Friday, May 24, 2019


Oh to have a serious media to have taken some of the airbrains aside and seek what they actually understood about their  crusade.

During the socialist Aus Media support show for Shorten and DiNatali one camera crew honed in on a child protesting "climate change". The poor child rapidly descended into a tearful clearly distressing display of the indoctrinated fear she was facing from the coming unmitigated disaster from heat, starvation and pestilence that would accompany "The coming end of life on the Planet".

Well that whole scenario is unadulterated bollocks. Rich Uncle Al Gore's predictions now lie in a swamp of unearned money while his predicted disaster has been on hold for over two decades and continuing in an as yet unpublished followup to his Inconvenient Truth.

Consider for one moment the serious mental health damage inflicted on that vulnerable child who should be motivated and driven to help those less fortunate than her comfortable existence in the leafy suburbs along the Pacific Coast in the Warringah division.

While the current situation is very lucrative for those equipped to harvest from the current crazy tax opportunity knocks, they will need to find new sources of income when the world gets a life and harnesses modern nuclear power and Hydrogen fuel to phase out the hydrocarbons currently being used.

History repeats, it is sad that there are no interwebby records digitally recording the gyrations of those who saw "Peak Coal" as the end of their world c1880s in an eerily similar vein.

Meanwhile there must be many very smug and satisfied teachers and fellow travelling socialists, after yet another example demonstrating their manipulation of developing minds following the religious fervour, when alternatively they could have been developing those agile hungry minds for matters that could be harnessed in solving more immediate problems, such as Lithium substitution, Battery disposal and recycling, transport  options and affordable energy. Not forgetting natural fibres that would have been in short supply at the religious rally

At a wild guess I'd warrant there was precious little clothing, devices and just getting to the venues that did not consume the dreaded hydrocarbons at the heart of their mindless day-off classes, all at the behest of their current socialist indoctrination brothers and sisters.

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