Monday, August 26, 2019

Another fine mess you've got me into Hardy.......

It’s like a couple who have been happily married for forty years, a few ups and downs and bit of broken crockery now and then but remaining together and prospering.

In that time they had many children who had kids of their own. They lent money out to get them on the housing ladder, some started business’s and invited the parents to become shareholders others screwed up and went to gaol where they needed bailing.

But like all stable families they stuck together… partner said they had met someone else and wanted a divorce. It’s easy cried the instigator, we will just have a clean break. No you won’t said the lawyers rubbing their hands, this will take years to sort out.

And like the not so happily married couple Brexit rumbles on with new problems arising every day, the latest which is a bit of a bombshell is the amount of data transference that goes through the UK. Suddenly major companies, hotel chains, supermarkets, haulage companies, even polling companies etc are to have the switch thrown on 31st Oct if Bad hair Boris has his wicked way.

The UK currently has the largest data centre market in Europe. More than 75% of UK data transfers are with EU countries.
Until the UK leaves the EU, data can flow freely to and from other member states and has been able to do so since the emergence of the internet and digital economy. The free flow of data within the EU is governed by harmonised data protection rules and common systems of regulatory enforcement. EU member states also have shared arrangements for data flows with non-EU countries.
As a third country the UK cannot be a part of that due to legal issues and the threat of forwarding data to the US……..mucho panico now. The big money is now aroused from it’s slumber and the coming storm will not be pretty for the Tory party.
It also transpires that most of the blackbag household waste of London and the southeast goes to the continent to specially constructed plants that recycle and burn to make electricity…..well not after the 31st it doesn't. It now will head north into landfill, well that is if the legal challenges by various Lancashire and Yorkshire councils much for the much vaunted Tory “Northern Powerhouse”….Northern tip is more like it.
And still the lawyers rub their hands.
They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The Brexit road is paved with liquid stupidity and greed where everyone is bogged down. Never in the field of human endeavour have so many been fucked over by so few.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Dream on Lebgut. It's going to happen in spite of all your delusions.

Steppen Wolf said...

Egbut, Adolf is correct. Brexit will happen. But it will only happen when johnson declares himself dictator and prorogues parliament.

Like all on the Hard Right, Adolf will agree that parliamentary democracy is an impediment and a luxury the Poms can no longer afford.

The UK will face a three-month meltdown at its ports, a hard Irish border and shortages of food and medicine if it leaves the EU without a deal, according to government documents on Operation Yellowhammer.

Of course, as a non UK resident, Adolf is fine with this suffering; it won't harm him as hecheers the burning down of the house.

Let's just tear everything down and leave nothing in its place.

Tom Hunter said...

"Steppen Wolf/David" August 26, 2019:
Like all on the Hard Right, Adolf will agree that parliamentary democracy is an impediment and a luxury the Poms can no longer afford.

"Steppen Wolf/David" July 29, 2019
So, fuck off with your rule of law nonsense, get out of the way, and let the brave and courageous work to defeat the enemy of the people...

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Like all commie pinko trolls, Step Hen/David doesn't realise Adolf is actually slightly right of centre Social Democrat.

But then again, for him/it, anyone not in the Corbyn Sanders camp is 'hard right.'

'Tis a far better thing to be hard right than it is to be fucked in the head.

Kimbo said...

No, no. I agree with Eggie. The problem with the Poms is they have no term for "bugger's muddle"! 😂

What do you mean, "Barney Rubble"??! Like Eggie rightly complains, "the readership have no idea what you are trying to convey"! 😂

The Veteran said...

Folks ... amid all the brouhaha and posturing we should not forget that in the 2017 (repeat 2017) general election both the Tory and Labour Parties went to the country with a manifesto commitment to honour the result of the 2016 referendum.

One can rightly ask ... wots changed?

Steppen Wolf said...

Wot's changed?

A lot.

read the above Link :


Bog off Adolf/Chunter. I'm addressing the organ Grinder, not the monkey.

Kimbo said...

Fair call, Stephen Wolf. Chunter, consider yourself suitably admonished for the idiocy of posting nothing else other than quotes from...Steppen Wolf! 😂

Yeah, yeah, I know, the readership have no idea what I am trying to convey.

The Veteran said...

Steppen W ... so nothing then apart from the Chicken Little's of this world who would have i8t that the sky is about to fall min. That may or may not happen but equally some good things may result ... like the UK once again being master of its own destiny.

But you haven't addressed the real point ... that the UK government (Tory) and the government in waiting (Labour) both promised to respect the result of the referendum ... no ifs, buts or maybes ... Brexit meant Brexit full stop ... not another referendum, not another election. To argue otherwise and you show contempt for the democratic process.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Some good things "may" result veteran?....Well we know for fact all the bad things that will happen but as yet no politician has outlined any "good" things apart from vague promises of a sunny upland.

What was not voted on, and is very important, is how the UK leaves. You may state that you are going to leave the army however how you leave dictates the rest of your life..

An honorable or medical discharge, or drummed out. If you can't swing the former you can always punch a general with the excuse "it was the only I could leave".

Oh yes, the democrtic process where the incumbent has threatened to close down parliament and stifle debate.....mmmm

I'm not sure what you mean by master of it's own destiny...explain.

Another referendum I think, bit like a general elction really, they come around every four years just in case the public have changed their's called democracy

Johno said...

Is't all this wordy diatribe wasted on us hicks down here in the Pacific. Should you not be adressing (sic) the great British public? maybe they can decipher it.

It looks like a long labourious labour of love but it is still aimed at the wrong people and is still 99% crabshit. (Crabshit being lower than bullshit)

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

I like that Johno...wish I'd said it.

If it hasn't actually sunk yet maybe it will shortly. Short of war what Trump does or says has not that much effect on NZ but Brexit does including a constiutional crisis partly due to not having a written constitution....Where Britain goes we follow.

I would be grateful if you would point out the parts of my post that are demonstatably wrong and I will appologise.