Thursday, February 21, 2019


The good Dr Cullen born a whinging Pom, arrived in this country from post war United Kingdom mid last century and won a full Scholarship to Christs College on Rolleston Avenue in the heart of the Garden City. Much of the Funding of his opportunity came by way of investments in land and buildings across the nation.

Not content with calling all others with a similar degree of wealth to himself,  he with gay abandon hijacked the term "Rich Pricks" and then set about destroying as much of that wealth as he could.

Now not content with using the natural wealth created by innumerable workers, farmers industrialists and entrepreneurs to fraudulently extend the reign of the Clark administration finally sinking the nation into recession a year before the rest of the OECD then when defeat was as certain as it was for Schikelgruber in 1945, he left an explosive device in the form of the never going to perform, Kiwirail after donating many millions more than a prudent value to Toll Holdings Aus  and allowing that company to retain the profitable freight forwarding and trucking operations.   

Imagine his chagrin when Key and English first defused his plunge into recession then when confronted with years of seismic activity that ultimately almost wiped the nations second city from the maps, they rebuilt the nations finances to a point where  the inheritors of Cullens  always crippled party were delivered a strong economy  almost a decade later, that allowed the splashing of a pile of booty when they were appointed to the treasury benches by a pinstriped dwarf.

His bitter disappointment was then assuaged to a degree when the nice CoL bunglers handed him a generous and financially rewarding last Hurrah as Chair of "The Tax Working Group"
Grasped with the alacrity of a starving monkey as the Banana boat pulled into port, the outcome of that once in a lifetime opportunity today announced their mad cap scheme to destroy an already sub par savings culture for his adopted country.
Not content to attack capital growth from savings, efficiencies,  modernisation, and sheer hard graft coupled with responsible management of personal affairs "the mad Dr", now doubly loaded with hatred of people intent on bettering themselves, the unscrupulous bastard has latched onto inflationary gains of capital that any government can very simply fuel at a whim.

As Muldoon slowly expired on the back benches after a drunken over reaction to Wareing's tactics, inflation that he, Muldoon had fruitlessly tried to dampen with a very messy central control failure, took off and interest rates, often well in excess of twenty percent chased inflationary growth in capital values that wiped out mortgages for those who survived the mayhem.
Three years after his alcohol fuelled disastrous end as Prime minister, NZ Inc then suffered a crash not seen for over Fifty years. Share brokers went to the wall often because they could not keep up with the speed of the boom then the bust was just as severe on outdated systems that saw many lose their shirts, not just brokers and "investors" either

A  capital gains tax in 1986/7 up until that Tuesday in October for the Lange Government would have seen untold riches due but after the dust settled in the following months the carnage would have dried it up and the deficits and legals would have made an already bad scenario catastrophic.

A tax designed and sustained on envy will founder and this wonderful country along with it, however I am of the opinion it will pass this parliament to come into play when the politics of envy has handed the melons and the socialists another three years sans the little charlatan, even though polls show not only a majority of NZ citizens dont want it and a serious number of Labour voters are opposed , leaving  a duplicitous racist manipulative master of the MMP environment to follow his long line of anti Green Party, anti socialist (more entrenched),  loudly proclaimed support and defence of the elderly, elected on a never to be ascertained vote by idiots in a vain charade of "keeping National Honest",  forget it,  I doubt he has the intellectual grunt to be sufficiently informed as to what Cullens long game will deliver.  Winston first with his latest bunch of indentured slaves will fall in behind his search for ever more Baubles.

New Zealand is being witness to a very rare study opportunity in just how an MMP system can threaten a nations future, when one man in a pique of frustration and almost psychotic revenge can abandon all his previous policy positions, abandon much of what his natural support base might want and have the entire coat tail caucus struck dumb, while again handing to the ex president of socialist youth international and her Melon mates a veritable wet dream.

For a majority of the burghers of this once leading nation  of things modern,  first achieved and success it will be a very bad nightmare and they will ask till they expire, how the hell did that happen.

Simple, too many relying on a media on life support for their understanding of matters political will only awaken too late.


Tom Hunter said...

I just want to apologise to everybody forever for voting for Helen and this little cunt in 1999.

TL;DR said...


Mike Webber said...

Excellent, well said.

Allan said...

I have come to the conclusion that Cullen is just EVIL and that there is not one nice thing that you could ever say about him. Karma will occur one day I hope and he will finally get what is coming to him.

Snowflake said...

Poor wee Tommy is so outraged at the mere thought that some his theoretical assets could maybe be subject to a tax on the marginal increase in their value when realised that his mask of genteel wankery has slipped and revealed that he’s really just an uncouth arsewipe. Oh dear. As for Adolt and Gravetodger, they’re winning hearts and minds once more.

Tom Hunter said...

I'm beginning to think that "Snowflake" and "Judge Holden" are one and the same.

I mean, how many times can a commentator use the terms "Poor wee Tommy", "outraged" and "asswipe" in their comments?

I'm waiting for the appearence of "hysterical", "shrieking", "confused"

And almost always four lines. It's like a haiku but dull and boring.

Johno said...

Snowflake is at it's funniest when it's whining about others calling people names.

RosscoWlg said...

Snowflake is just a flake, cant go to bed without teddy. When he was a little boy mommy used to come in and tuck him in....there there don't worry about that, it's not a capitalist under your cot... its just teddy!

He went on to get level 3 in Media studies... and that was it for little snowflake.

CGT is way beyond his pay grade let alone just trying to understand its implications for "ordinary" New Zealanders!

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Untwist your knickers's only a report, quite benign really.

Wiggo....there are no such animals as "ordinary" New Zealanders, we are all extraordinary in our own way as you will find if you ever visit these shores.

The tax implications for most working New Zealanders will be minimal

Snowflake said...

Yeah, yeah but what’s with the wailing, Tommy? You’re so upset about something with such little consequence it appears contrived. That can’t be right, though, as you’re such a reasonable and articulate chap. Why the sudden onset of Touret’s?

Tom Hunter said...

Come on Sludgy. You're not here to debate or argue but just to throw abusive shit - so that's all you're going to get in return. So at least step out from behind yet another of your stupid masks and show us the real you, not your fantasy dream of Judge Holden. You should leave him behind for when your pleasuring yourself on your morning potty like you are now.

Anonymous said...

And there you go Eggie not understanding the long term implications of a CGT on the workers.

We put tax on ciggies to incentivise people to stop smoking. What do you think a tax on saving and investment will do to the country long term?

The solution to inequality is making the poor rich, not the other way around.


Snowflake said...

Gee Tommy, if you going to claim the mantle of captain of the debating team you should refrain from opening your so-called “argument” by calling people cunts, ja? Go on explain why you’re so worked up. I can’t wait...

Tom Hunter said...

See folks? Nothing from Sludgy except more taunting. It's like reading the transcript from one of those old Chatty Cathy pullstring dolls.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Paranormal.....calm down old boy, it's not a lethal injection. Investment seems to trundle along quite nicely in these countries...

Tom Hunter said...

US again. Ever filled out an 1040 tax form? Back in the 90's I was buying and selling stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds and so forth, so naturally I had to account for Capital Gains.

Here's the thing. It gets mixed in with all your other income! You don't just pay the "Capital Gains Tax Rate", whatever that is now, on your CG unless that's the only income you have. It gets thrown in with everything else.

And even with a booming market and a lot of investing in the 90's, on top of a six-figure salary, I never paid more than 17% tax all up - far different to the rates reported in the tables quoted by journalists. And the CG did not apply to our house under any circumstances (home office business expenses or not).

David said...

The solution to inequality is making the poor rich, not the other way around.


OK paranormal, we agree on something.

The difference between us, though, is that I know "the rich" will never let that happen. The oligarchies imposition of free market ideology and neo liberalism has reduced the once well off to the barely getting by. The working poor.

The rich only get rich by depriving others of a share in wealth they helped create. They are the latter day Andrew Carnegies, constantly thinking up ways to claw back the wages they pay.

Anonymous said...

You must live in a very dark place David

It is not a zero sum game. The rich I know want the poor to be wealthy because we all win when that happens.

It is generally the socialists that want to keep the poor down to ensure a ‘sustainable’ voter base. Why else would politicians that should know better vote for things that only make the poor worse off?


Anonymous said...

Eggie you should read Trotters view on CGT. I was surprised that even he can see how stupid a CGT is.

A CGT may well not be a lethal injection. However maiming the economy to make it better puts you right up there with bleeding the patient to cure a hangover.


Tom Hunter said...

"the rich" will never let that happen.

Hang on. According to many Lefties these are the same "rich" that have grudgingly permitted social welfare systems to bloom in the West because they were terrified of Marxist prophecy coming true and getting done in the scientifically inevitable revolution.

Well if that's what they're afraid of - shit loads of poor people grabbing the torches and pitchforks - wouldn't they want them to become wealthy in the first place? Why try and buy them off with beads when they could avoid the revolution and avoid massive government taxation in the first place by getting them wealthy - at least wealthy enough to regard a revolution as not being worth it?

gravedodger said...

Having read through the comments I am left wondering at how those in the minority can justify :
The highest proposed CGT rate across the world,
No taxing of family homes and allowing a couple to seperate and claim two exempt,
Taxing inflationary gains,
Taxing savings when we have an acknowledged problem low level of personal savings,
A vainglorious effort to divert investment from a home to productive enterprise when it has eluded generations of citizens in NZ historicaly,
Making taxation fairer, sheesh wait till that spin ceases, Cullen will need support to stay upright.
Then there is the elephant in the room , the truly rich will avoid almost all that which attracts maximum envy and middle NZ Joe and Josephine Average will realise they have been shafted once again.
All the time the idle nefarious wasters wont even notice as they will get a better blanket of welfare Ha Ha Ha .

Of course this time socialism will work because Jacinda and the melons will do it properly and Winston wont even be aware.

David said...

Jesusonapogostick Chunter. What colour's the sky on your planet?

...the same "rich" that have grudgingly permitted social welfare systems ...

Are these the same rich as the Waltons in the US who pay such low wages 40% of their "associates" rely on SNAP?

Are these the same rich who tear their hair and gnash their teeth at the thought of a 50 cent increase in the minimum wage?

Are these the same rich who have driven wages so low in NZ that families rely on WFF instead of a decent, living wage?

Yes, these are the same rich that you cosy up to while they pillage and plunder.

I long for the day when we string them all up from lamp posts.

Tom Hunter said...

I long for the day when we string them all up from lamp posts.
Haha. And on another thread you said you weren' a communist, and you got all uppity when I said that throwing communists out of helicopters was a perfect punishment for the hateful, evil pieces of shit.

Aside from that it seems that your boilerplate argument is simply a repeat of what you said above: that the rich will never allow poor people to get wealthy - which still does not answer the question of why they'd then allow social welfare systems to stave off the revolution.

gravedodger said...

Ha ha ha David did you ever consider the possibility that the stupid WWF and meddling with the minimum wage might just have created a handbrake on wage increases within the band that such welfare nonsense was targeted.

One small clue might be in unforeseen consequences or even collateral damage.
Daft comes to mind?

David said...

Too much Sherry Muzza old boy. What the fuck has World Wildlife Fund got to do with the price of wages?

Tom Hunter said...


long for the day when we string them all up from lamp posts

Woah - dude.

You said that a third time?