Monday, April 15, 2019

In For a Penny...... for a pound.

Adolf reckons Mayor Pete Buttigeig will be the Democrat presidential nominee for 2020.   He won't win but he'll set himself up for a serious tilt in 2024.

Buttigieg portrait

Why do I think Buttigeig will get the guernsey?   Because he's a homosexual, because he's young and because he's the only contender with any real-world administrative experience and he hasn't had his hands straying all over stray women for the last thirty years.  He is an Oxford and Harvard graduate and Rhodes scholar who served as a naval intelligence officer and was deployed to Afghanistan.  (He's actually ten times the man Obama ever was or ever will be,)

In 2008 Americans couldn't wait to get their first black president so they elected a half-breed.  Today America's left will cream themselves in their haste to elect America's first homosexual president.  Oh that will be just so much more woke than a silly old first woman president.  (I've known plenty of homosexuals and none of them could be described as gay.  Usually they were sour,and humourless and overfull of their own importance.)

So just watch the Democrat media adjunct build this guy up over coming months to a screaming crescendo in November next year. 

The real beauty of this strategy is that the Democrats wont have to lay out any policies.


Kimbo said...

It has been speculated that James Buchanan - the 15th POTUS 1857-61, the one just before Abraham Lincoln, and usually near or at the top of the “worst President ever” list - was gay. He was the only man who became President who never married.

Anonymous said...

Sexual orientation or color plays no part in leadership or administrative ability, the living example is the present POTUS who is good at neither.

The term half breed is highly offensive over here and only found on hate sites.

Bill Kawolski.

Dave Grodger said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Bill K

Where is over here? Have you ever had anything to do with sheep. Do you know what a Corriedale is?