Wednesday, August 14, 2019

A Fridge to far....

My daughter is being run ragged by her teenage daughter, the word grounded is now in everyday use and cell phone removal seems not to be as effective as before. This new generation seems to run rings around the parents of today so I do feel for his poor woman I read about in this mornings paper.

Dorothy was supposed to be helping her mother cooking but become so obsessed with her tweets she set fire to the kitchen….bye bye mobile.

Undeterred Dorothy turned to her Nintendo and tweeted from that….bye bye Nintendo.

A determined young lady is our Dorothy, straight to her Wii (whatever that is) and tweeted from that…...bye bye Wii.

Problem solved?….no not at all…...Dorothy then tweeted from the families smart fridge……..a bloody fridge for christ’s sake.

The fridge manufacturer has confirmed that the tweet originated from their appliance.

I will not identify the manufacturer in case Trumpo wants one…….that will be a tweet to far.


Andrei said...

Get with the 21st century you old luddite

Here it is This Fridge rules

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Well it wasn't the make but same thing I suppose.....

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Errrrrm tweet 'too' far, maybe?

Andrei said...

If not a Samsung an LG then - cool.

Did you ever imagine you would live in a time when when you held conversations with your appliances?

The scariest thing is the rise of the sexbots