Friday, April 5, 2019


As the road toll that only a year or so ago was designated to be zero in short order but continues to climb and money is diverted from safer roads and reducing congestion,  the calls from the inept continue for the  "use Public transport" meme.

Well a couple of weeks ago in a moment of inquisitive stupidity I tried the 'cool aid'.

Late last year I had a classic car approaching its 50th birthday and decided a bit of a make over to mark the milestone was in order.  First step a cut and polish following some minor cosmetics while cancer surgery was performed on the front spring housings .
Maestro Steve Allen rang to say operation complete and with a new WOF  Frau Rot was good to go home.

So I caught the bus in the little rural town we now call home and headed off to sup at the Virtue Signalling Trough.
One hour later reached the Bus Exchange, platform 2 and made haste to Platform 16 where the next link in he chain  was due to leave from for the Waimakariri town near where Maestro has his workshop.  Fortunately the time tables meshed and little time was lost  but had that not been in the stars another 30 minutes could have easily been burnt.

Some 2 hours and 40 minutes of "on the buses" and I made it to a stop about 30 minutes walk to where the now resplendent Beetle waited.

Long story short,  Public transport nearly 3 hours, 1971 VW Beetle 45 minutes return.


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