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Don't Talk About The War

Australia is fixated with the spectacle of a Catholic Cardinal being convicted of child molestation, America is fixated with the babbling of a convicted liar attempting to take down the president and New Zealand is fixated with the prospect of a capital gains tax inflicted by Herr Reichfuher Heinrich Cullen at the behest of the country's vacuous Prime Minister.

There is little supporting commentary but did you know the nuclear powers India and Pakistan are on the verge of war?   Did you know Pakistan shot down two Indian air force jets in Pakistani airspace after India launched a retaliatory strike, killing 300 Pakis in Kashmir?

Pakistani soldiers stand next to what Pakistan says is the wreckage of an Indian fighter jet shot down in Pakistan controled Kashmir. Picture: AFP

Did you know Pakistani President Imran Khan (May his ball always cut back off the seam) has gone on National television imploring India to back off on the grounds that if war breaks out, nobody can control where it will end?

You have to search pretty hard in the Fake News media to find any news of these truly momentous events.  They are all too busy trying to take down President Trump.

The Australian carries an article from the Times of London.


Hot on the heels of his recommendation that Iwi entities should only pay a CGT calculated at 17.5% it appears that the 'great' man has had a rethink.

Saw him on TV1 news agreeing with Iwi that a case can be made for Iwi to be totally exempt from paying CGT and further, that any attempt to impose such a tax on Iwi could be contested through the Waitangi Tribunal and the Courts.

Jesusonapogostick ... what next ... a claim that Maori per se should me exempt from paying income tax?

Tell you sumpin for nuffing ... were Labour to proceed to exempt Iwi from their proposed CGT then it would make Don Brash's Iwi vs Kiwi campaign of 2005 which came within an inch of toppling Helen Clark's government pale into insignificance.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019


The news that Australian Cardinal George Pell has been convicted on historic sex changes will have shocked both the Vatican and Australian Catholics.   Pell will attend a pre-sentence hearing today (Wednesday) following which he will be remanded in custody until his formal sentencing in March.  It is almost certain he will be jailed.    Pell intends appealing his conviction.

The Vatican has reacted by stripping Pell of his position as its Chief Financial Officer and expelled him from Pope Francis' inner circle of trusted Cardinals known as the Group of Nine or C9.    It has also banned him from saying Mass in public and from any contact with minors.

I am not Roman Catholic (father High C of E convert from Lutheranism reflecting my German heritage and mother staunch Baptist leaving me somewhat 'confused')  but I am saddened by the shame he has inflicted on his church.     There is good and bad in all religions but I remain convinced the good far outweighs the bad.

The likes of David and his fellow anti-clerics and atheists will have a field day and perhaps we can't blame them but I hold strongly to the view that we abandon the Judeo-Christian values that have shaped western civilisation in favor of godless Marxism at our peril.


  The socialists and their enablers are striving to create space between the Labour Party and the Tax Working group, hahahahahaha.

With the odious Cullen as chair, terms of reference that could only produce what they wanted, it must have been galling when some of those invited to the trough declined to support a proposal that if enacted would be the most deep reaching, highest rated, economic threatening bit of tom foolery ever proposed on taxation manipulation anywhere. Reform it aint and will never be, pure and simple envy tax.

Arnold Nordmeyer quickly discovered what unpopular tax grasping can do to political opportunity.

Ardern is gobsmacked that such monumental political stupidity does not receive the widespread adulation most of the other pipe dreaming received from her Woman's weekly fans.

What bit about the extraordinary number ,polls have deemed to be against, from her NZLP faithful did the bint not see. Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train.

Widely panned by economic opinion as well as captains of industry, farming and the finance markets.

NZ has a world respected simple fair easily understood tax system unless the one judging it has a warped understanding of "Fair" and /or is addicted to a stupid notion that rich pricks and the very rich will just roll over and donate ever increasing amounts of dosh to flawed vote buying schemes.

What is a "farm" what is a "SMALL" business (the ones that provide a much larger number of 'worker' than almost every socialist will ever understand, even those claiming working in a fish and chip outlet ), when does a "family "home become a place of business and suddenly become a sticky Tar Baby to attract the IRD.

Anyone who states the Cullen graspers were never an allied NZLP thinktank or even believes such arrant nonsense should go to specsavers then apply for mental health counselling.

With the welfare behemoth that successive administrations have created and enlarged , one of the saddest unforeseen outcomes lies with the total disconnect prevailing that tax somehow provides  "free stuff". NZ consumers need a wakeup that the GST we pay on every purchase is actually real "TAX", tax that even Graeme Hart pays when he buys a hamburger and a beer.

The richest amongst us already pay an extraordinary share of the total income tax and to attempt to Robin Hood them, many will decamp and we, like the remaining nine men of the original ten still struggling  to grasp reality because the richest and highest contributor to their weekly lunch appointment buggered off after a fruitless search for how to share the windfall their restaurant owner suddenly unleashed on them as a discount for their group loyalty.

To overturn, nah destroy much of what the world recognises as a very fair and widely accepted tax system because of a very dodgy renaming as unfair bit around savings, investments and inherited mostly small change wealth accumulation based on a false premise of unfairness that has a potential to seriously disrupt the Kiwi way of doing business is,  in a word moronic.
If any further proof of that is needed just take two minutes to understand what the hell Jimmy two mums was trying to say with his pledge that if his progressive government mates do not enact the CGT then they should not be re-elected. Dopey dont even get close!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Cameron Slater is not everybody's cup of tea.   He can come across as arrogant and he certainly doesn't believe in taking prisoners.   

I have known Cameron for a number of years when I was privileged to serve  under his father John as a member of the Executive of the (then) Auckland Division of the National Party. While he and I have occasionally crossed swords and will agree to disagree over his support for Winston First and his dislike of Simon Bridges and Peter Goodfellow ... as a fellow blogger he is certainly entitled to express those views and good on him.    The blog-sphere should not be a sterile place. 

Cameron has suffered a medical event that has left him incapacitated and unable to work.    I note a recent report that he is considering filing for bankruptcy.   Clearly Cameron is doing it tough.

To Cameron ... wishing you all the best with your recovery.   I have no doubt that you will battle your way through it in the grand Slater family tradition.

Monday, February 25, 2019

On Mealy Mouthed Euphemisms and Buzz Words

My colleague Psycho Milt expressed his distaste for what he called 'mealy mouthed euphemisms' in comments on a recent post and I agreed with him.   So here are a few of my pet hates.   Readers are welcome to share theirs in comments.



Outside of



Reaching out

Our values



Affirmative action

Going forward

Toxic masculinity

Climate change denier

At the end of the day

Australians of African appearance



And heard on the ABC:-

A sex   (ASX - Australian Stock Exchange)

Snata (Sonata)

Norchestra (And orchestra)

Sunday, February 24, 2019


A little while back I served a couple of terms on the Lottery Grants Board (alongside Trevor Mallard).   At one Board meeting I was gobsmacked to hear a senior public servant argue that the Mongrel Mob was nothing more than the Maori equivalent of Rotary and/or the Lions.    Unadulterated bullshit.

You can argue the percentages but I would guess that 90% of the public service are genuinely neutral.    There are however a small number who are prepared to high-jack the system in pursuit of their own agendas.

Case in point.     Parliament passes legislation and then leaves it over to the public service to develop regulations to give effect to that legislation.     It is axiomatic that regulations should reflect the spirit of the legislation.   Regulations are passed by Order in Council and are not referred back to the House for scrutiny.

My attention has been drawn to Regulation 16(3)(b) of the Veterans' Support Regulations which came into effect on 7 December 2014.    The Regulation covers the indexation of a range of service pensions including the disablement pension.   It provides for an annual adjustment of pensions based on the movement in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) discounted by any numbers of the CPI for cigarettes and other tobacco products.

It is a matter of record that since 2010 the tobacco excise had been automatically increased by 10% every year plus inflation in an attempt to discourage smoking.   It has become a major component of the CPI increase.

It is unbelievable and wrong that 'someone' has taken the view that service pensions should be adjusted according to that formulae.    Service pensions recognise service, nothing more and certainly nothing less.    The smoking debate and action to curtail the use of tobacco products is entirely a separate issue yet some 'numpty' public servant has sought to link the two to the determent of anyone entitled to a service pension (many of whom will have never smoked in their life).

Fortunately there is a way forward.    Parliament's Regulations Review Committee is established to ensure that Regulations so enacted have been made fairly.    It has the power to revoke Regulations that do not meet this test.     I intend taking a complaint to the Committee under the provisions of Standing Order 319(2)(a) 'that the regulation is not in accordance with the general objects and intentions of the enactment under which it is made'.

I will be asking that the regulation be revoked and the CPI adjustment be applied in full.   Further, that any person in receipt of a pension paid subject to Regulation 16(3)(b) (or their estate) be reimbursed an amount being the cumulative total of the discount applied.

I would welcome the support of anyone who would like to be associated with my complaint.    E-mail your name and contact details (residential address) to me at


Ho Ho Ho

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Comment of the week.  On the news that Australia's Bureau of Meteorolgy has again tampered with historical temperature records ro better support the global warming scam:

"So it's not getting warmer in the future, it's getting colder in the past. We should be ok."

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Nancy Pelosi describing Occasional Vortex's Green New Deal:-

“The ‘green dream’ or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is, but they’re for it, right?”

Yeah, just like Obamacare, eh Nancy?

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Amazon Online Customer

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Saturday, February 23, 2019


You think Theresa May has problems (and she does) but spare a thought for the 'nice' Mr Corbyn with nine Labour MPs now quitting the Party in protest against his leadership and the antisemitism that they now see as institutionalised in the Party under him ... and it gets worse, Corbyn and Tom Watson, Labour's Deputy Leader, have stopped speaking to each other with Watson saying that he "no longer recognises" the Party under Corbyn's leadership ... or lack thereof.

The response of the 'Corbynestas' (Corbyn's groupie bully boys ... shades of the Brown Shirts) has been to label the defectors as working class traitors and paid agents of Israel.   Clearly no fraternal   luv there.   But more importantly, the UK Labour Party can no longer be seen as a broad church Party (if it ever was).

Look. the reality is that there has always an antisemitic streak in both the hard right and hard left of UK politics. Mosley's British Union of Fascists drew support from certain sections of the aristocracy and from London's working class East-end in about equal numbers and indeed Mosley's Deputy, Dr Robert Forgan, left the Labour Party (as did Mosley) when he (Mosley) set up the New Party which morphed into the BUF.    Clearly that antisemitic streak is alive and well in Corbyn's Labour Party. 

Theresa May is of course not immune from defecting MPs with three of her erstwhile colleagues resigning the Whip in opposition to her handling of Brexit.   For myself I have come to the conclusion that Brexit (or not) has shown up the folly of the use of binding referenda to determine complex questions.    Great for an indication of where public opinion may lie at a certain point of time and in the case of a high turnout (say 70+%) and a substantial majority (say 67%) in favour of the question and parliament would be foolish to ignore the result.   But above all the primacy of parliament must remain supreme.   Can I suggest the fallout from the Brexit referendum still has some way to go.

The Round Mound of Rebound

I don't usually watch clips from American talk show but this is priceless.  Reminds me of my childhood when one very black Maori would take the piss out of other black Maoris and everybody would erupt in uproarious laughter.  (Thanks to the PC left, those wonderful days are gone.)

Sub title might be Black on Black where an enormous and wealthy black fella rips the s**t out of a skinny black dumbarse bullshitter.

Every Billionaire is a Policy Failure.

I was amused by the economic ignorance of the following recent statement by a commentator here at No Minister:
Why does any individual require more than $5 million per annum? That is money removed from the economy, money that is not being reinvested and utilised. I thought any good capitalist should know that money is a means of exchange. Money is to facilitate trade, not to be hoarded.
That seems to be very much in line with the times. Here's the Twitter handle of the Chief of Staff for AOC:

AOC of course is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: as part of her PR drive she's really pushing the whole FDR, JFK, LBJ thing. And she has made arguments that are slightly longer than a Twitter post, to the effect that societies that allow billionaires to exist, and to come into existence, are immoral societies:

“I do think, that a system that allows billionaires to exist when there are parts of Alabama where people are still getting ringworm because they don’t have access to public health is wrong.”
“I don’t think that necessarily means that all billionaires are immoral. ..... It is not to say that someone like Bill Gates, for example, or Warren Buffett are immoral people. I do not believe that."
Yay on that last. It's always a relief when a Leftist allows that you're not entirely a scumbag. Many Righties live for that approval.

I love the whole false choice fallacy. As with our commentator's quote above, in AOC’s world, wealth is a zero-sum game. She's certainly talking about her own country, the USA, which regularly gets bashed by Leftists as the prime example of a rich nation that is also not a decent nation, or at least not as decent as it could be, if only we could suppress billionaires from rising and redistribute a big chunk of their money.

But here's the funny thing. If you take a look at the UN Human Development Index it has a list of the top 20 nations in the world on this measure and includes the three classic “socialist” examples -  Sweden, Denmark, and Norway - that are always being talked up as examples New Zealand should strive to be more like.

Nice to see NZ there, and I was a bit surprised to see us, even with our small population of near 5 million, ranked at 31 on the billionaire per capita ratio?Ahead of Japan and Belgium? I'll have to dig further and find out exactly what that ratio is. Watson I'm aware of, but who the hell else have we got?

Now even the US Founders, despite many of them being pretty wealthy, were concerned about massive concentrations of wealth screwing with democracy, and they did everything they could think of to design a fractured, inefficient government that would be largely immune to such things - or at least more immune than the old aristocratic societies of Europe, like France, where the dominance of old money combined with permanent political power over the peasants, disgusted Thomas Jefferson.

But this is not about that rather narrow concern, where one can have endless arguments as to how well, or how poorly, the US, or any modern, Western democracy has done on that front.

No, this argument, AOC's argument, is about the overall notion of wealth in a decent society.

And the table above is yet another demonstration that the old communist idea that you must abolish unequal wealth and income in order to build a decent society - is crap.

UPDATE: Heh! Commentator "David" continues to be a goldmine on this issue:
What justification is there for a Jeff Bezos to be "worth" $130 billion? How many hopes and dreams, how many businesses, did he destroy on his climb to the top of the greasy pole?
Well his company, Amazon, has "destroyed" companies only to the extent that it could beat them on price, availability, and quality of service, starting with the likes of Borders bookstore - much like Japanese car makers "destroyed" Chrysler and GM, or Microsoft "destroyed" IBM, and so on and so forth.

But a story has come out that really captures the reasons, and the bullshit, of the likes of AOC and her protests against Evil Corporate Giants and billionaires:
The democratic socialist’s campaign spent nearly $9,000 on Amazon last year over a six month period — including nearly $300 in chalk…. 
Federal Election Commission finance records show Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign used Amazon’s services at least 68 times between April and October last year. The charges range from a few dollars for “supplies” to $924 for “used chrome books for staff & volunteer use.”…
What? She wasn't willing to spend a bit more to save that little shop around the corner? Booooo, Hissssss. Typical rapine capitalist.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Under The Radar (Corrected)

Everyone is talking about what is described as President Trump's trade war with China, a war the president appears to be winning.

Few seem to have noticed the trade war between Australia and China, which war Australia is losing big time.  It started with Australia banning Chinese firm Huawei on account of security fears over compromised computer technology.  China has retaliated with a sledge hammer.  It has banned the importation of Australian coal through five of it's major ports.   China just happens to be Australia's second biggest coal customer.

So much for all the bulldust about Huawei being a commercial enterprise and not government owned.  Everything in China is 'government owned' including the students who study overseas.  It is noticeable that there has been a huge drop off in Chinese enrollments at Australian universities since this dust up started.

Will iron ore be next?


Wuz in Christchurch this week doing Gods work.   Three years since my last visit.    The rebuild is proceeding apace and the  change is dramatic.    People are back in the 'Square' and the City is humming.   It was a pleasure to be there.

Dined on the Restaurant Tram.   Right up there with the Melbourne Restaurant Tram.   Highly recommended.

And an airport that's truly world class and shows up the Auckland domestic terminal for what it is ... dated, shabby, scruffy, dirty, over-crowded ... and they're the good points.


NZ Herald, November 3, 2026

Neve Adern, Beehive Reporter, Wellington

New Prime Minister Nikki Kaye confirmed today that the National Coalition Government will retain the CGT introduced in 2021 as well as the 20%GST and 41% top income tax rate, despite Labour attacks that these would be reduced or even eliminated for “rich pricks”.

Kaye dismissed these attacks as “pitiful” and said that while National had argued strongly against the taxes at the time, the nation’s financial situation meant that sources of revenue were at a premimum.

Kaye also confirmed that the National coalition government would retain the special Green-Labour Healthcare and Welfare spending programs passed earlier this year under the Vote For us for Free Stuff Act. This, plus a generous, multi-billion dollar contribution from Great Wall Medical Care in Beijing, will mean that the Zhumao Hospital (formerly Middlemore), and other hospitals in Auckland can remain open while more doctors and nurses are brought in from Nepal and Yemen to service the rural areas of New Zealand.

"The rural demand is expected to be only temporary", said Ms. Kaye, "as the population in those areas continues to age and shrink. After which those nurses and doctors can be re-deployed to our cities".

In what is being seen as strong support for this plan, John Key, Chairman of Agricorp, announced that the company would soon be providing its own health care service for its employees once the last few hundred family dairy farms had been taken over and added to the seven thousand that Agricorp already runs.

"Clearly these were small, uneconomic units", said Mr Key, "but with the synergies and scale Agricorp has, we're confident that we can run them efficiently with our young Indonesian workforce, and the older farmers will find their health and welfare needs well taken care of by the new National-led government".

There have been reports emerging from remote parts of the country, that Agricorp has been using strongarm tactics in buying the remaining small dairy units, but both Mr Key and Ms Kaye dismissed these as rumours.

"I'm confident in the leadership provided by our Rural Emissions Defenestration Squad led by former Speaker Trevor Mallard", said Mr Key. Mr Key also pointed out the hysterical nature of these reports which included stories of Apache helicopter gunships menacing farmers, "It's laughable given that Wing Loong IV drones have much lower running costs".

Ms Kaye also dismissed rumours that Agricorp might soon be given a security contract to assist the Police in South Auckland.

Meantime, another $5 billion has been allocated to NZ First’s “Super-horse” and “Super-tree” breeding programs. Deputy PM and NZ First leader, Shane Jones - speaking slowly following surgery on the lower base of his skull last month - said that many people would be grateful for this and hailed the great leadership and careful wisdom shown by Winston Peters between 2017 and 2026 before his retirement as NZ First leader earlier this year.

Mr Peters – seen standing behind Jones operating a small electronic gaming device – would only say that he was enjoying his retirement on the back benches.

Friday's Fulminations

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Did You Ever Wonder?????????

What your Grand Taxer

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would look like in uniform?

Scroll down


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The good Dr Cullen born a whinging Pom, arrived in this country from post war United Kingdom mid last century and won a full Scholarship to Christs College on Rolleston Avenue in the heart of the Garden City. Much of the Funding of his opportunity came by way of investments in land and buildings across the nation.

Not content with calling all others with a similar degree of wealth to himself,  he with gay abandon hijacked the term "Rich Pricks" and then set about destroying as much of that wealth as he could.

Now not content with using the natural wealth created by innumerable workers, farmers industrialists and entrepreneurs to fraudulently extend the reign of the Clark administration finally sinking the nation into recession a year before the rest of the OECD then when defeat was as certain as it was for Schikelgruber in 1945, he left an explosive device in the form of the never going to perform, Kiwirail after donating many millions more than a prudent value to Toll Holdings Aus  and allowing that company to retain the profitable freight forwarding and trucking operations.   

Imagine his chagrin when Key and English first defused his plunge into recession then when confronted with years of seismic activity that ultimately almost wiped the nations second city from the maps, they rebuilt the nations finances to a point where  the inheritors of Cullens  always crippled party were delivered a strong economy  almost a decade later, that allowed the splashing of a pile of booty when they were appointed to the treasury benches by a pinstriped dwarf.

His bitter disappointment was then assuaged to a degree when the nice CoL bunglers handed him a generous and financially rewarding last Hurrah as Chair of "The Tax Working Group"
Grasped with the alacrity of a starving monkey as the Banana boat pulled into port, the outcome of that once in a lifetime opportunity today announced their mad cap scheme to destroy an already sub par savings culture for his adopted country.
Not content to attack capital growth from savings, efficiencies,  modernisation, and sheer hard graft coupled with responsible management of personal affairs "the mad Dr", now doubly loaded with hatred of people intent on bettering themselves, the unscrupulous bastard has latched onto inflationary gains of capital that any government can very simply fuel at a whim.

As Muldoon slowly expired on the back benches after a drunken over reaction to Wareing's tactics, inflation that he, Muldoon had fruitlessly tried to dampen with a very messy central control failure, took off and interest rates, often well in excess of twenty percent chased inflationary growth in capital values that wiped out mortgages for those who survived the mayhem.
Three years after his alcohol fuelled disastrous end as Prime minister, NZ Inc then suffered a crash not seen for over Fifty years. Share brokers went to the wall often because they could not keep up with the speed of the boom then the bust was just as severe on outdated systems that saw many lose their shirts, not just brokers and "investors" either

A  capital gains tax in 1986/7 up until that Tuesday in October for the Lange Government would have seen untold riches due but after the dust settled in the following months the carnage would have dried it up and the deficits and legals would have made an already bad scenario catastrophic.

A tax designed and sustained on envy will founder and this wonderful country along with it, however I am of the opinion it will pass this parliament to come into play when the politics of envy has handed the melons and the socialists another three years sans the little charlatan, even though polls show not only a majority of NZ citizens dont want it and a serious number of Labour voters are opposed , leaving  a duplicitous racist manipulative master of the MMP environment to follow his long line of anti Green Party, anti socialist (more entrenched),  loudly proclaimed support and defence of the elderly, elected on a never to be ascertained vote by idiots in a vain charade of "keeping National Honest",  forget it,  I doubt he has the intellectual grunt to be sufficiently informed as to what Cullens long game will deliver.  Winston first with his latest bunch of indentured slaves will fall in behind his search for ever more Baubles.

New Zealand is being witness to a very rare study opportunity in just how an MMP system can threaten a nations future, when one man in a pique of frustration and almost psychotic revenge can abandon all his previous policy positions, abandon much of what his natural support base might want and have the entire coat tail caucus struck dumb, while again handing to the ex president of socialist youth international and her Melon mates a veritable wet dream.

For a majority of the burghers of this once leading nation  of things modern,  first achieved and success it will be a very bad nightmare and they will ask till they expire, how the hell did that happen.

Simple, too many relying on a media on life support for their understanding of matters political will only awaken too late.


The final report of Labour's Taxation Working Group was released at few minutes ago.     It recommends one of the most aggressive capital gains tax regimes in the world.

There will be much written about it in the next few days but one snippet really caught my eye ... businesses will pay 33% while Iwi owned businesses will pay just half that (17.5%).

This is so wrong it's not funny.   One can only suppose it's there so the government can disavow it to give them some wriggle room.  

There is so much more including the recommendation to increase the second tier tax rate ($14,001 to $48,000) from 17.5% to 20.5%.

Please God ... have the COL campaign on this ... please, please.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

More Good News For David (Update II


The latest IPSOS poll documents Bill Shorten's political suicide note delivered by his good friend Dr Kerryn Phelps, the so-called independent member for Wentworth.  This changed the law to give any two doctors right of veto over ministerial decisions to prevent particular illegal immigrants from entering Australia.  (In a brilliant move, PM Morrison has reopened the Christmas Island detention centre and announced that is where they will be held in Australia.  They ain't coming to the mainland.


The Queensland Labor government at the last moment introduced a one man environmental report  questioning the fate of the supposedly endangered Black Finch in the event the Galilee Basin coal mine proposed by Adani goes ahead.  Readers should note the project has the approval of the Queensland environmental authorities.  The Melbourne academic who wrote the report has a long track record of anti-coal activism.

As a result, one Steven Conroy, a past federal Labor minister, has predicted this latest move will cost labor swags of seats in Queensland.  By my count there are at least four Labor held seats which will flip to the coalition with even a minor anti-Labor swing.  However the story gets better.

The militant CFMEU union has announced it will campaign hard AGAINST any Labor MP who has not actively supported the Adani project.  You see, Northern Queensland is in a slump at the moment, largely thanks to Clive Palmer's mismanagement of Queensland Nickel, while Adani is slated to provide 25,000 desperately needed jobs in the region and the CFMEU desperately needs all those 25,000 people to be paying their union dues.

PM Morrison must be laughing his arse off.   Hey Billy Boy, if the boat people don't get you, the Black Finches will!


It keeps getting better.  Apparently Christmas Island, although part of Australia, is not part of its designated immigration zone and, accordingly, those who are ensconced there have no right to the Australian legal system to push their bogus claims for asylum.

Update II

The Nauru government has just passed legislation banning the use of 'video doctoring' in the assessment of illegal immigrants for medical transfer to Australia.   The gnashing of teeth on the left is palpable.

Sunday, February 17, 2019


Yes.... It's true. At the age of 77 Bruno Ganz is dead.

Who was he you may ask? Well, if you've spent any time hanging around YouTube or political blogs in the last decade you'd recognise him (click the captions button).

Ganz gave what most people consider the most accurate and greatest portrayal of Adolf Hitler on screen, in the 2004 movie Downfall, which focuses on the final days of the Third Reich in the Berlin "Fuhrerbunker". You can watch it on Netflix at the moment.

The movie, as you'd expect, is grim. But for me this stems not from the portrayal of death and gore, of which there's not that much, but from the sheer matter-of-fact attitudes of the people in Hitler's orbit; the secretaries, orderlies and others. Horrible things are happening, and being made to happen by the people at the centre of power, yet around these events, memos are typed and discussions are held about families, children, food, and work, with fears of the future expressed in terms not so different from what you hear today!

Ganz worked for months to get the portrayal right. The scenes that are frighteningly accurate are where, with his trembling hand, Hitler goes to visit the boy soldiers about to be sent to their deaths in a hopeless fight against the Red Army as it invades Berlin. It's as if Peter Jackson colourised the original footage!

But the real mark of Ganz's acting ability is that he manages to portray Hitler in a way that does not simply cast him as evil and unlikeable, because that would not be believable. Even dictators have to charm and persuade some people, and with the right appeals, can persuade millions. It's knife-edge work, and so is Ganz's acting. After all, he has to make sure at the same time that the character is not too sympathetic, or he'd have been accused of being pro-Nazi. Ganz himself said that he felt about Hitler as one would of a rabid dog, sympathy - while killing the mad thing.
"I cannot claim to understand Hitler. Even the witnesses who had been in the bunker with him were not really able to describe the essence of the man. He had no pity, no compassion, no understanding of what the victims of war suffered."
I first saw Ganz three decades ago, when he played an angel in Wim Wenders' film Wings of Desire (a crap cover of the original German title, Der Himmel über Berlin), and he made an impression then. But it was Downfall that made him an international name and the movie cleared $US92m at box offices around the world when it was released, which is pretty good for a foreign language film. There were a few award nominations as well, but nothing big. The audiences and critics were left to praise the movie and Ganz.

Normally for such a film, that would have been that: something for Art House movie buffs to rent out occasionally over the next few decades. But this is the age of the Internet, and in particular the age of YouTube.

The most famous scene in the movie - the one above - was where Hitler loses the plot completely. He finds out that one of his generals, Steiner, has not carried out the counter-attack Hitler ordered and accuses Steiner of simply refusing the order. He goes on to accuse all the Wehrmacht generals of being cowards and having constantly betrayed and lied to him, and so forth. It's a terrifyingly awesome and yet pathetic meltdown.

And it was made for parody.

Not long after YouTube started up in 2005, people began taking this scene, adding in their own captions for whatever event they thought deserved such treatment, and then uploading it to YouTube. It took time to gather pace, but even by 2008 there were ones where Hitler finds out that Sarah Palin has been picked as VP candidate, or where he's Hillary Clinton exploding about losing the nomination to Obama. Sadly, neither seem to be there now, in the latter case possibly because it included one memorable line as Hillary rages about her staff losing her a certain win...
And having cunts for eyes!
Literally thousands of these turned up on YouTube, not just about politics, but appalling losses in sportsGamers pet hates, and obscure subjects (that one is where Hitler has Justin Bieber shot and killed). Eventually an entire channel was created for them. Many were as brutal as the quote above, with the one on Hitler finding out about Michael Jackson's death a particular fave:
"I fund the surgery to turn him white and this is how he repays me!"
Ganz himself was amused and mystified when finally asked about them. I don't think he really knew how to react. Sadly niether did the owners of the movie, who began issuing copyright infringment notices to take down the parodies. Eventually they realised their terrible mistake, as the flood continued anyway and many viewers found their way to the original film.

We all have our favourites, but these three are among mine. First up is - of course - Trump winning the 2016 election, with an unusual addition that forms the title of this post:

Next is Hitler finding out that Americans are calling each other Nazis

And finally
Downfall of Grammar
You guys are like some sort of grammer authorities or some kind of grammer.... strict police.... Oh what's the word I'm looking for here?
Of course, anybody who could speak German fluently probably could not watch one of these. I'd like to think that Bruno Ganz found that funny.

Ho Ho Ho


Heaven has a wall: Grocery store ad mailer stirs controversy

Saturday, February 16, 2019


So National puts together a video ad destined for facebook calling out Labour on Kiwiflop where the bloke puts the sheila right on the actual numbers built ... tastefully done and a pretty smart piece of work.    Problem is how to get the ad to go viral.

Light-bulb moment.   How about we get someone to contact the media and say how offended they are that the sheila is blond and that National is being sexist in drawing a link between blonds and easily fooled.

And the media swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker.   Second lead item on the TV news with opinions expressed by all and sundry, both for and against, including the obligatory condemnation from a 'marketing expert' that it wuz dirty and underhand and that National had completely blown it.

Result ... the ad goes viral and its all free publicity per courtesy of the media too dumb to see they were suckered into it.   Sexist ... what tosh.     Brilliant strategy worked a treat.    Loved the punch line ... 'lotsa sizzle and no sausage'.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Friday's Fulminations

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Unfortunately our system does not allow your comments to show up in the blog post itself.  Just in the comments section.

Visitors might consider the wisdom of using moderate language.



Thursday, February 14, 2019

An everlasting itch for things remote

So it's official. Today, eight months after a raging dust storm on Mars silenced the Opportunity Rover, NASA pronounced it dead. A day earlier they'd sent a final "wake-up" call, to which it did not respond, just as it had not to earlier calls after the storm lifted.

Opportunity and its twin, Spirit, working on opposite sides of the planet, were designed to last 90 days: technically 90 Sol's, a Sol being a Martian day, which is 37 minutes longer than an Earth day.

It has been fifteen years since they landed, a testament to the engineers who built and then controlled them, steering them out of untold numbers of deathtraps since 2004.

Even at the start, they did not so much land as bounce. After using a heatshield to punch through the Martian atmosphere at 20,000 km/h, they would drop away from the "mother" craft on a line, the mother popped a chute and then used retro-rockets to slow down almost to a complete stop above the surface. Five seconds before hitting the surface, each vehicle inflated a set of tough rubber balloons that completely encased it - and then cut the cord to "mother", dropping to the surface and bouncing as high as a five story building, with 40g impact the first time, bouncing a few more times and finally coming to rest, after which the "airbags" deflated to expose the rover and allow it to be on its merry way.

As crazy as it sounds this had worked before with the little 1997 Pathfinder / Soujourner rover, but it was not used for the latest rover, Curiosity, which weighed 900 kilos.

Spirit died in 2010 after getting stuck in yet another sandtrap and being unable to orient its solar panels for the approaching Martian Winter. Both it and Opportunity had already survived numerous dust storms that had dropped their power supplies close to zero, providing barely enough power to keep the electronics from freezing.

At one stage, Spirit's front right wheel simply froze, and for the rest of its life, the rover was forced to drive backwards, dragging the wheel around like a lame animal. But in the usual paradox of discovery, one day in 2006,  the stuck wheel dragged through a thick layer of dust in a crater that Spirit was crossing, revealing a bright, white layer of silica. On earth there are only two environments where silica can be formed; a hot spring, where the silica is dissolved away and deposited somewhere else, or a fumarole where acidic steam rises through cracks, dissolving other minerals and leaving mostly silica. On Earth, both environments teem with life. It was a hell of a discovery, and something the machine was not designed to find.

Opportunity had an easier time of it, driving across a lot of stone as it explored four different craters, putting 45km on the clock, the greatest distance travelled by any rover on any planet. It nailed down the water theory too, not just via spot mineral analysis, but extensive readings over distances that proved there had been kilometre wide bodies of water - actual lakes - on the Martian surface.

As is often the case, the humans using the machines got very attached to them, to the extent that when JPL managers suggested that some Spirit members might like to transfer to Opportunity, they all said no, as you can see in this clip:

National Geographic: Five Years On Mars
Opportunity was certainly the lucky rover ... [but] Spirit was my favorite rover, because Spirit had to work for everything she ever got in her life.
In 2018, Opportunity's luck finally ran out, when a massive dust storm rose up near her location on the rim of the 22km wide Endeavour Crater, and then spread across the entire planet, burying her in near darkness for longer than ever before. The global storm also made viewing the planet a pain during its closest approach since 2003, when I was able to show my kids the polar ice caps. This time around the youngest child got the short end of the stick, with merely a fuzzy red blob to look at.
"Opportunity likely experienced a low-power fault, a mission clock fault and an up-loss timer fault"
Like her twin, Opportunity simply froze to death. But that's not actually a bad way to go, especially with such a life of achievement behind you.

The Curiosity rover continues to roam the surface of Mars and, since it's nuclear-powered, will not suffer the problems of its solar-powered predecessors, so it could still be working in 2030. And as another hopeful sign of our unfolding future it should be noted that while the Cassini probe attracted anti-nuclear protest crowds during its launch to Saturn in 1997, there were none for Curiosity's launch to Mars in 2011.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Ten Gazzillion Barrels.

It is reported the French Oil Company Total has discovered, off the South African coast, a gas field estimated to contain one billion barrels of oil equivalent in the form of gas and condensate.  No real oil, mind you, just gas and condensate, however it seems the find is large enough to render South Africa self sufficient in oil and gas. 

No where near the size of Western Australia's North West Shelf gas field, it never the less is a very significant discovery.

Only one big problem

The black bastards who are slaughtering white South African farmers and stealing their land haven't got a clue how to develop an off shore gas field so they'll need overseas expertise to do the job.

I doubt any company from the western world will set foot in South Africa and risk its capital on an outfit such as the current administration.   But China would be in there like a rat up a drainpipe and if any of the blacks get uppity then the chows will simply shoot them and keep  on pumping gas.

I struggle to believe this actually happened, but reality assures me it did

This morning, those NZers who'd arranged time off work and paid their way to Wellington so they could make submissions to Parliament's Finance and Expenditure Select Committee must have been disappointed to find that the meeting was cancelled as inquorate.

They were presumably unaware that the three National MPs (David Carter, Andrew Bailey and Andrew Falloon) standing in the corridor with them outside the committee room were in the corridor for the specific purpose of making the meeting inquorate and thus wasting the submitters' time, effort and money.  I've tried to understand just how amoral and lacking in both integrity and basic human empathy you would have to be to stand there among those submitters knowing how you were shafting them, but can't.

That said, it doesn't surprise me that Carter, the worst Speaker of the NZ House of Representatives in my 40 years of adult memory, would stoop so low as to instigate something like this.  To get an idea of his level of personal integrity, think back to his defence as Speaker of John Key accusing the Opposition of supporting rapists, which involved him ejecting from the Chamber all the female MPs who rose to object on the grounds that they were themselves victims of rape or sexual abuse.  If there's been a lower point in NZ parliaments of the last few decades I'm unaware of it.

Carter tried to claim he was making some kind of political stand against Labour MPs' laziness:
Carter said National had "watched the tardiness of MPs on this select committee for all of last year". 
"They are not treating the select committee process with respect, they don't do their paperwork or reading before they get to the select committee and National is saying it's not good enough." 
He said National was sick of carrying the committee, and Government MPs were not treating it seriously.

So, effectively the submitters had their time, effort and money wasted because Carter had a fit of pique. MPs who'd endured his time as Speaker would certainly be familiar with that.

Events, Dear Boy. Events.

Adolf is greatly enjoying the spectacle of the ALP's dumb arse parliamentary leader Bill Shorten handing the forthcoming unloseable election to the Liberal Party.

What's that? I hear you ask?

Boat people, that's what.

Today the Senate will pass a bill watering down Australia's tough immigration laws which put a stop to the appalling people trafficking from Indonesia to Australia.  Stopping the boats was one of PM Tony Abbot's most significant successes.  During his Labor predecessors' time, some 50,000 illegal immigrants arrived in Australia and at least twelve hundred died trying to get here.

Since then the Australian Navy, in conjunction with Indonesian authorities (the Aussies paid them more than the people traffickers) have reduced the flow of boats to a trickle and those which have arrived have been turned back.   The remainder of the 50,000 (about 1,000, I think) are held in off shore detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island. They are free to leave at any time but they are not free to enter Australia unless ministerial discretion is used in the case of medical issues requiring treatment in Australia.   It is this ministerial discretion which has today been removed and replaced by authorising two doctors to make the decision.

Former Labor Senator Graham Richardson is devastation in his column today.

What are we going to do with the poor bastards on Nauru? Half of South and Central America is marching to the US border. Millions of Africans have their hearts set on joining the million Africans already in Europe. The planet is awash with refugees and finding them a home is proving well-nigh impossible.
While it may be extremely difficult for Labor’s Left to accept this, it is a fact. It is also a fact that Shorten is caught between a rock and a hard place. He can do nothing that might give a hint to the people-smugglers to start the boats again yet half his party want him to do just that.

If there's one issue that will galvanise normally apolitical Australians it is the prospect of thousands of boat people turning up with no papers and fraudulently claiming to be refugees.

Watch for an outbreak of serious mental illness amongst the inmates of Nauru and Manus.  Oh and by the way, I understand the leader the Australian Greens Party and the independent proponent of the bill both happen to be doctors.

Capisci?    Entiendes?


In an age when it is considered not at all funny to make fun of say peoples very prominent teeth, a predilection to pronounce all 't's as 'd's, a rebuke from the very biased speaker for a still imagined suggestion the PM is a silly little girl, no matter how accurate, it was a return to the worst of the Muldoon years in the house yesterday.
Mind you after 40 mostly wasted years for a certain dinosaur that was where it began for him.
The rather jarring display of humour in mocking the way the opposition leaders sometimes pronounces 'China' raising schoolgirl giggling fit from the female sharing his bench was a very revealing departure from the caring government concerned with bullying in the work place, mental health and all the other pseudo faux outrage at any perceived offensive speech.

Ha Ha Ha but that was more 1950s student humour from a capping Magazine than an utterance from the deputy PM in the opening debate of the "year of delivery".

Of course it was only the tragics who watched a rambling umming and arring waffle from the nations supposed leader, followed by a hard hitting focussed effort from Bridges where he made a stinging attack on all the many shortcomings of the current rabble except for any reference to lawnmowers, lines and probable embarrassment around drug use, and then the farcical rambling of an old man more intent on personal attack than politics, that provided ample opportunity for a responsible media plenty of scope for both "news" and Opinion" but no, not the day,  what a certain self immolated ex National MP thought of the current opposition leaders poll figures was of far greater moment?


John Grisham is one of my favorite authors.   His latest book 'The Reckoning' is in the 'can't put down' category.

I didn't until 2.25 am this morning.

Those of you with an interest in the Philippines campaign and especially the Bataan Death March et seq will find it especially enjoyable. 

Highly recommended. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Oh Woe Is Me

Readers will know Adolf maintains good health, i.e. satisfactory blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugars etc largely by dent of daily exercise.  Currently, or up until the day before yesterday, that comprised an eight kilometre walk first thing followed by three swims during the day, each of 100 metres.

Yesterday, at the fifty nine minute mark of his 8k 88 minute circuit, Adolf pulled up with what he thought was a sudden cramp in the left calf muscle.  (Note, before walking there is a comprehensive stretch routine of some ten minutes.  rear thigh, front thigh, calves and glutes.)   It was impossible to walk or hobble even a few paces so Adolf resorted to phoning The Cook with 'you'd better come and pick me up.'

An hour later, Adolf's doctor told him there was no cramp issue, however he had badly torn a muscle.  I'm still wondering how I could do that after a good warm up and an hour into the walk, on a gentle downward incline.

Anyway.    Ice twice a day for four days, no walking for a week, then start off again from 20 minutes with a gradual increase each day.

On the bright side and related only as much as a healthy diet is concerned, I've discovered a local commercial fisherman who sells to the public in one kilo packs.

Tarakihi $35, gummy shark $20, king fish $15, black tipped reef shark $10 and blue boned groper $35.  Strangely that $10/kg shark is probably the best value and veeeery tasty.

Caught Wed to Friday, sold on Monday.  Fish for lunch, every day.


As one of the doubters as to Simon Bridges ability to lead the National Party and to become Prime Minister,  I am warming to his preparation,  intellect and debating skills. For sure as a tragic amongst the probable .01% who watch Questions for oral answer when time permits, I note  his ability to make the Prime minister stay the hell away meeting with yet another bunch of children whether they be Kindy kids or college students is at times news worthy, not that that sad fact gets media recognition.

The most vociferous calling for Bridges replacement seem to be Media luvvies and other supporters of the socialists.
This is no time to be making such a daft move, think Goff, Shearer, Cunliffe, and Little, then perhaps reflect on the first years of Helen Clark's leadership before her nine years at the helm.
My Radar is alive and reading a concerted effort to hammer Bridges, now if he is so bad why bother, very few supporters of center right wanted any of the losers for Labour replaced, they were all National assets.

Much as I like Judith Collins work ethic and party work she is too easy a target for the media to make her life difficult if not impossible.

With so much material available even the  godfather Ducky must surely wilt as his efforts to screen the rocks about to be lobbed will need much maintenance sooner rather than later.

Gobbing off  by Ardern will only delay the eventual round into the Magazine and the Battle Ship will list if not sink.

Kiwi flop (Collins), Shanes slush fund (Goldsmith), The wellbeing kindness? Budget ( Adams, Collins and Bayley), CD response to Nelsons fires ( Nick Smith, Stuart Smith),  Immigration ( Mitchell), Trade ( McClay, McIndoe), Communications (Lee).
Leave Winston starved of oxygen and treat the Melons with the "respect" they deserve.

Just get on with the hard yards and the whole edifice will crack like the Dams in May 1943. No need for a Bouncing Bomb,  the CoL is already primed, just hit the target at every opportunity,  a thousand cuts, lets do this.


Gerald (as a staunch defender of the faith) and I had a wee discussion in a post I did recently over the possible sale of Westland Milk to a Canadian company.    Gerald's thesis was that foreign investment was ok as long as ownership remained in NZL hands.

And now this ...  "In 2018, the OIO approved the sale of 137,834 hectares of freehold rural land to foreigners. This is a substantial increase over 2017 when the sale of 25,696 hectares was approved which was the lowest area of freehold land since 2003. It is close to the average for the decade 2009-2018 of 135,157 hectares. So, after easing off in 2017, land sales to foreigners were back to their previous level in the first full year of the Labour-led Government".

Not from me ... taken from Martyn Bradbury's Labour supporting blog.

The hypocrisy exhibited by Labour, NZ First and the Greens  in condemning the sale of land to foreigners is breathtaking.

And just who is the Minister responsible for the OIO?     Answer ... The Green's Eugenie Sage ... funny that.  

Monday, February 11, 2019

I Guess The Veteran Was Right

The Veteran recently pointed out that the Green Party was only polling around 5%. and I replied that that was just one poll.  Unfortunately for me, another poll came out tonight that also has the Greens polling around 5%, so I guess that probably does reflect their actual current level of support.

On the plus side, the headline of the report on that poll is "National plunges to worst result in over a decade," so it's not like I'm the only one receiving bad news.


Apologies to Chales Dickens.


A UK family arrive in NZ to begin a new life in Nelson after buying a business in the city  in 2012 as a investment related immigration move.
On arrival the business had been somewhat over sold and was in fact failing with the vendor having absconded with the dosh.
Not to be deterred the couple set about resurrecting things and the male member became a volunteer fire fighter as community service. Not content to be available to the Nelson Central station during daytime he also became a member of the Stoke Brigade where they lived and available for night time callouts.
No criminal activity, only the sort of things good bastards have done since the mid nineteenth century.
Now seven years on because someone at Immigration NZ has deemed their business that began for them as a disaster was no longer regarded as complying with the criteria for their remaining in NZ they face deportation in July.


A young man with some predilection for violence comes to NZ  in 2003 using the Passport of another person,  Jan Antolik, and sets up amongst other activities as a "Kick Boxer".
His original back story describes him as on the run from corrupt police in his homeland.
He then becomes a "person of interest to NZ police in more than one investigation of criminal activity finally resulting in a conviction for importing MDMA a drug more commonly known as Ecstasy.
In 2012 the same year the Volunteer fire fighter of Nelson arrived, Jan Antolik, now discovered to be actually Karel Sroubek is charged with entering NZ on a false Passport but a very nice compassionate Judge Roy Wade gave him "discharge without conviction" followed by another nice judge Allen allowed Anatolik/Sroubek to travel to The Czech Republic.
Then in 2014 the nice man from Prague gets nabbed by the boys in Blue for importing Ecstasy in ziplock bags concealed in a container of "imported drink", alleged to have a street value of $375 000.
For that tiny mistake the unlucky Kick Boxer became a guest of our Prison service.
His luck somewhat restored when after 45 minutes of reading the case file another nice person, Current Minster of Immigration no less awarded Mr Sroubek residency thereby thwarting possible deportation when he is finally released.
A date so far denied by the Parole hearing because his evidence in support of parole was considered long winded, evasive, and somewhat at odds with the sentencing notes!!!.
Apparently no money worries for this chappie as it is alleged he purchased a Remuera Home for "Cash", Having been through such matters recently I would be interested in how compliance was completed in his deals.

As things stand at present the Fire fighter is relying on a petition to Immigration NZ to allow him and his wife to stay in this country, begun by a mate at the Stoke Volunteer Fire brigade.
The drug dealer is much luckier as he has a good friend, a Mr Richie Hardcore (Courtesy I believe from a deed poll name change), who has the Prime Minister's Cellphone number that he used to give fulsome thanks for the enlightened intervention by Minister Lees Galloway,  for a great decision.

This Post comes without any assistance from Lawn Mower dealers, TV Fishing exponents or any of the fast set in the city of sails who could be expert at lines, reading between or other lines, or others possibly in need of a bit of a boost from substances.
It comes from one who in retirement did a stint as a Volunteer first responder and has an understanding of the commitment and time demands of such activity, done for no reward and sometimes at a personal cost in time and money,  now so much greater due to Health and safety law and modern practices that the VFF must accomplish to remain operative.
Currently Mr Volunteer of Nelson  is actually out doing his bit to stave off he threat from the wild fires as we speak.
I wonder if he got any of the F*&king chocolates.

Sh*t such as this corrupt bureaucracy delivers leaves one believing there is more than a smidgeon of truth in recent allegations that the whole mess that is Immigration NZ from the Minister down is as straight as a coiled spring obsessed with dealing with decisions to conform to an idealogical bent that is as close to fairness as Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump on similar matters.

Sunday, February 10, 2019


The unemployment rate in the December quarter increased 0.4% to 4.3% and while one should be a little cautious in reading too much into this one quarter result the PM has really excelled herself with her throwaway comment that the additional 10,000 on the 'dole' did not represent any actual increase in unemployment numbers but rather comprised the already unemployed who, for what ever reason, hadn't bothered to sign up for the dole and that getting them to do so was a success story for her government.

If you believe that then you clearly also believe that Kiwiflop is on track (subject to some 'minor' recalebrating) and that a 100 million trees are going to be planted this year (by Shane Jones' cuzzie bros getting off the couch).

Brings to mind the quote from Conan O'Brien ... "When all else fails there's always delusion".  Clearly St Jacinda takes us for fools ... we're not.   Instead she embarrasses herself and her office ... yet again.

Ho Ho Ho

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