Monday, May 6, 2019


Road toll for April almost matches shooting deaths for March. The latter arouses an avalanche of grief fuelled virtue signalling while the former seems struggling for a Ho Hum.

This after the coalition of also rans spokesthingy for transport with apparent responsibility for the road toll,  presides over  a literal train smash,  a death toll  climbing stubbornly after   decades of good news from vast improvements  in road design,  improved motorway build and mostly,  from massive improvements in vehicle design and accompanying fleet updating in age and quality, it all becomes depressing. Someone more cynical than I might see a need for photo ops with sad faces, perhaps nurses headwear, and hugs with or sans an odd hongi.

Roads in the Taupo district and the far North have reached almost despair settings from far too many crashes in recent weeks many with multiple fatalities a major threat to the mental health of poor beggars who arrive to such devastation and carnage as First Responders, Police, Fire and Ambulance.

The bunch currently wanting voters to believe they are "Governing"?  The reality, waiting for the next of over 100 advisory groups to inform as to a way forward, have in fact so far only taken steps to wind back the responses the last National Government were implementing to improve the fleet, build better roads and bring safety measures to the fore both for vehicles and infrastructure,  since they got to the left seat in command.

Nah! Socialists wearing a cloak of hypocrisy generously embroidered with "we know best" have swerved down a track of less Kms to be travelled, reduced car parking and increase costs for those remaining, exhortations to ride bikes take busses and walk, all allied to rising fuel costs.

New Zealand citizens love cars, their habits,  personal, social and business have evolved in an environment where getting in a car is an only response not even a first choice. Much development has left big numbers with zero or minimal and therefore not suitable options for alternative. No public option, no rail or bus, taxi too dear, ride sharing inconvenient, we love to get in a car and go.

Leading with a junior minister who according to PR, cycled to the delivery room to give birth but never any evidence she cycled back home with the spawn in a pannier bag,  making a stupid aspirational call to have a zero road toll as if that will ever happen, sheesh  fatal strokes, cardiac arrests and other medical events ensure that dreamtime aspiration  in a real world is impossible.

Follow with cancellation of all new road works not actually started, as in digging foundations and filling with hard fill,  a massive brick wall replaces progress.

The creation of an endless series of cycle ways and bus lanes that remain virtually unused while contributing to a growing congestion factor.

Dreaming that Light rail will be the saviour to the Auckland Airport when anecdotal evidence abounds that without serious subsidies they never work and those subsidising such socialist ideological  garbage will  never be able to utilise the folly in any meaningful way.

Cancellation of SH1 north of Wellsford to what some think will become the San Antonio of the far north.

Another problem never to be addressed is based on welfare dependancy; many income challenged families with a vehicle that often has no WOF due to cost allocation in the non-existing budget, may also be unregistered and un-insured.  Then guess what follows when plod has a road block checkpoint or does a routine scan through a carpark, well  they issue a ticket.

Net result? A further delay in cash being available for tyres brakes and eventually the wof: in reality the much needed safety spend  suffers further delay. In the simple world a worn tyre won't stop the car getting to the supermarket or alas more likely the dearer 'On The Spot'. Whereas a fuel tank on empty sort of stops the vehicle pdq, a worn tyre coupled with a bit of autumn moisture and things get to ghastly just as quick as the gauge gets to 'E'.

Back to Highway deaths that are getting beyond sad to disaster on the scale used to measure road safety stats, A truck is  safer than a people mover and that sad fact is  normally pretty much reflected in what happens in head on crashes, particularly Truck Vs van/car/ute.

Trucks are designed to safely carry a payload limited on the rego with savage penalties for non compliance .  If the powertrain,  brakes , tires and the driver are on song,  scary they might be to a little car but it is unlikely the truck is on the wrong side of the white line. Perhaps a waiver here for logging trucks in some provincial zones according to some anecdotal rumours.

Increasingly popular,  quaintly named "people movers" are basically designed for a driver and a limited load. Put nine or ten large size bodies in the van, not too difficult  and the design payload of say five /six hundred Kgs can easily  be doubled then add in tools or beverages another hundred or so Kgs soon transforms the  vehicle into a mobile  traffic hazard impossible to keep in a lane should anything alter , ie road surface, traction, camber, or a moment of inattention.  Toss in worn tires dodgy brakes and things move from if to  when with sickening speed and another group of grieving families  created in seconds.

The LTSA efforts are trending to performance outcomes paralleling Kiwibuild, and another brief half life CEO Stiassny departing,  indicates  confirmation.

Stopping all roading construction although helping the "hole" will come to resemble a big bum bite and soon.

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