Sunday, January 6, 2019


Te Mata Peak, the iconic backdrop to delightful Havelock North is now at the center of a beatup over a zigzag track constructed by Craggy Range Winery after successful resource consents were issued by Hawkes Bay local Authorities up the Eastern side from the Waimaramara Road

At no cost to Rate Payers the winery in compliance with the laws built a track on free hold land, sheesh how did that happen? well due process that's how.

Now it has been decided, Iwi,  long after construction was completed were denied an opportunity to profit by way of Koha and things have unravelled spectacularly . Now at an estimated cost of almost a Million dollars reinstatement will take place to restore the land., as if!
Only, as most people with more brain cells than their waist measurement in mm will know:
(a) that cost will escalate,
(b) signs of the land disturbance will survive,
(c) there may well be land stability issues that will not be remediated and the poor bloody Ratepayers will lose again.
Not the Iwi, those who claimed consent should not have been granted or any of the thousands who see nothing wrong with such misuse of the RMA who from concerted manipulation see their warped views perpetrated, will be paying unless they are ratepayers to the morons at city hall who bowed to the money gods.

Of course a quick google search of the satellite image it can be established that this suddenly declared "sacred site" has for years had a tarsealed road oddly named Te Mata Peak Road going right up to the summit on the sunny side of the edifice that as well as serving awesome 360 degree views around the "Bay" the public road  also serves as access to a hangglider opperation!

Would it be impertinent to suggest that if maybe a bit of Koha had lubricated things they might still have a challenging walk up to the view easily accessed by bike, car, or shanks pony in situ for decades.


RosscoWLG said...

Christ New Zealand needs a Donald Trump urgently.

Somebody needs to tell these people to Fu*k *ff.

They frikking dined on each other until we came along.....


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


The nearest we ever had was Barry Crump.

The person needs to be a pretty tough rooster who takes no nonsense from idiots.

I nominate Brendon McCullum.

RosscoWLG said...

I knew someone would take a perfectly serious comment of mine and ruin it by mentioning a cricketer!!! :)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Did Barry bat or bowl?

RosscoWLG said...

Probably swings both ways... whose Barry by the way ?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Barry Crump

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

Congratulations Adolf, you have finally achieved something noteworthy by outing Wiggo our resident beachbum who has assiduously google earthed every beach from Brighton to Bondi......Who is Barry indeed.

As the sun slowly sets in the East we Leave Wiggo pondering over his Cyrillic keboard.

George said...

I expect that the tar sealed road leading to the summit will also be removed ?
After all it must be visible from lower levels