Monday, April 22, 2019


A publication with a readership less than the South Island Population, that normally might be an anathema to any self respecting socialist, gives a second place ranking to our Silly Girl appointed by a now much reduced Mr Seven percent, with Bill Gates and his missus in first place, in some fluffy ranking scam,  Woopdy doo.

Back in the seventies another much more widely read weekly rated a certain James Patrick Anderton as a future Prime Minister of NZ, it was Time Magazine by then beginning a spiral of descent towards oblivion and around the time we parted company.  I had begun subscribing in the aftermath of the JFK killing in an attempt to understand better how a nation could murder a sitting President who was only getting more popular by the day.

Present day has the totally unbelievable prospect in c1965  option via the interwebby to access multiple sources some that inform and others that unintentionally give added credence to a world view. A view  so powerful that in the eighties a mere quarter of a century later information destroyed an edifice that had seemed a permanent barrier between Communist East Europe and the free West.
Growing up and surviving in the shadow of world annihilation from nuclear war,  such an ending of communist oppression failing so abruptly and largely unpredicted to many was unthinkable but hope still sprang eternal .
Failed uprisings in Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, all ending in various bloody retribution from the Soviet Masters pointed to a longer survival for soviet domination, then Reagan and Thatcher happened and with a now burgeoning difficult to stop data transmission reaching across borders, emperors were revealed Naked and the rest is history.

Real political analysis requires hard work over time from dedicated journalists, not a phone call from the otherside of the world picked up by some lightweight who will sink without trace never to be heard of again. Has anyone ever heard subsequently from the Auckland based stringer "Time" based their rather erroneous prediction as to how the great saviour who turned out to be just another socialist wrecker using copious quantities of OPMs, ended his  time at the trough.
An  ending bathed in ignomy with quaint similarity to the sudden elevation for Ardern and the Mosque shootings, when an earthquake laid the basis for his snatching defeat from the jaws of a TV person of above average camera presence in a mayoralty race. A race that yielded many portents of a last hurrah for the ex Troughmaster general, who in a moment laced with irony declared in a question how he rated his chances said; "It will take a seismic event to stop me now".
That price was also a very high one but one that history has deemed a lucky escape for a damned village.

Some day the nonentity who trilled the song o Praise for Saint Jacinda might be revealed and it still will not have any significance for history
For now, those living in the immediate shadow of her appalling ignorance, pathetic management and ill-deserved world attention for handling the aftermath of the Mosque "incidents" that could have been delivered by any half arsed PR merchant, does not in any measure cover the incompetence surrounding the verging on corrupt and totally inept day to day delivery of the governance NZ Inc deserves.

Take it back and see if a refund is available, good luck with that, such shallow illumination of a rising star, a star that more resembles a shooting star, and that is often merely burning junk returning to the real world.


david said...

Publikigado kun legantaro malpli ol la Suda Insula Loĝantaro, kiu kutime povus esti anatemo por iu respektema socialisto, donas duan lokon al nia Silly Girl nomumita de nun multe reduktita Sro-procentoj, kun Bill Gates kaj lia missus unue loko, en iu lanuga prizorga fraŭdo, Woopdy doo.

En la sepdekaj pli multe pli vaste legitaj ĉiusemajna taksita James Patrick Anderton kiel estonta Ĉefministro de Nz, ĝi estis Prifriponas Revuo tiam komencante spiralo de deveno al forgeso kaj ĉirkaŭ la tempo ni disiĝis.
Mi komencis subskribon post la mortigo de JFK en provo kompreni pli bone kiel nacio povus murdi sidantan prezidanton, kiu nur fariĝis pli populara de tago.

Snowflake said...

It must be horrible to be as bitter and angry as you are Gravetodger. Such a savage partisan hack that you can’t even acknowledge a job well done. And remember the mass murderer thinks the same way you do, the difference being he decided to act on his convictions.

The next year and a bit is going to be terrible for you. I’ll make sure I’m around to point it all out.

Andrei said...

This post and comments might just as well be in Klingon as far as I'm concerned - maybe my English is not as good as I thought it was

Gerald said...

David cracker!!!

David said...

Gerald, I've finally figured out Dodger.

He writes in English, then uses google translate to go to French, Italian, Greek, Russian, back to English, to Spanish, to Swahili, to Cantonese, back to English, and then finally posts what is left.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

I understood perfectly by using a Babel fish*...... I knew Gravedancer when he was in National Service. Easily recognised on the Battalion march past as the only person in step.

* The Babel fish is small, yellow, leech-like, and probably the oddest thing in the Universe. It feeds on brainwave energy received not from its own carrier, but from those around it....Douglas Adams