Monday, September 30, 2019

Bye the bye.....

 I own a bell, it’s a ships bell, it’s a bloody monster of a bell. I’ve had it for 33 years and it takes two men to carry it for any distance. It has sat outside my many front doors or patios  over the years. None of your antiquee nonsense with braided rope here, it’s  the real deal.

Cast into the bronze is the Legend “Olympic Chivalry 1964”. Every time I look at it I am reminded of two things, the assassination of  John Kennedy and the short lives of ships and men.

Olympic Chivalry’s keel was laid at Kiel Germany (no pun) in 1962 and launched in 1964. Aristotle Onassis was on board the vessel as it prepared to launch when he heard the news of  Kennedy’s death and the future husband of FLOTUS immediately flew to Washington. I like to think he was within a few metres of my bell when the bad news struck.

On the short lives of ships, it was a mere twenty years after that I took possession of the bell. The Olympic Chivalry stood a mile offshore of a Pakistani beach and at high tide rung for full ahead and drove herself up onto land.

Like ants dismantling a carcass a great mass of men with the most rudimentary of tools dismantled my ship into it’s component parts...such is the short lives of men and ships.


Lord Egbut Nobacon said...
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Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Sorry Andy , appreciate the comment names only.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Good little story Legbut but you do yourself no favors deleting comments for no sound reason.

Anne Tiffa said...

See how easy it is to cheat Egbutt's "System".

Many who had RinC at Vung Tau would have seen the ship at the end of Back Beach hard up on the sand.
Interesting declassified doc.

SALVAGE Operations
On 4 January SS IOANNIS "K" ran hard aground on the southwest
tip of Cape St. Jacques (Vung Tau). Harbor Clearance Unit ONE salvage units, based at Vung Tau, and U. S. SEVENTH Fleet salvage ships,
US3 DELIVER (ARS 23) and USS LIPAN (ATF 85), rushed to the scene to
commence salvage operations.
On 6 January HCU 1, Team FOUR personnel commenced diving operations which revealed that most of the ship's double bottoms were open
to the sea and that the engine room was flooded. After eight days of
exhaustive salvage operations, which were seriously hampered by 20-25
knot winds and high seas, the disabled ship's owners decided that salvage operations on the Greek-registered freighter were economically unfeasible. The U. S. Navy was released from all responsibility for the
stricken ship and the salvage operation was terminated on 13 January".

When the boat initially grounded the Captain committed suicide and a day later witnesses saw the rest of the crew in a drunken state clambered off the ship.

After the US Navy salvage operation ceased a mysterious fire started.

Made a great diving platform. You scaled the bow anchor chain dogged the holes in the deck from the fire and dived off the back.

I gotta better bluname said...

Hell "I gotta bluename" its is even easier than you thought.

I love barrelfish shooting

Anne Tiffa said...


Anne Tiffa said...

Guess he'll need to change his policy or be trolled to death.

Donalld Rocks said...

Well its is a pretty dumb policy and one that is not articulated in the comments policy on the sidebar

Anne Tiffa said...

You're naughty Andrei.

GCMC said...

JFK...assassinated 22.11.63...not 64

GCMC said...

JFK...assassinated 22.11.63...not 64

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

And date of launch?... History records 'Ari was on board.

Anonymous said...

A ship is considered "built" on comissioning after fitting out. that can be weeks after launch.