Monday, April 15, 2019


When the propaganda division of the great carbon ponzi scheme deliver yet another bit of the greatest show on earth, why do they employ images of vast chimneys and cooling towers belching steam.

Steam is a basic part of the weather cycle except that almost all the evaporation that sends water up into he atmosphere where it condenses and falls back to earth providing the precipitation that sustains life for the living earth, has the water vapour invisible as is the CO2 of the "carbon cycle"

The attempt to demonise Carbon gases in particular CO2 is a total fraud as that gas is never visible unless in the extreme cold state of "Carbonic ice" that was so fascinating for children of my generation when used to cool the canvas bags that delivered tubs of Ice Cream to public gatherings.
Of course the carbon cycle is as important to the continuation of life on this planet just as water is, in actual fact the earths only chance of regeneration of forests and obstruction of desertification relies totally on both happening for evermore.

Is the fraudulent use of steam emissions an act of deliberate  duplicitousness or merely  total ignorance of the true facts.
The misguided rantings of the ignorant indicate both are at work.


Andrei said...

That cooling tower picture thing has always amused me GD because of course when it comes to the major GHG that moderates the earths climate it is water vapour not the dreaded CO₂ that rules. It is a much more effective absorber of energy than CO₂ by several orders of magnitude and much more common in the troposphere as well

It is unbeleivable that politicians have managed to demonize the very processes that make life on earth possible in the first place and are now finding ways to tax them.

One problem is the chattering classes are basically inumerate and are eqasily blinded by scientific double talk

The Veteran said...

And then of course the revelation the greenhouse gas emissions rose under Helen's watch and fell under Key/English.

I guess that reflects a certain do as I say rather than a do as I do by one of those two administrations. One can fairly ask where were the Greens in all of this?

C'mon Mr Shaw ... your slip is showing.

Andrei said...

No Veteran all that reflects is who is doing the sums.

GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out)

David said...

The US Military are modelling war scenarios based on climate change.

Australian banks are reluctant to lend for new fossil fuel projects.

Most car manufacturers are rapidly moving to hybrid or electric vehicles.

Owners of coal fired power stations are choosing to close them rather than maintain them.

that's free market capitalism at work.

Anonymous said...

David you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s politics at work rather than free market capitalism. But then you can’t see the difference can you?


gravedodger said...

@ David wouldnt head too far out of town in your leccy not easy to carry a few amps and volts to top up in the Bush.