Tuesday, May 21, 2019


The unguided missile that is Shane Jones continues to defy convention.    A man who is so consumed with his own importance that he's prepared to run roughshod over the cabinet manual and the law in the full and certain knowledge that he's bullet proof ... St Jacinda dare not discipline him while WRP can't least he goes feral.

His latest indiscretion.    Lobbying the Minister of Immigration to grant accredited employer status to his cousin Stan Semenoff to bring in migrant labour from overseas to drive his trucks at the expense of Kiwi workers ... and all this from a member of a Party that railed against the use of migrant labour promising to cut the number of people allowed into the country.   Some might call that hypocrisy of the first order.   Others will see it as Jones being Jones.   Arrogance personified.

Word around the traps from up here in Northland.   NZF is lobbying Labour for Kelvin Davis, their Deputy Leader and 'star performer' to stand aside from his Te Tai Tokerau seat and go 'List only' with Willow Jean Prime being parachuted from her List position into that seat.   Labour then stands a no-name nobody as their candidate giving Jones a clear run in Northland against National's Matt King.

Just one problem with that.   I am aware of polling that shows NZF support in the Northland electorate has collapsed down to to single figures from the 34% achieved at the election.    Clearly voters here, while happy to take what they can get from the PGF, cannot be bought.   The canning of our 'economic highway' from Wellsford to Whangarei by the CoL figures large while the proposed Zero Carbon Bill which, if passed, would see farmers having to cull their herds as gone down in the farming community like a cup of warm sick.   The 'Champion of the Provinces' meme is replaced by 'Dr Death for Rural Communities'.

For Shane ... you see what happen s when you cohabitate with climate change Nazis ... and squealing like a stuck pig that its not your fault just doesn't cut the mustard.


Anonymous said...

"It does not appear that Jones' efforts to assist Semenoff were - or even could have been - successful.

Lees-Galloway checked with Immigration New Zealand and was told the application had been turned down four days before Jones met him.

"This decision was an operational one …[which] is not subject to Ministerial Discretion or other override."

After an official from Jones' office wrote seeking an update, Lees-Galloway's office later called Jones "to explain that I had no ability to override the decision".

Jones "arrogance" didn't produce much.

The Veteran said...

Anon 4.21 ... that's not the issue. It's the fact that he tried to intervene to help a cuzzie bro over a matter that is an operational decision of the Department and not subject to ministerial intervention. In doing so he is revealed (yet again) as someone who believes he has influence over and above the law and further, in exercising that influence he is quite happy to disregard completely NZF's stand on immigration and foreign workers.

Jones is an unguided missile.