Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Die MSM, Die - Australian version

Over on the Now That's Dirty Politics thread, one of No Ministers favourite Lefties, "Judge Holden" (aka "Sludgy"), had this to say about Rightie blog commentators behaviour in defeat:
... you weren’t paying attention if you didn’t notice the wailing and gnashing of teeth that greeted the Nats descent into opposition
.... Of course, it manifested as anger and vicious hatred as is typical with the right. It’s a beautiful thing 
....Good God tories scorned are a hideous bunch
And so forth. All good, bog-standard stuff from Sludgy.

But of course, that's just a bunch of blog commentators. What about the professional MSM class? How do they handle defeat, at least in regard to the recent Australian election:

Cathy Wilcox, a newspaper cartoonist:
“It seems unfair that the morons outnumber the thinking people at election time.”
Broadcaster Meshel Laurie:
“Australians are dumb, mean-spirited, and greedy. Accept it.”
“It’s the country that’s rotten.”
And then people wonder why the MSM continues to decline in influence.


pdm said...

Good stuff though from Andrew Bolt, Peta Credlin and others and I just cannot wait for Alan Jones at 10 tonight.

Psycho Milt said...

I read It's not you Bill, it's the country by Brigid Delaney in The Guardian, so am aware that "It's the country that's rotten" is a quote stripped of its context for right-wing propaganda purposes. Did you read the column yourself, or just see that quote on a nutbar site somewhere?

Tom Hunter said...

so am aware that "It's the country that's rotten" is a quote stripped of its context for right-wing propaganda purposes.

Actually I did read the original article. I always do, and that comment is entirely in keeping and in context with the rest of the article, as shown by other parts:
... the energy is heavy – as if some trauma had taken place and a great shock was being absorbed.
Later people are openly sobbing...
each person here seems to be in the middle of their own unique and terrible pain.
Through the night, texts came in from people I know, echoing the sentiment. Their fury was not with the Liberals but with Australia. That their fellow citizens had chosen their investment properties over climate action.

And on and on and on and on.....

Oh sure, there's some hand-wringing from Delaney about the terrible schisms opening up and 'two nations", as over Brexit and Trump and so forth. But Delaney is in full sympathy with the thinking that the schism is only there because the Left didn't win on the issues it so desperately wanted to.

Had Labor won she'd be filling the column with praise for Australians turning away from Double Plus Ungood Wrongthink, and how this may mark a turning point for a brighter future. In other words she'd be reacting in that case as the mirror image of this reaction, just like any other partisan or ideological hack rather than a "just the facts" reporter.

Out of context? Bullshit. It could not be further in the context of what Delaney thinks.

The Veteran said...

The never lamented Sir Michael Cullen's retort of 'We won, you lost, eat that' comes readily to mind as an apt response to the wailing and gnashing of teeth exhibited here (and there).

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Ye gods, all this blog experience and Chunter still cannot differentiate between opinion and news.

Let me explain in words of of less than three syllables......these are OPINIONS by people paid to write OPINIONS. They are not fact nor are they news they are OPINIONS and if the editor rings down and says he wants a 1000 words by lunchtime saying the exact opposite they will oblige.

IF you want a different OPINION read a different paper, don't blame the MSM on one hand then quote it on the other.

The Herald has done me a huge favour by putting it's opinions and clickbait items under the premium banner, it's much easier to read the news now.

RIP. Nikki Lauder

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Oh dear, three words of three syllables...back to school.

Psycho Milt said...

"Out of context" because she's paraphrasing the logical conclusion of something a Labor supporter called out on the night, something she clearly disagrees with.

The other parts you refer to are describing the mood in the Labor Party on election night, which as you can imagine wasn't particularly cheerful. And yes, she clearly has more sympathy for Labor than the inappropriately-named Liberal Party, which she's entitled to, because the column was clearly marked "Opinion." The whole point of an opinion piece is that it's someone's opinion, not "just the facts" reportage.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Legbut, I'm not trying to be smart but is 'ion' in opinion and onion and indeed ion, one syllable or two?

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Onion is a vegetable, tomato is fruit and O'Pinion is an Irish tinker.