Tuesday, October 22, 2019

All in all a good week.......

Given the amount of vitriol that has been dumped on young Winston and his intrepid band of unlovables I was wondering that perhaps it’s because they are Labours unlovables and whether or not the same character assassination would be forthcoming if they had plighted their troth to National...as well they might do in the future.

The forecasts and speculation of implosions, personality clashes and empire building have not come about. Winston’s brief premiership was handled quietly and with dignity contrary to the drooling expectations of some on this blog and it appears that the only thing to attack is the long baggage train that long term politicians inevitably haul behind them which is probably why a certain J. Collins has dropped off the radar until needed.

It also appears that the attempts to link the PM with the Trudeau government, on the basis it was finished, has misfired badly as his government has been reelected along with the even better news that the Canadian anti immigrant, anti vax far right party was annihilated.....not one seat did they get.

It was also the week of the two letters from Trumpo and son of Trumpo that will go down in history. The Trump letter to Erdagon was not published initially because it was thought to be a hoax or fake news trap and Johnson’s unsigned letter to the EU along with another photocopied letter telling them to ignore the first letter were childish beyond belief.

The petulance and self entitlement shown by both these extremely wealthy hard right politicians who are supposed to lead by example should serve as a warning for the future.

 I doubt that we will be continually nagged about “socialist” Venezuala going to the dogs anymore now that Equador (Centrist) and Chile (Centre right) are going down the same path.....it’s the money dummy. Money and an absence of a binding middle class.


The Veteran said...

Egbut defending Winston ... sure, with the NZ First Party President refusing to sign-off on their annual accounts because they were dodgy and resigning everything in Winston's garden is just peachy. Then there is the small matter of the man being directed by the Chief.High Court judge to answer questions properly (or else). As for plighting their troth to National ... they may want to, they may even need to, but as long as they're they're led by one WRP they' won't even make it close to the altar.

As for the Canadian election result and you read it first on a post I did a few days ago. Put simply it was a bridge too far for the Conservatives who started from behind the black ball. But Trudeau is a busted flush and will now be forced into forming a minority government with the hard left NDP or even perhaps the nominally separatist Bloc Québécois. Add to that the fact that the Conservatives won the popular vote while the Liberals failed failed to win a single seat in the western Prairie provinces and I note some commentators are already predicting a new election within eighteen months. The 'golden boy' has certainly lost his gloss ... much like someone here.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Legbut, you forgot to mention the ceasefire in Syria. What? You mean there's nothing about it in The Guardian?

Anne Tiffa said...

What "ceasefire in Syria", Adolt? The arsonist lit a fire, called the fire brigade and now you think he is a hero. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

No doubt, like the half-wit you are, you will be in agreement with Trump and the "fake emoluments clause".

More of your conversation would infect my brain.