Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Democracy by its very nature is a fragile beast and survives largely because of good will and acceptance of what it throws up being for the greater good.

The will of the people is too often ignored by entrenched Politicians who come to believe "they know best".  The current Prime Minister is living proof of this fact and accompanied by enablers aplenty inside the government while those who have been long judged supporters of the rudiments of democracy now wavering.

Traditionally the Police, The Judiciary, the security services, the educators and the Media have stood at arms length from the governance role of the Parliament in carrying out what is deemed to be the management of the voters whether they be supporters or opponents of those temporally in charge,

We mostly accept the supremacy of the Parliament as the highest court but following decades of dilution of that separation of power, Democracy in this small island nation in the southern Pacific is now decidedly unwell.

A Speaker of the Parliament who sees his role as an active adjunct of those controlling the Treasury benches, allied to his visceral dislike of the main opposition party is increasingly becoming revealed as failing to a growing number of the watchers.

A Police Commissioner who with an unprecedented public statement that the partner of the new PM was not the subject of any police investigation seemed a surprise to many but with the revelations and obfuscation around the Soubrek residency scandal that only became explicable when the "Lawn mowing" associations became common knowledge.

Mr Bush also has some deep seated mysteries to be explained around his actions since March 15th, including the arming of all police regardless of weapons competency status, the maintenance of armed security guarding Mosques well after the horse had not only bolted but had been captured and restrained in total isolation, but far more sinister in my mind, the reported over the top raids on supposedly law compliant citizens by armed police numbering in double digits.

I raised this with a currently serving command police person recently and his response included a  predictable justification that "There would have been more to those incidents than was published". Fair enough, there are already far too many dead because things went bad very fast, but fourteen armed officers raiding a farm manager's home because he had recently purchased an AR 15 from Gun City is just too easy to be misrepresented. Add in another raid on the rural property of the contractor who had dug the mass grave for the then 50 victims of Tarrant's mayhem for no charge and a scene of possible over reaction can soon gather momentum. If there is more information  that might be of assistance in justification then tell the freekin people, those same good people  the police depend on for support.

The Judiciary, since the election that saw well established crim cuddler Little appointed Justice Minister with his oft stated desire to reduce prison populations as opposed to building more prisons, I am not alone in gaining the impression that the judges in sentencing seem to be too often avoiding using the loss of liberty as a sanction, trends  further exemplified in an apparent refusal to employ the "three strike laws" when common sense might indicate otherwise.

The Media, already covered in many opinion pieces to have totally abdicated any role once held to be an essential link in informing the people of facts they might discover research and questioning as opposed to merely relying on "press releases" with  out question or seeking explanation, allowing late Friday afternoon revelations to be successful in damping both interest and reactions to embarrassing news.

Democracy not only needs to be defended, there are many times when because good people do nothing,  its fruit can wither before maturity and that only provides a sour taste. Is it possible politicians of all hues find that a comfort as they sup at the trough.


Noel said...

I thought the highest Court was the Supreme Court?

Tom Hunter said...

... the contractor who had dug the mass grave for the then 50 victims of Tarrant's mayhem for no charge..

Ummm - what? Can you explain that further? Do you mean that the Police raid some property on the basis of that sort of false information?

david said...

I thought the highest Court was the Supreme Court?


Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

I see that the fact that he bought the AR15 after the shooting has been omitted. The population was warned that the new law was in progress and any weapons bought in the interim period were not eligible for the pay back scheme.

If I was a cop and knew someone was hell bent on owning a military assault rifle in spite of being warned I would want to go in mob handed.

Chunter seems not have been watching TV or reading the local papers....on holiday are we?

Tom Hunter said...

Chunter seems not have been watching TV or reading the local papers....?

Indeed. As I explained in my first ever piece here I take very little notice of what happens in my own country because I find it exceedingly dull and boring compared to overseas, which is why I comment only occasionally on big things happening here.

What I do learn is mainly via various NZ blogs such as Kiwiblog, HomePaddock and so forth. I certainly don't contribute to the coffers of the useless MSM here by watching or reading them.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Then you are a one legged man in the 220's called the press and whether you like or dislike it is free.

The Veteran said...

Errrrrr ... the highest Court in the land is Parliament. They get to make the law, The Courts get to interpret that. Sometimes 'they' get a tad confused.