Sunday, May 12, 2019


Some of the changes he has introduced have been improvements but that all goes out with the bath water when his clear support for and protection tactics he indulges on behalf of the party he is supposed to have severed his connections to (or at least give an impression of such) to become 'Mr Speaker'. Attending the NZLP Caucus January Retreat at Martinborough  did not inspire any such confidence that has any truth.

Mallard has a wealth of experience around parliamentary practice, the standing orders and the roles of the government and the opposition have in operating the system and that is good.
The only MP I am aware of who has been convicted for fighting in the Parliament Trevor Mallard smacked Tau Henare.
A many times victim of National speakers for incidents often when his clear predilection for allowing his short fuse to interfere with his tactical efforts.

In the light of the horrific attention being focused on the multiple victim two vehicle crash near Waverley in South Taranaki last winter which came to a hearing this week in the Coroners Court. The alleged driver of the vehicle that crossed the centre line killing himself,  two young children in his car and the four elderly occupants of the opposing vehicle he ploughed into was discovered in evidence to have been a many times user of various drugs and had following that slaughter some disquieting substances in his post mortem blood. Fentanyl, Ketamine and Rocuronium along with THC  all more or less corroborated by evidence from a McDonalds drive in attendant who described Thompson as wasted, shortly before he crashed,   his partner of some three years who survived,  told of multiple using  of Synthetic cannabis during the hours before the 11am crash.  Additional evidence discounted the vehicle status of no rego or warrant as contributing also speed was not a factor.
A driver following the drug affected driver in the moments leading up to the killing described Thompson's car as drifting across the centre line and crashing into the oncoming car carrying four elderly subsequently very dead innocents.
This evidence has only heightened calls for mandatory testing for drugs in roadside testing.

Two National MPs in vain attempts to get a conversation started in the House  fell foul of Speaker Mallard when he,  acting alone rejected moves to debate such matters while short cutting the normal practice of putting "leave" to the house by acting peremptory on his own initiative.
For protesting this behaviour,  MP for Nelson Nick Smith after being asked to leave the Chamber,  as he made to leave suggested Speaker Mallard "was soft on drugs  as The Labour led government was",  leading to Smith being called back to his seat and the harsher Penalty of being "named" was carried by the house, confirmed by the equivalent of a division.

Anecdotal evidence abounds of Speaker Mallard running interference when oral questions, become difficult for the Government, particularly Prime Minister Ardern when things get sticky. Then Deputy PM Peters seems immune to any sanction for any behaviours that when committed by The Nats get the  treatment by Mallard.
 The Speaker also seldom forces other Ministers to answer basic questions even when answers dont even "address" the question.
Total bias, so often present in his actions, leave any good coming from his wide ranging and  long association  with the Parliament,  negate any such efforts. Sadly the increasingly incompetent MSM fail utterly in their duty to faithfully report such assaults on democracy.
Quite extraordinary really.

Poacher now Gamekeeper?  on the plus side he has streamlined Question time considerably then he destroys it with yet another over the top reaction.
It has similarities of a great cow in a herd that for six days out performs all others then on the seventh day kicks the cups off and ruins all the accumulated good.

Hey Trev there is some serious evidence that Drugged drivers involved in fatal crashes are now exceeding drunks   so take a risk in upsetting the Melons and start a search for a solution or at least begin a conversation to address the growing concerns of all citizens. I am thinking Jeremy Thompson might be that moment?


Psycho Milt said...

Hey Trev there is some serious evidence that Drugged drivers involved in fatal crashes are now exceeding drunks...

A fraudulent claim isn't "serious evidence," it's a fraudulent claim.

...start a search for a solution or at least begin a conversation to address the growing concerns of all citizens.

By all means let's begin a conversation. I'll start. The claims of mass deaths on the roads caused by "drugged drivers" is a fraudulent propaganda claim, based on testing that shows only whether a dead crash victim has consumed drugs in the last few days, rather than whether they were under the influence of drugs at the time of the crash. In reality, the fatalities caused by "drugs" are likely to be dwarfed by the fatalities caused by the drug alcohol.

Your turn:

The Veteran said...

Gueez Milt .... threadjacking ... you. The pressure of the debate must be getting to you. Any death on the road caused by an impaired driver is one death too many. Alcohol is legal so get over it. Cannabis is not and 'you' want to make it legal/normalise its use. It's blood on your hands and if that hurts sobeit.

Back to the post and I've worked with Mallard in a professional capacity. He is Party partisan and makes no secret of it. I suspect he really believes National eats babies. I agree that when he's good, he's good but the converse too ... he has no hesitation in running interference for Labour if he senses they're under pressure. And that puts him in the Margaret Wilson category of speakers. The respect accorded to the Speaker is earned and Mallard is running close to forfeiting the Oppositions respect.

Psycho Milt said...

My comment addressed content of the OP, which isn't threadjacking. In any case, the main content of the post - National supporters' incessant whinging about Mallard - doesn't really interest me. He's got a long way to go before he reaches the depths plumbed by Carter, but I don't recall you all complaining back then.

The Veteran said...

Milt ... and neither do I recall too much whinging from your mob either.

gravedodger said...

Been elswhere Milt but the evidence in its totality indicated the driver Thompson drifting across the centreline was strongly suspected to have been the probable cause of the head on crash at Waverley.
The unregistered car Thompson was driving had called into a McDonalds enroute to Waverley where their intended trip to visit Rimutuka Prison ended abruptly, the drive though attendant described in evidence that the driver "Thompson was wasted".
Thompson's partner the only one of eight involved also gave evidence that after leaving home they had stopped in Stratford to consume cones of synthetic Cannabis.

BTW I think it was figures from LTSA that suggested Drugged drivers in fatals had overtaken Drunks though I concede the Bloods reveal illegal substances after impairment subsides though what was presented at that Coroners Court was pretty conclusive as to Thompsons degree of "Impairment".

As to your assessment of Carter he was less biased but merely incompetent, much of his effort was equally poor as regards either team.
Mallard is much more focussed and his hatred of the Nats did become prominent as the whole Nick Smith saga unravelled, I mean having the relevant documentation as to how to proceed to hand when embarking on the "naming bit" was a "Coincidence", pull the other one, he set Smith up and enjoyed delivering it.