Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The look of a man about to be Britains shortest serving PM....

No one thought it would ever come to this. A full blown constitutional crisis, parliament shutdown, the speaker about to resign, the Tory’s well thought of work and pensions minister Amber Rudd has resigned from parliament and the Tory party as has the Prime Ministers own brother. Not to mention 21 other long serving Party and government members. I suppose I better mention the Tory MP for Dover who is facing sex charges in the  High  Court next week.                                                                            The Conservatives do sex scandals so much better than their NZ  counterparts.

The Queen has given her assent to the “no deal” bill which means that any attempt to crash out from the EU without some form of trade deal will be deemed illegal. At least under Trump the US constitution albeit a bit shaky is holding together, the Republicans  are still hanging together as opposed to separately...... unlike the Torys.

Johnson who admires and bases himself on Winston Churchill has not the qualities of leadership and mistook bullying for statesmanship, he was not known as the Bullingdon bully for nothing and if Tom Browns Schooldays were to be re written he would undoubtedly be cast as Flashman. He is not cut out for high office and the people who put him there have a lot to answer for.


Andrei said...

The "MP for Dover" is in fact an Independant not a "Tory" having been suspended from the party in 2017 Egbut - you need to be accurate if you wish to convince us that your anaalysis is to be taken seriously

In fact the exit date for GB remains October 31 2019 unless the EU grants an extension - the deal or no deal scenario is irrelevant - the way the act is written forces Boris Johnston to accept whatever extension is offered without negotiation, thus the EU could offer an extension for 100 million years and B. Johnson would be forced to accept it thus subverting Brexit indefinitely.

The historical parallel is 1940 when large numbers of MPs wanted an armistice with Hitler and W. Churchill successfully resisted.

The Veteran said...

The Polls dear boy, consider the Polls with big bad Boris looking at a majority you could only dream about. Two questions ....

Why would the EU grant an extension past 30 October... what’s In it for them and want is it that the ‘remainers’ want that they would agree to a brexit deal when it’s clear their real agenda is to stay by whatever means possible ... just asking.

Andrei said...

It is worse than that Veteran the anti Brexit MPs are actively colluding with thee EU (who don't want Britain to leave of course) to sabotage any chance of a deal

This of course is high treason, the old English penalty for which was to have the culprits genitals cut off, shown to them before burning them in fronty off their eyes and then removing their intestines and other viscera s and burning them as they watched.

The anti Brexit MPs are utterly dispicable people who are holding the UK electorate and democracy in contempt

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Veteran....Actually all you have offered is speculation and what if....

Andrei....MP Charlie Elphicke was given the heave ho from the Torys on the laying of sex charges in 2017...you really do take the piss Andrei...have you noticed I missed an apostrophe back there? The rest of your post is just Kremlin shit.

France is bearing the brunt of the uncertainty and will probably veto an extension. The 27 are all getting fed up with the shenanigans most of them including Norway which is not in the EU but in the single market share borders with third countries and insist that Ireland has the same as does the World Trade Orginisation.

You cant have a border unless you break the Good Friday agreement...The UK has to relinquish control over Ulster

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

It must be said that the parlaimentary drama unfolding is far more interesting than any potboiler airport novel I have read in a long time.

The speakers, John Bercow, resignation speech is a delight to watch. Along with Johnsons sixth parliamentary defeat in two days the salt is being rubbed in. Then I look at all those commenters fixated on a minor Beehive sex allegation.....how dull.

Blood sport I think Veteran refered to it.


Anonymous said...

Legbut, after reading the following its small wonder your threshold for excitement has dulled for alleged sexual assault in the halls of parliament in far flung parts of the Commonwealth.


Resurrecting the manly pastime of duelling or horsewhipping by an outraged male relative of the victim might revive your humours. In the meanwhile, keep reading resignation speeches.


The Veteran said...

Egbut ... interesting you say France will probably veto an extension ... it follows then that Brexit will happen automatically. As I said before there are too many competing agendas for any sort of 'new deal' (pun intended) to make it through parliament.

Then, with Brexit a reality and a new day and the sky hasn't fallen in there won't be an election ... why would the Labour turkeys vote for an early Xmas? But there will be an election of a sort ... Corbyn will be gone by the said Xmas and Labour will be reflecting what it might have been with a moderate as their parliamentary leader ... Dan Jarvis ... watch this space.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

EU rules dictate that, if it wishes to push back the Brexit deadline, the UK - as the leaving member state - has to ask for an extension from the EU. Brussels can't unilaterally offer or impose one.

And if the prime minister does ask for an extension (even through gritted teeth), then every single EU leader must sign up to it for the extension to be granted.

Which means every EU leader has a veto.

Macron is suggesting that it won't sign up to a Brexit extension unless there is some dramatic change in the British political landscape - such as a general election or a second referendum.

But such pronouncements by French cabinet ministers - such as Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian this weekend - should be taken with a hefty pinch of salt.

These are the main reasons why:

1) France has form on this. It has always huffed and puffed before finally signing up to previous Brexit extensions. A diplomat from a northern European country dismissed this recent bout of French non-saying to me as "the usual French blah blah".

Macron had more reason to dig his heels in over an extension back in April when he was careering towards European parliamentary elections, challenged by his political rival, the arch Eurosceptic Marine Le Pen. This time it's no skin off his nose, really.

2) Macron openly admitted recently that he is happy to play "bad cop" when it comes to Brexit. And Brussels is more than happy for him to do it. Letting the UK know that Brexit extensions are not always automatic is one of the few ways the EU now has of keeping up the pressure on MPs.