Saturday, February 9, 2019


While thousands of Nelsonians dwell on a disaster that came so close to total destruction of homes while they  contemplate the ravages that were wrought, the dear morons at Greenpeace notwithstanding they already have some massive problems in maintaining  their public image that is under serious threat due to some alarmist predictions of imminent disaster from a basic progression of nature related to an essential building block of all life, Carbon, the insensitive idiots think that raising the myth of Warming as a cause to be OK.

Why I wonder did this understanding, now so evident as they claim, not even get a mention in the largest exotic forest fire ever to strike New Zealand c1955 in November when many thousands of the Balmoral Forest total area some 25 thousand Acres, were totally destroyed or scorched beyond sustainable life.
A commercial premise within the forest boundary situated at the north west extremity of the forest had a minor fire that was thought to have been extinguished until in the following day, very heavy Winds caused the fire to reignite with disastrous consequences.
Already on very marginal shingle terraces on the northern side of the Hurunui River and following a very dry spring with a mere seven "Points" of precipitation recorded in the four weeks prior to the original fire in an old mill shed, in modern terms around 2 mm. With early morning humidity the following day reading at 65% a NW gale that plunged that to 33% and things went bad very fast.

Dry pine forest is but one of  a fire fighters nightmare, not as dangerous as eucalyptus, but the ability of the fire storm winds to move bark and cones many miles away to begin new eruptions of fresh fire is well recorded. I recall a property at Ethelton upstream from the SH one bridge over the Hurunui had alight cones landing on their lawn over 20 Kms from the fire.

To attempt to gain political mileage from an ongoing disaster where confusion and fear are the everpresent dominating emotions is about equivalent to the well known epithet "Ankles" on the Gd disgusting scale.
I guess from a depraved outfit such as Green peace, an organisation that even one of it's founders has decided is just too much, no surprises.


David said...

Don't mention The War!

Seabird said...

This whole Carbon Zero thing gives me the shits. The world and it's population cannot survive on no Carbon, it is one of the building blocks of life

Psycho Milt said...

That's right, which is why the bill is for zero "nett" carbon. There'll still be plenty being used, but it will be offset by tree planting etc.

David said...

Milt, the problem here is that simple concepts are too damned hard for simpletons to understand. Read anything by GD.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, you really know how to lead with your chin. Who is going to plant your fucking trees?

Out of work ex Green MPs?

Psycho Milt said...

You seem to be confusing me with the government.