Wednesday, May 1, 2019


One of the greatest benefits emanating from the stupid Auckland Daily's  decision  to erect a Pay Wall, here is hoping it catches on.
As one of the functioning propaganda arms of Socialist NZ having its target market largely cut from exposure has got to be good news.

Can I respectfully ask Stuff, TVOne, TV 3 Red radio and all the other shills blinded by fairy dust to consider going down the same pathway.


David said...

Shock horror that a business, you know, the backbone of capitalism, should want to charge for its product. My god, what will the OAP's do? Probably down another Sherry. Must be time for a government funded press.

Dodger rants and raves about Government's spending OPM, but he isn't prepared to spend a measly $2.50 a week on news.

Johno said...

Why would he - the content is either crapola or available free elsewhere. The sooner the Horrid goes broke the sooner some space opens up for something better to come along.