Thursday, May 23, 2019


Don't you just luv those media reports which have it that the NZ Immigration Service is being inundated with inquiries from potential refugees from Oz devastated by the election result.    Mind you, given they probably have convict blood in their genes/jeans and are Labor supporters, it's a moot whether they would pass our good character test.

Have to wonder if those numbers are eclipsed by good New Zealanders seeking to escape from our socialist paradise.


pdm said...

Maybe a few Manus Islanders would be a better bet.

Tom Hunter said...

I always enjoyed the report from Canada that their Immigration website had been overloaded and crashed in the early evening of November 8, 2016.

Andrei said...

It is just boilerplate that started in the US the origin of most empty headed bullshit that fills up the empty spaces in the 24 hour news cycle.

How many people do you think in the real world are even going to seriously consider uprooting their lives and moving to another country, with all that entails, because an election went against their political preferences?

Seriously, why even bother with this?

I have four kids and they have all left New Zealand for greener pastures btw but their choices to do so had nothing to do with the Government of the day and everything to do with opportunities

The Veteran said...

Andrei ... I do think that Kiwis going to Oz do so on the basis of perceived opportunities. Not sure about Oz to NZ side of the equation ... a leftie (like our David) can be so ideologically driven as to consider what would be an irrational move.

BTW ... where is David? How many days is he going to spend in mourning. Hope he hasn't done anything silly.