Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Kiwiflop, the flagship Labour Party policy leading into the 2017 election,  has now been officially consigned to dustbin of history with the gummitt acknowledging they were elected on a lie ... to be replaced with what?

An undertaking to sell the 461 Kiwibuild homes in Te Kauwhata, Canterbury and Wanaka that nobody wants on the open market ... with the taxpayer taking any hit.  

A gummitt backed low equity (5%) first home buyer scheme built on the quicksand that was Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (remember that from 2008) ... and when the economy trends south as it is starting to do and interest raters rise?????????  

A rent to buy scheme short on detail and not signed off by cabinet.

And all targets scrapped ... instead we're being asked to trust the gummitt because they're the gummitt and they know what they're doing ... simple response ... Kiwiflop.

Kiwiflop was always going to be a poisoned chalice ... conceived in chardonnay and backed by zip, zero, nothing.      The PM was happy to run with the lie and, when the going got tough, she bailed on the HST dictum and fired the monkey.  'Courageous' move PM.


Johno said...

Good summary, Vet.

Add to that - by making low equity loans available in a low interest environment, they will drive up demand while failing miserably to increase supply. Result, inevitably, is yet more house price inflation and increased unaffordability in housing. That in turn will increase rents.

Nice work you CoL plonkers.

pdm said...

The thing I find fascinating that even after 7 months or thereabouts of rejig - what is now on offer apparently hasn't been approved by cabinet yet.

Which leaves the question - what does the one legged Winston think of this and will we see a rejig of the rejig once he deals to it.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Being elected on a lie means no attempt was that is a lie.

They tried and failed, the reasons for failure are manifold but at least they tried.

A court of law in the UK just recently decided that political rhetoric and political promises are not lies.....even when the porker knows it is up to the porkee to decide the truth of the matter.

gravedodger said...

Not sure how making extravagant promises to deliver what the market was delivering as fast as the ridiculous RMA in the hands of equally stupid local body polies, permitted, was delivering was somehow "trying". To all long suffering tax payers that was in deed "Trying" but in an entirely alternative construct.

Ardern,Twyford and the other children attempting to understand what exactly they were talking up needed as a first step to head back to university and study Marketing, Building and the RMA. Two years of that and they might just understand where they went wrong.

I spend time travelling around NZ and along with the massive building going on near where we now reside along with every where we pass through has new houses being built at rates rarely observed before in my life time.

Poor old Dr Woods well maybe trying to spin it with Hosking tried to explain that it took the first Labour Government to build and deliver a "First State House" two years.
That Dr Woods is an indictment on your ability to reason, those houses had timber delivered in bulk and the Carpenters had to cut with a hand saw each stud, plate and dwang to assemble the framing on site. Same for the roofing trusses that were much more timber involved for Tile roofing.
Today that framing is all built by computer in a factory off the plans using mainly robotic technology and delivered and erected in one day from the truck load of a complete package.
The carpenter and a prentice boy might take months to get that framing built.

It is the same with gibbing, roofing cladding and brickwork. Mike Greer possibly does not even own a bloody hammer or a Nail pouch

Sorry to all who might try and defend the indefensible, But "Kiwibuild was a fraud born from ideological fervour from day one, foisted on voters by people who had zero ability to even understand at the most basic it would never deliver a single house on their terms.
Now the houses they have bailed out mistaken developers from, who would otherwise have taken losses on will, now be sold to the Market with Taxpayers covering those losses.

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... luv your political promises arn't lies even when the porker knows they are. Fits MMP to a tee. At least with FPP you could justifiably hold them to account.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Oh dear so little to beat up he Govt with now...Kiwi build a failure, an admitted failure but consigned to history.....drunken labour youth orgy.....mmm no sexual motive and charges dropped by the Crown....bugger. CGT dropped by the will of the people, what a bastard when you can no longer trust the government to make unpopular decisions.

The Veteran said...

Sorry to rain on your parade Egbut but with Ihumatoe and the Waitangi Tribunal's findings on the ownership of water lurking in the background; the sex scandal in the PM's own office bubbling away; business confidence gone south and the climate change Nazis in the ascendancy there's much to look forward to.

As for the court case and I accept that 'deals' are part and parcel of the justice system. Just hope the complainants don't feel short changed.

CGT and the will of the people ... one take. Another ... 'she' bottled it. These flagship policies going west are getting to be a bit of a habit.

gravedodger said...

"Oh dear so little to beat up he Govt with now."

This bunch of Pantomime experts complete with gender role confusions, masques, slapstick, cross dressing, are so beyond any portrayal of reality it is hard to actually discover where to begin.

It is a day ending in "Y" so another trove of material.

Two billion to Mental health outcomes below promises make do with getting worse.
Three Billion to buy Shane a seat has achieved exactly what.
A Billion splashed about the Pacific what to show, possibly a few Swiss accounts improving? not that we will ever know.
Over a thousand measles patients, more each day, The padre is where???
Dr Woods sends Kiwibuild into the Kermadec trench
Cancer treatment gets a itsy bitsy 30 million over three years????
Suicide rates going where???
How about we wheel out H1 to sell Cannabis that'l do something??????
At Least we have some gr8 copy coming from H2, we will wont we?????

It took Clark and Cullen eight years of some of the best economic conditions in my lifetime to tank the economy, Winston's puppets are on track to do it in less than three.

Where is the little scroat anyway.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Mental health ...inherited, yo can't turn that around in two years.

Shane? nuffing

Don't know

Government to blame for right wing anti vaxxers? Make it will take years. Why did not the Key Govt address this problem?.

Suicide...NZ has always had high rates of suicide specially youth suicide...why did not the KEY govt address this while the economy was doing "well".