Sunday, May 5, 2019


Creating such perception can come at a cost.
Or at least serious risk of lampooning incredulity.

Today Shorten facing a tightening  perception as measured in polling two weeks out, launched Labor in Queensland.

Front and center obviously resurrected from a mausoleum somewhere the embalmed bodies freshly made up to look both alive and happy, of Kevin Rudd, and Julia Gillard.
Both these figures from recent tumultuous times in the Canberra Parliament sitting animatedly supporting their political executioner Billy Boy Shorten in his foray to seek the office he ended for both of them by plunging a knife in their respective backs.

All very odd,  particularly with Rudd, who  looked seriously "what the f**k am I doing here".

One explanation may have a link to the two ex Labor PMs being made life members of the ALP along with Keating another exPM???

Dont see Morrison doing such cringeworthy  rubbish, Malcolm Turnbull  Turncoat, is busy with an ongoing campaign to destroy the Party that handed him first  Leader of the Opposition then after Abbott replaced him to deliver a win for the Treasury benches,  knifed him to become Prime Minister.
Extraordinary campaign based on a big sulk.

Tony Abbott meanwhile has his hands full fighting off a challenge from a onetime olympic skier masquerading as another "fakedependent" in his seat of Warringah,  getting massive support from the Union funded Labor facilitators named "Get Up".
That campaign has hit new lows with a massive poster campaign launched by activists placing several deplorable anti Abbott posters across the division on the morning of a debate between candidates under the Skynews chair David Speers.

Will Stigall defeat Abbott to  join Turnbull installed Dr Phelps in his old Central Sydney seat of Wentworth as a labor stooge,  nominal Liberal/independent my arse.

To win government in the lower house of the Canberra Parliament it is all, only all about electorate seats and even with the Labor apparent assured success a month ago swings do not defeat good candidates, this election is not a loss for Morrison yet he has been winning over Shorten across the nation while wily Coyote Shorten  will not tell voters anything approaching what his Prime Ministership will end up costing in his top line climate change policy, his policy to raise pay for a few select groups while total silence on many other groups clamouring for more money, There is also serious disarray around Border security for the wannabe labor PM and in the Banana State again a total refusal to endorse the Ardani Mine in the Galilee Basin.
One wit saying there are several Fat ladies gargling in several Australian locations hoping for a gig.


Snowflake said...

Even the headline is incomprehensible, and it just gets worse from there.

pdm said...

Snowflake - and your perception of the Australian election campaign to date is?

Pray tell us.

Roj Blake said...


You do not live in Australia, therefore you are basing your opinions on the "biased MSM" tou usually disdain.

"Dont see Morrison doing such cringeworthy rubbish". Of course you don't, you are not in Australia to see him "doing a Trump" by pretending to use a mitre saw, attempting to kick a footy, and looking like "daggy dad". He failed at that. You must have also missed seeing Morrison spend $185,000,000.00 on a 45 minute presser on Christmas Island. great economic managers, those Liberals.

GetUp and the ACTU will be reading this and choking on their weeties to think they are in a funding arrangement. GetUp has more members than the major partis combined, and will probably only be outspent by Clive Palmer using the money he stole from workers and creditors.

As a card carrying member of the Climate Change Ain't Fer Real Club you are fixated on the costs of mitigation attempts. The realists are focused on the costs of doing nothing and wishing the problem away.

You obviously have no understanding of how the threee levels of Government operate in Australia. The Qld government is doing the job the people elected them to do, and that is to make the best possible decisions, even if it does upset the Fossil with a Baseball cap. The Adani mine can only proceed with massive taxpayer subsidies. Banks will not lend to them.

I do apologise for using some grown up worfds, but I have hyperlinked definitions for your edification.

David said...

Well said Roj, but I fear it will all go over his head.

Here is a simpler video that even the Sherry Soaked OAP from Akaroa will be able to follow.

Liberal Party Ad.

David said...

Ode to Gravedodger.