Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Too Good To Leave Til Sunday


Hal said...

Yeah, really, really hilariously clever. How do they do it? Not as funny as Trump’s fabulously satirical inauguration speech, but right up there.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Hal hath no fury, like a troll scorned.

Hal said...

Also extremely clever, Adolf. Do you see what he did there people? That’s called a pun. They vary in the extent of their wit, of course, but this one is straight out of the top drawer. Ouchy!

Paddy Pearse said...

Adolf pokes fun from under his blankets, Orcasia-Cortez gets on with the job she was elected to do.

Meanwhile, on another planet, too close to here, the Pretend POTUS decides it would be a good idea to wish a "Happy Memorial Day" - to the Japanese military! I wonder how he manages to pull his trousers on with that level of intellect.

Matt 7:16

Lord Egbut Nobacon said... least he found Japan, remember when he told the world his armada was steaming towards Nth Korea when is fact the satellites showed them steaming in exactly to opposite direction.

Paddy Pearse said...

True dat, M'lud. :-)

Seems he's also OK with NK firing a few missiles coz "Kim wouldn't lie to me".

RosscoWlg said...

Eggie love your anti - Americanism, very fashionable among the Globalist elite who are fading from the world stage. (very fast)

The only reason you can sleep well in your little "pied-noir"in "La Petite Chappelle" is because the American 7th Fleet is cruising the Med.

Otherwise the Russian Asiatic hordes would be rampaging down through the North German Plans and selling you as a sex slave!

I mean to say, your Globalist Commander in Chief, Mewkal aided and abetted by her Chief of Staff, Macroon, the biscuit head, has so seriously hamstrung the German military its useless. Believe me I know because I know Germans, who have served!

So the particularly stupid comment made by PP that you seemed to roll in like a horse in shit, about Happy memorial Day is out of context as the clear world leader, President Trump said American and Japanese troops. Duh