Wednesday, April 24, 2019


The MSM were quite happy (and rightly so) to label the Christchurch massacre the work of a far right, anti-Muslim, white supremacist.

Why is it then that the Sri Lankan killings are described as terrorist related rather than the claimed work of the National Thowheed Jamath (NTJ) which is a splinter from another hard-line Islamist group The Sri Lankan Thowheed Jamath (SNJT).

Have we come to the point when we can't call Islamic terrorism Islamic terrorism?

Just askin.  


Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Cant cover all of the free worlds press Veteran..... Suffice it to say being free they can call it whatever they like. At the end of the day there is a difference between claiming and doing.

In CHC's case only a trial will tell us what we need to know whereas in Sri Lanka I fear the opposite will be true.

morpork said...

I read the CHCH mad mans rantings before his words were banned by those who must be obeyed.
He was not far right, he was not anti Muslim per se, and as far as I could make out he was not a white supremist. He was against forced cultural diversity, he loved the Muslims in the countries he visited and seemed to value all cultures equally of value.
He was against forcibly, as is happening under UN and Globalist policies, destroying the diverse cultures of the world by forcing them to assimilate into one big melting pot
but you can't check and rebut my opinion because you're not allowed to read the Australian mad mans statement

Noel said...

Early days.

The Veteran said...

Morpork ... we can debate where Tarrant fits but that aside but I think you miss the point of my post.

morpork said...

Veteran- true I didn't reply to that point. Any speech or writing these days that doesn't support some perceived minority and condemn criticism of said minority is labelled as hate speech and will be automatically rejected and disregarded on one of the following reasons
Its racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic, Islamophobic, bigoted, white supremist and on and on
But no need to worry our most transparent coalition government is trying to introduce hate speech laws so any debate or dissent will become illegal

Andrei said...

Well no Veteran morpork doesn't entirely miss the point of your post

What I'd say he is pointing out is that the powers that be are intent on controlling the narrative - thus burying the ideology of those behind the Sri Lankan atrocity and banning Tarrant's manifesto allows them to use these events to advance their own agendas which of course do not have our own best intersts at heart but their own

morpork said...

In answer to Veterans question, yes we have reached that point, it is Islamophobic to call a Muslim terrorist either a Muslim or a terrorist

Psycho Milt said...

but you can't check and rebut my opinion because you're not allowed to read the Australian mad mans statement

Don't need to - his trolling efforts are irrelevant, because evidence of his actions trumps some blather he spouted on the Internet.

David said...

Veteran, speculate all you like, but best wait until the Sri Lankan authorities make a declaration. They will be the ones with knowledge, not the media, not you.

The Sri Lankan government is being careful to avoid stirring up vigilantism that is always close to the surface. There have been numerous attacks on Sri Lanka's Muslim minority by the Buddhist majority.

All you are doing at the moment is pouring more fuel on the hatred of Muslims as evidenced by The Dodgy Brother, The Russian Orthodox troll, and the wannabe Patrician.

Andrei said...

And right on cue our resident Athiest goblin puts his oar in.

The Sri Lankan government David is in disarray - Indian intelligence authorities gave them a warning this was coming but such is the disfunction within the Government that those who received the warning did not see fit to share it with the President.

You just demonstrate your hypocrisy - you were prepared to shout loudly that alt right, white supremacists" were behind the Christchurch atrocity - even though were you allowed to read the culprit's manifesto you might determine that label is somewhat dubious but in this case the ideology of the perpetrators is obvious and this type of atrocity against Christians in their Churches is a far from unique occurence (whereas the Christchurch atrocity is somewhat singular event, most Mosque massacres are perpertrated by other Muslims usually Shia victims and Sunni perpertrators)

To tell the truth David - Russian Orthodox people have far more in common with Muslim people than they do with Godless Athiests like yourself.

And of course my late Mother-in-law was born Muslim but was actually baptised at age 18

So sneer all you like about inciting hatred of muslims - what I actually hate is the mindless slaughter of innocents - whether it be at the hands of Muslims, white Australian fruitloops, or American drones - people dead from violence are just as dead regardless of who did it or what twisted ideology they used to justify their actions

david said...

To tell the truth David - Russian Orthodox people have far more in common with Muslim people than they do with Godless Athiests like yourself.

Of course they do, they both ignore science and reason and believe bullshit.

...people dead from violence are just as dead regardless of who did it or what twisted ideology they used to justify their actions.

Cry me a fucking river, Andrei.

Your "sympathy" with the dead and injured Sri Lankans is reserved for christians - not once have you said a word about the three other bombs set off in hotels.

You kept silent when a Russian missile was used to shoot down a civilian airliner, you didn't give a cold fart for those dead.

And you sit on the sidelines cheering as Putin seized Crimea and continues his war against Ukraine.

So don't try to tell me you see all deaths as equally bad.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

I seem to be having trouble trying to find Morpork's point as he seems to have been living under a rock somewhere.

The fact that Tarrant donated large sums of money to white suprematist groups in Europe seems to have passed him by....but wait, there will be more in spite of of those on the right tying to dismiss him as an "Australian fruitloop" and a madman...."Nuttin to do with us Guv".

Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.

morpork said...

Excuse the impertinence m'lud but do you have a link to these claimed large donations ?

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Oh Shit..sorry MSM again damn.

morpork said...

Its a huge leap to label groups who are proud of and want to maintain their countries unique identity as white supremist
Being anti mass immigration and taking pride in your nation is and should not be offensive or threatening to anybody
Isn't it these beliefs and promises that got Labour, Winston and Trump over the finish line ?

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Ah well it's all perspective isn't it?.....Bin Laden wanted to retain his countries unique identity so he knocked down the twin towers. ISIS kicked off because of the mass migration of western armies into Iraq on a pretence....want me to go on?

morpork said...

Perspective yes, want you to go on ? NO, you appear to be a bacon sandwich short of a picnic if you believe you can summarise ISIS and Bin Laden under the guise of nationalism or protecting cultural identity, they are simply barbaric terrorists whose end goal is death to everyone who doesn't support a world wide caliphate under sharia.
Tarrants donation doesn't automatically qualify the group as terrorist, far right, white supremist or Australian balding middle aged deranged mass murderers, he may of donated to the RSPCA too but not as conspicuously

Judge Holden said...

No, the group’s beliefs and actions qualify it as terrorist, far-right and white supremacist, and that’s why the guy donated to it. Hard to imagine the SPCA espousing the same views. BTW, you are a terrorist sympathiser. Ever wonder how you got there?

morpork said...

Beliefs don't make you a terrorist. Acts of violence or threats of violence do

David said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
morpork said...

What a nasty piece of work. I don't blame society, your parents, teachers, colour of skin or the knock on the head that you've probably deserved on many occasions. Either God bless or stew in the bile, your choice

David said...

Poor old morpork, just another Nazi who doesn't like being called a Nazi. Too bad, snowflake, you are what you are.

Andrei said...

Posting links that you know will get people prosecuted is utterly disgraceful David.

You are as low on the taxonomy of pondscum as pedophiles -- and don't think
this is hyperbole- you a a person worthy of nothing but utter contempt

I will no longer be responding to anything you post here and I would suggest that everyone else just ignore you you repulsive little troll

David said...

Fuck off, Andrei.

Posting links that you know will get people prosecuted is utterly disgraceful David.

Der t├Ągliche Stormer is hosted in the USA and not subject to New Zealand laws.

No Minister is hosted in the USA, and not subject to New Zealand laws.

I am domiciled in Australia, and not subject to New Zealand laws.

Anyone, anywhere, downloading any form of content, and not using a VPN is a fool.

You love to talk of freedom, but when push comes to shove, you are a gutless coward, afraid to stand on your hind legs and cry "FREEDOM!".

morpork said...

Its ok Andrei I didn't fall for David's trap, I read and saw all I needed to before our Minister of Truth ordered it banned, however there is one website where the actual video starts automatically, unseen, no volume, halfway down the page despite not being mentioned in the link.
I do wonder why David, if an Australian, needs to admonish so many New Zealanders on a website directed towards Kiwi's.
Has he been deported or rejected due to our immigration standards ?