Wednesday, May 8, 2019


Submitted my IR3 tax return last Friday via 'myIR'.     Much of my income is by way of schedular payments which are taxed at the maximum rate.   

11.00 am yesterday and the refund was direct credited to my account.

Well done IRD.


Johno said...

I have a major contracting client who insist on taking off withholding tax. It resulted in me overpaying provisional tax and a 5 digit refund. To their credit, IRD paid me within days of submitting the return.

As say, credit where it is due, and I've found IRD very good for a few years now.

Paulus said...

Agreed - my IRD annual account for completion came through this morning but I am still awaiting my own overseas figures on the 21st to complete.
Great service as I have always had from the IRD