Sunday, May 19, 2019


Another coalition won big in last nights Australian Federal election. The coalition of Abbott haters, Aus Labor, The Turnbull Rump and their collected enablers in the Media

Tony Abbott was possibly the most attacked politician standing for any of the 151 seats at stake in the Lower house in the Canberra Parliament, and all done in the northern Sydney Division of Warringah.

Aus politics has a dark arts outfit that spends considerable monies on advertising and resourcing foot soldiers that all flies below the Radar and thereby beyond much of the funding law, almost exclusively campaigning against key Liberal Party figures.

Financed by Unions spending members money with no acknowledgement as to the wishes of the members forced to hand over that money, plus other big spenders who largely remain anonymous,  "Get Up" went after some of the main Liberal players. Peter Dutton, Greg Hunt, Christian Porter, Josh Freydenberg and Kevin Andrews, all became targets of 'Get Up' but all survived, sadly however they scored one success in ending the political career of Tony Abbott.

A onetime Australian representative skier Zali Steggall chosen to lead the assault on Abbott as an "Independent", had some name recognition and being a poor little rich girl fitted admirably the fraud that she was nominally a Liberal. Then followed a get-down-and-dirty campaign employing actions and tactics unimaginable here in NZ. Feces in mail boxes, "brown shirts", this time dressed in an orange t-shirt uniform, behaving as street thugs, blatantly false posters erected, parallel media advertising against Abbott, and yesterday an assault by a sixty-something on a 30 yo Liberal campaign worker putting up posters, where  a corkscrew was used to stab the Lib.

It became so toxic that Tony's wife NZ born Margie felt unable to partake in the practice of handing out "how to vote cards" because the family decided she may well be physically attacked.

The NZ polling booth is devoid of all party activity. All signage across an electorate must be removed by midnight on the day before polling, with the only exception being "scrutineers": a person from each party contesting, who can access the Identity of a voter and record that fact on a Party copy of the roll.

It's a whole lot different in Aus where the Lower House seats are all up for contest in a general election using  FPP with a single transferrable vote where votes for the worst losers are redistributed until a candidate gets over 50%.

The Senate is a whole different system, essentially proportional with Parties ranking their offerings and redistribution in play. Hence someone with a first preference well down in single figures can become a senator after preferences are distributed. Another barrier to the will of the people is the sometimes unfathomable ranking in smoke-filled back rooms by party executive committees, that this year saw sitting Liberal Senator Jim Moulin - an ex-army general who commanded troops in Iraq, long regarded as very independent and acting for whatever reason - being placed too low by his NSW party to get back to his Senate seat.

The Senate ballot offers two options where 'above the line' party rankings prevail and the voter only ranks parties. 'Below the line' gives an alternative  to voters in that they can circumvent the "party dictates" and rank the candidates by name. Each state has 12 senators, with six up for the vote every six years unless a "double Dissolution" is called when all 12 face the electorate: six for a full term and three to face the voters after three years.

In summary a "How to vote card " is  a necessity for most and results in pretty active election strategy around polling stations.

Disclaimer This is how I understand things and it is easy to see why nearly a century ago Federal Australia decreed compulsory voting, still enforced. A voter is free to make an invalid vote but all must front up and get marked off the roll and receive a ballot. Failure to do so leads to a fine for non compliance.

Back to Warringa and the ending of Tony Abbott's political career by Zali Stiggal. Abbott's concession was dignified, honest and conciliatory. The beautiful person declared the winner otoh not so; totally ignoring the remarkable concentrated campaign by the coalition of Abbott "haters", she began by saying she would maintain her "Climate Change Crusade".  Bet a dollar to a knob of goat poo she still loads up the V8 seven seater and heads off to the Snowy Mountains for some skiing, totally ignoring the damage her fellow Climate change aficionados claim such errant behaviour does to threaten the future for all Aussies.

Yes, after 25 years of dedicated public service Tony Abbott had a growing number easily persuaded by slick marketing that he was yesterdays man. Bollox to that in spades; a Minister in the Howard Government, leader of the opposition who defeated a sitting Labor government, two years as Prime Minister, then after a scurrilous Ides-Of-March effort from a bunch of colleagues, avoided the bi-elections dangers and remained an MP for his electorate from the back bench. All the while maintaining an active presence and commitment to local northern beaches as a life guard and also maintaining an active role in his local fire service. Not for photo ops, oh no that was not Tony Abbott. He was to be found on front lines in times of need. Bush fire fighting in Australia is not for the faint hearted. Abbott was possibly one of the fittest physically, politically and intellectually in the out-going Parliament.

Can I see poor little rich girl Steggall committing to that level of public service inside and outside politics, it will be interesting to watch this space.

Well done Scott Morrison your voters put Australia first. I am afraid to admit my gut feelings came to pass but in fear of hexing  the Coalition I held my tongue.

Pity you missed one of the more momentous times in Australian Federal Politics Bob but RIP anyway. Btw I wonder if Hawke voted I suppose being deceased would qualify for an early vote.


Judge Holden said...

ROFL. Abbott was an extremist nut and the voters recognised this. The worst PM in Aust history other than perhaps Rudd. Good riddance.

Tom Hunter said...


This is just getting too sad and funny. Had Labour won in Australia last night these comment sections would have been filled with the screaming, braying sounds of triumph from David, Snowflake, Sludgy, Roj and numerous other Lefties, even though most of them seem to live in NZ.

But instead all we have is dead-silence apart from a single, sad orgasm from Sludgy about the end of their Great Nemsis, Abbot - as if Morrison is not also a follower of Christ :) As if that was the big takeaway from the election; although perhaps it has to be, given the catastrophic failure of the Left overall.

My bet is that that is all David and the others will also want to talk about when they eventually emerge from their hangover.

They can't even contribute to a possibly interesting debate about why Labour lost and the Liberal coalition won, what went wrong with the polls and - of course - the MSM!

By contrast I don't recall Righties here or on Right-wing NZ blogs being so mournfully crushed and stupified by National losing the 2017 election, or even by the 2005 loss to Labour, where a similar situation prevailed. Angered for sure, but not crushed and broken.

Judge Holden said...

Shit buddy, you weren’t paying attention if you didn’t notice the wailing and gnashing of teeth that greeted the Nats descent into opposition. You don’t recall? Jesus H Christ. Veteran, Gravetodger and Adolt still haven’t got over it. Go back and look at the Kiwiblog thread from the evening of the coalition announcement if you want to see mournfully crushed. Of course, it manifested as anger and vicious hatred as is typical with the right. It’s a beautiful thing.

Tom Hunter said...

Of course, it manifested as anger and vicious hatred as is typical with the right.
Chuckle. By contrast with the calm, moderate and reasoned approach employed by you and Davey Boy in South Australia.

Yeah. Nah!

Here's the Kiwiblog link from the day of Winston's selection of Adern. Reading through it I count a handful of annoyed National folk, but with the bulk of them resigned and even a few shrugging at having predicted Winston's choice. By contrast I see numerous Lefties in Ya Boo Sucks mode, showing them to be poorer winners than they are losers.

Judge Holden said...

Wow, thanks for that link Hunter. That’s even worse that I remember it (Taxinda is taking Xanax, some guys gloating of making a killing on the dollar apparently tanking, this is a catastrophe, what’s with that dress and your nether regions? Perhaps she was a bit excited, holding back the sick, a squid seeking the ocean, chick with a dick as leader, what a mess, looks like Taxinda is wearing nappies (in case she shit herself, geddit?), it’s gonna get very ugly very soon, we can get tips from Maduro, the clusterfuck coalition, electoral fraud and on and on).

Good God tories scorned are a hideous bunch, thanks for proving my point. I note you weigh in there, Hunter. Not to condemn the seething hatred mind you, oh no, you’re too busy cleverly trolling to bother. Classy.

Tom Hunter said...

Meh. We see what we see oh Cycloptic One. I even noticed a bunch of National party folk wiping the sweat from their brows that good old Racist Winston had not chosen them, while your lot were filled with joy.

Rather puts in perspective your whole schtick about the "awful", "hideous", "shrieking", "vicious" Right wing. Winston to a tee - right up until he annointed your preferred leaders.

However, since I don't want you to sneak off and threadjack this too much to your fave subject, do you have anything to say about this Australian election result, the one that the Left couldn't lose?

Judge Holden said...

“Meh” shrugs Hunter. Haters gonna hate I guess.

Gravetodger’s post was about Abbott, bless him. I commented on that. As for the overall election result, meh. Australian politics is a weird mess and has been for the past decade. Shorten wasn’t much of a leader and it showed (believe it or not I actually watched that Hawke event you linked too, and man he was good. While he’s different in style he must have petrified the Libs in the same way Jacinda terrifies you lot). The Libs will limp along divided and visionless which will make the NZ government look good by comparison. It’s hard to care frankly. Abbott’s gone though, so there’s that right?

Tom Hunter said...

Jacinda terrifies you lot

While I don't take her lightly in The Age Of Feelz, you should be embarrassed comparing her to Hawke. FFS, there is no comparison. And that's before we take account of their poorly conceived policies and her useless shower of "Ministers" that trying to implement them. Jacindafairydust might hold that tsunami of fail back in 2020, but after that - hoo boy.

And I would not bet on the Aussie Libs being divided from here on: it might actually be a second-wind after all the Abbott-Turnbull crap of the last few years. Of course one could say the same about Labor: I find it hard to believe that anything like Rudd-Gillard could recur again anytime soon.

Visionless? Well that can handicap you when a Lefty comes along with a great vision, but as this election showed, with things like a large social welfare state and gay marriage embedded there ain't much left in that department that doesn't involve serious sacrifices by the very working class that Labor needs to gain power.

The Veteran said...

Gueez Judge ... 'The Libs will limp along divided and visionless' ... are you on the turps already? If a 1.3% swing to the coaltion qualifies as limping how do you describe the decimation of Labor in Queensland and a 50% reduction in their seats in Tasmania.

Shorten is a deeply flawed individual skilled in Union thug politics. He got what he deserved. Interesting to note the comment of Kieran Gilbert, Sky News Australia's Chief Political Reporter, that Shorten's attack on Morrison's faith was clearly a sleeper issue that came back to bite him in the bum.

Abbott was a rallying point for the conservative right but he was yesterdays man although I don't think he quite realised it. A good opposition leader but a PM requires a different skills set. He lacked those skills.

Morrison has huge mana within the coalition and divided they are not ... he won them the election. His authority in the caucus room is undisputed.

Have to say I LOL to hear the now retired Christopher Pyne opine that the coalition under Turnbull would have achieved the same result.

Judge Holden said...

Yep, you’re terrified, Hunter, as your own words and those of your close friends on Kiwiblog so ably testify. Hilarious shit this.

Veteran is now trying to create a cult of personality around Morrison. Good luck with that chief. You’ve seen him right? Even Hunter thinks he sucks, he said so himself only yesterday.

Tom Hunter said...

Yep, you’re terrified,
Sure. Buckled at the knees by a woman who is steadily getting trashed by her own side for failing to implement things like a CGT, AGW policies with teeth, housing, poverty, education, and a shit load more fail besides those.

I mean, look at this poor, sad bastard of a Lefty blogger, Why I am retiring from political blogging

Well I have news for you sunshine but our accidental princess of a leader in Jacinda Ardern has clearly signaled that not only will there be no amends on Labours part because Labour is little more than National-lite in form but that with the fiasco of Kiwibuild and the Shane Jones memorial slush fund they could not even fix the problems of Aotearoa if they wanted to.

Yeah. Terrified I am!

And as you might have gathered from the Kiwiblog thread - and addressing your earlier point, I actually was trolling poor old National supporters much harder on the GD thread earlier that day when the first cries of "Fuck" came across, not to mention moronic NZFirst boosters like Chuck Bird - I see little difference between National and Labour, so no skin off my nose, although I may tip a vote Nationals way in 2020: least-worst option and all that.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Still frothing Chunter? haven't got it yet have you? The Coalition is moving towards the centre, there is no obligation on their part to move to the left right or centre. It's called realpolitik and the good citizens if NZ will have a chance in two years to agree or disagree....all the spin in the world wont alter that.

The days of supporting a party out of habit or tradition are disappearing and parties will be voted on merit so don't yell at the floating voters and treat them like morons.

Oh..and I'm tired of being a lefty so try and introduce the word centrist to your rants, readers may identify then.

Tom Hunter said...

Still frothing Chunter?

Still laughing!

You should try it some time, Eggburt. It's good for the soul.

If the Libs lost you'd have been yet another one howling about how a "Hard Right, extremist" party led by a "Christian nutter" had lost. And you're a modern Lefty in the sense that you support the endless centralisation and consolidation of political power, perfectly represented by those twats in the EU Commission, who lead 27 national leaders, the parties of their nations and that farcical joke called the EU Parliament, around by the nose.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Divide, polarise, pounce.....

Why did you not just agree with me when I said some time back that anyone who is not hard right is a lefty.....

Did you mean the twats in charge who were voted in by each country who were given the mandate by their citizens......what the fuck do you need to prove that the EU is democratic in the middle of an EU are weird.

Tom Hunter said...

what the fuck do you need to prove that the EU is democratic in the middle of an EU are weird.

Oh Gaaawdd.

The Communists had elections too. They even boasted about them. Same with Saddam Hussein and virtually every authoritarian thug in recent history. Unfortunately for your argument there's more to a democratic, civil society than just having elections.

The EU election is for a Parliament that has no effective control over the EU Commission.

The European Parliament can dissolve the Commission as a whole following a vote of no-confidence but only the President can request the resignation of an individual Commissioner. However, individual Commissioners, by request of the Council or Commission, can be compelled to retire on account of a breach of obligation(s) and if so ruled by the European Court of Justice (Art. 245 and 247, Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union).

Sure! And Sir Humphrey could be sacked. In fact, here he is explaining the thinking that lies behind the likes of the EU Commission, although it was just barely a glimmer in the eyes of the EU Sir Humphrey's at the time:Yes Minister: Power To The People:

But if you have regional government, they'll decide it all in Nottingham! Probably in a couple of meetings. Complete amateurs.
Bernard, if the right people don't have power, do you know what happens? The WRONG people get it. Politicians. Councillers.
Ordinary voters

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

It works for me, I live here. You don't have a dog in the race so why are you ranting at me. Stick with big data and NZ politics. I love the EU..peace, prosperity and no war between members for the first time since the Russian incursions for 60 either. When you pass massive military cemeteries on a regular basis you might realise that your
posts are mere dandelions in the wind. Voting on the 26th....bring it on.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Is this the type of world you want to live in Chunter....?

Tom Hunter said...

It works for me, I live here.
That's nice, but you're a wealthy, retired man. Not a young person in France or other parts of Europe struggling with persistently high youth unemployment and sclerotic bureaucracies that stifle enterprise, which is why there's no EU version of Google, Amazon, Apple and the like. Even Europeans are concerned about that.

You don't have a dog in the race so why are you ranting at me
Oh of course: I'm "ranting" but you're not! Typical!

Stick with big data and NZ politics.
A good example of how you don't actually read what I write, possibly what anybody here writes, let alone think about it. As I have already explained multiple times, starting with the first thing I ever wrote here:

"What I won't be commentating on is NZ politics (much). I've read almost no NZ media since the turn of the Millenium and am therefore often very unaware of what's happening here. There may be the occasional event that's big enough to notice and that pisses me off enough to comment, but basically NZ politics is parish pump stuff. Especially in regard to National and Labour it is - as Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges declared in another context - "Two bald men fighting over a comb".

I love the EU...
I guessed! That's come through loud and clear. I do hope you're not one of those who laugh when you hear an American says he loves the USA.

..peace, prosperity and no war between members for the first time since the Russian incursions for 60 either.
All of which is down to NATO and the predecessors of the EU such as the EEC, and all of which happened with democratic nation-states cooperating with eachother - without the need for a bunch of technocrats in Brussels telling everybody what to do and lecturing them about their primitive and atavistic national characteristics that may once again lead to war unless they listen to their kindly, caring, educated and smart masters in Brussels.

And as far as European war is concerned you seem to be forgetting that age-old running sore, the Balkans, which not twenty years ago saw Luftwaffe planes bombing Europeans for the first time in decades. Obviously you meant major, nation-state war, but again - see NATO and the EEC - and that's ignoring the huge contributions of the USA over the decades.

Beside that, the USA itself has had similar peace and prosperity on its soil since 1865. NZ and Australia the same, in all cases marred mainly by us geting involved in bloody European wars - and they all have somewhat different democratic structures, even with the same Sir Humphrey's ever present, though far from worshipped as in the EU.

You're giving credit to a quite recent creation, the EU, for a situation it inherited. I'd give it another few decades before I'd start boasting about its qualities and I'm more than a little skeptical about the latest European visions for some Utopian political structure, especially one that will supposedly cover all of Europe.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

I said war between member states, 28 at the last count, and as Trump is trying to put the kybosh on NATO it is just as well they are looking to a similar system. Out of the 28 only five are not Nato members Austria, Finland, Ireland, Malta, and Sweden. Switzerland, which is surrounded by the EU, has also maintained their neutrality.

By the way those Luftwaffe planes were under US command. The huge contribution of the US was not altruistic it was paid for with favourable trade deals and the ability to use Europe as a base for for all non Nato operations in the middle east for the last twenty years.

Some good news....

As you have no idea of what community means in France and the difference between "official" and what is really happening I suggest you keep your opinions under wraps because that is all they are..opinions.

Your are paid to be sceptical on everything...haven't seen a good word on any facet of the EU yet...

RosscoWlg said...

But Eggie Nato is the toothless crone, 28 members and they can hardly muster a functioning rifle between them.

Sorry but your little pied a deux in Charante, with its 8 towers only exists because America can project its power.

That's a problem with being a member of the Globalist elite you don't actually realise what's happening on the ground.. was it Bismark who called it "realpolitik"?

Actually love have a post from you describing whats actually happening en France or even Europe for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Algorithm or bot...hard to tell.