Sanders in Mangare.

People just do not value their  right to vote,  end of story.

When people with proven capabilities for leadership in their community put themselves up as candidates in the knowledge it was service  and for no pay, with scrutiny at the ballot Box as a vital controlling mechanism,  those not up to it were  rapidly exposed and disposed of.
Now it is a career option,  remunerated often at levels beyond anything achievable in the world of commerce for too many of those who managed to bluff the voters as  troughers who often do not grasp how little they can actually deliver.

So it was for serving a community as a Councillor, Mayor or County Chairman, with better results for County Chairmen than Mayors as the Chairman had to convince his fellow Councilors.

Ivory Tower animal  Geoffrey Palmer  was a socialist theoritition who knew best how the peasants could manage their social  affairs at local level and handed the power to Bureaucrats with zero connection to the funders,  ie the Ratepayers. I know the renters pay towards rates but it is disconnected as they do not see the avarice loaded demand every three months.
Then there was Hide's mega Auckland that was sold as making local government more efficient and along came Brown who turned a series of little outfits some efficient and others not so into one massive rort.
The "Market rules" do not apply  as local government is a monopoly and no alternative can set up to take the waste and convert it to profit as happens in commerce.
Instead a cadre of Crats make work, while  roads, footpaths, in fact all infrastructure makes way for culture, sister cities and welfare that is the domain of central Government creating big holes to be endured by Rate Payers plus borrowing for the coming generations to repay.

Now annual rate increases continue at levels up to twenty percent per annum. with Inflation left sprawling in the dusty potholes in the track the funders  use to access their hovels,  not surprising giving up trying to be heard soon becomes an option too often adopted.

Postal voting was going to get people to vote, how did that turn out, bugger all impact. With the almost total removal of postal options including the delivery person unable to take outward mail and three days a week contact it took several days to find somewhere to get our papers to the count.

The absurdity of  e voting.
The Government has had some disasters in electronic systems management going back decades that should warn people they just do not do such challenges sufficiently efficiently to allow them to run the basic  plank of democracy as represented by one person one vote.
Think "Incis",  "Nova Pay" for instance, buried under truck loads of failures and costs that would break a company but with a licence to create money from rates and borrowing,  only a bad memory for a few.

I accept that with unavoidable absence,  incapacitation and suchlike there is a case for a "special vote", but to adopt postal and electronic voting as a substitute to getting off one's posterior and fronting up in the presence of the other citizens to cast a vote is just too difficult.
One aspect that gives hope, if voting is left to those it matters to,  the result will be more sustainable in the long term.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Out of your own mouth are you condemned!

The demise of snail mail you describe is the very reason electronic voting should be adopted.

No, not a website with all the intrinsic problems of hacking and fraud.

Voters should be able to obtain ballot papers a week ahead of election date, fill them out, then scan and email them to the electoral office.

pdm said...

GD - I am with you.

Return to voting at polling booths on a set day.

Andrei said...

Me Too GD

Votes should be cast on polling day at polling booths - with polling booths set up in Embassies and Consulates for those travelling on Polling day and meeting the residency requirements for their electorate

An exception should be made for hospitals, where returning officers should distribute and then collect ballots

Johno said...

Metoo. Other forms are subject to abuse, and if you can't be bothered walking to the local booth then you don't deserve to have a say.

The Veteran said...

Johno sez it for me.