Monday, May 27, 2019


Our readership is expanding.   I have it from a very reliable source that following my piece on Labour entering into a sweetheart deal with Winston First which would see Kelvin Davis going List only and Willow Jean Prime being parachuted into the Te Tai Tokerau seat  to be replaced with a no-name nobody allowing the Jones boy clean air to try a knock off National's Matt King, the said Willow Jean Prime hit up Matt King at the airport asking him if he had seen the post.   All good stuff.

And a refinement to that suggestion now doing the rounds.    Kelvin to go List with the TTT seat offered to Jones.    Were that to be the case I suspect he would jump at it.   The reality is Jones has little gravitas in Northland (and I suspect he knows it).  He is seen as lazy, expecting things to be handed to him on a plate.      Female voters particularly don't like him.    King will beat him going away.   But it would be an interesting contest in TTT with Hone Harawira likely to stand under the Mana label but in coalition with Bishop Brian Tamaki's mob.    Maori vs Maori; local vs local; ego vs ego; money vs commitment.

Were that to happen I would be watching TTT on election night with a great deal of interest. 


Tom Hunter said...

Well done Vet! Just when I thought blogs were dead in the age of social media, and that DPF was the only one they noticed on the Right.

pdm said...

Vet one thing I have been pondering in recent weeks is how secure Davis is as Labour Deputy Leader. He is not trusted to speak for Ardern when she is away either in Parliament or to the media and it is obvious that he is nothing more than a sop to the `so called' Maori Caucus.

Is it possible that someone like Willie Jackson who seems to have delusions of grandeur but is equally incompetent could oust him?

The Veteran said...

Tom ... Paul Buchanan (aka Pablo) also maintains a watching brief on No Minister. He asked me to say Hi to you.

Tom Hunter said...


Ha! Well as it happens I keep an eye on his Kiwipolitico blog also, which can lead to some good stuff that gets little or no coverage elsewhere - such as his recent piece exploring the military and geo-political implications of New Zealand company, Rocket lab, launching US Defense Department payloads from the Mahia Peninsula: Launching into Trouble.

I thought that was a terrific piece but I've not seen any mention or discussion of it on other blogs, let alone in the MSM, where I'm sure it's regarded as dull and boring compared to the latest Royal Baby. As part of the NZ blogging community I think I'll do a variation on it, just to see if we can't get more exposure to the story.

By contrast, his latest piece on the whole Seymour-Ghahraman scrap - The misogyny of the alt-Right. - was just about the most unhinged rant I've ever seen from him. It was so bad I saw no point in commenting on it at his blog: Paul does not appreciate "fruity" language so it would have been entirely inappropriate of me to go there simply to say that he was off his head and should fuck off. :)

That's what this blog is for. :)