Monday, May 6, 2019

Front Runner? Really?

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden is an enigma.  A seventy-six year old, seeking to lead a party which hates heterosexual, old, rich, white men.

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As if that were not a heavy enough mill stone, yesterday he regaled a small audience with his recent conversation with Britain's prime minister, Margaret Thatcher who apparently told him Donald Trump is a bad guy.

Astute observers noted much of his speech was slurred during his campaign launch.

Time to book Sleepy Joe into a secure Alzheimer's unit.


gravedodger said...

The Democrats have carved another image of Mt Rushmore proportions over Pale old stale males having seen their time, to be consigned to History along with Teddy, Abe, George and Tom

Young, coloured, sexually appropriate, eg somewhere LGBTI you get the drift, female, Latino, socialist, college educated, pro open borders, anti gun, welfare , sanctuary city, and at the beginning of the end, two old (really old) white males the only two contenders.

Women still have some work to do in high office in the US Geraldine Ferraro selected as a VP running mate by Walter Mondale in 1984 to be buried by the Reagan Bush ticket. then War hero John McCain chose Sarah Palin of Alaska to go up against the Obama Machine and fail.
This year in a crowded list of twenty seeking to be the slayer of the Don, sees almost a third of them female , worthy you might say but there are two old white men at the front of the queue for a ticket.

RosscoWlg said...

Wait to you get to the son, good ole Hunter Biden, what a piece of work he is.

Our leftist friends who infest the site will be falling over themselves defending his right to be a capitalist and "make" his share.

Batting order has been posted
2. Miltie
3. Eggie
4. the rest of you put your names in yourself

Snowflake said...
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