Thursday, September 5, 2019


I retain huge respect for the Queen.    In 1947 and on the occasion of her 21st birthday she said in a speech .... 'I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and to our great imperial family to which we all belong' .    The Queen has walked that walk in spades.

Recently I saw posted his great little article.    The Queen was out walking in her Balmoral estate dressed in tweeds with a headscarf.     She uncounted a group of American tourists who clearly did not recognize her.   They asked if she was a local.   She said she lived in a house nearby.    They then asked her if she had ever met the Queen.    She replied 'No' then pointed to a member of the Diplomatic Protection Squad hovering close by and said 'but he has'.

That's style ... Charles is another story.


Andrei said...

Whenever a monarch enjoys a longand successful reign the succession causes issues and upsets
Famous examples

Edward III succeeded by his grandsson Richard II who appears to have had a personality disorder, had his crown usurped by his cousin which lead to nearly a century of on and off civil war culminating in the famous Wars of the Roses

George III succceed by George VI, a fat figure of mockery who died unmourned

Edward VII who succeeded Victoria perhaps broke the mold but he didn't reign long.

I have heard that Charles will not reign as Charles III but will take the name William and become William V - that would be smart

Anonymous said...

Sorry Vet I can’t agree with a republic.

With the way our governments make the law up as they go along we’re already trampling all over our unwritten constitutional rights. I don’t see that improving with a republic. Further I wouldn’t trust any of the wombles in parliament to produce a long lasting and equitable constitution.


The Veteran said...

Paranormal ... the reality is that the GG has only very limited constitutional power. Parliament is sovereign and must remain so. I see the President as a figurehead transcending party politics ... there to kiss babies, hand out gongs and not much more.
In that context it goes without saying that no central government politician, past or present, should hold that office.

Richie McCaw for President.

Anonymous said...

Richie McCaw for President? Nahh - too nice. Richard Loe instead.


Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

That's right Veteran...take a perfectly good system that has served us well and replace it with something unknown and possibly divisive on the basis of some intangable feel good factor that will benefit a few and dispossess the majority.....bugger I think I have just expained Brexit.