Thursday, January 31, 2019


There is an old mantra in Real Estate "Location Location Location" that defines a rather large foundation for decisions buyers should consider always.

Oh there are others such as worst house in good street, all buyers are liars, it hasn't sold so price too high agent is crap or both, however I digress.

The current omnishambles masquerading as a Government of New Zealand is heading further up a creek without a paddle.
Words such as Fiscal responsibility, managed budgets, targeted assistance, equality, consultation, select committee, appear consigned to redundant.

New words to replace them have appeared, Provincial growth fund, transparency, open, fair, captains call, feelings, and very recently wellness and a real doozy, yesterday when the collapse of Kiwibuild came as close as will ever be admitted, - RECALIBRATION???

Google, gives a definition from The Cambridge Dictionary for recalibration:
 "making 'small' adjustments to an instrument to ensure accuracy".

Can we assume Kiwibuild to be an instrument, I guess so with a stretch of an agile mind.
However when it comes to reducing 100 000 homes in a decade to one thousand in the first year and further abandoning all target readings of the original instrument when it in spite of massive rejigging start dates, completions and what exactly a kiwibuilt house actually is, output readings at 33 completed houses, (not forgetting the 61 houses,  the other bit of responsibility Mr Twyford carries ie LTSA under Transport,  flattened for road widening). is it at all possible the "Instrument" was built in a Blacksmiths shop using pig iron, a forge, and large hammers. Then sadly when constructed for gawd knows how much dosh, never to be revealed, the "Instrument" was not and never would be fit for purpose.

I am declaring the spin doctors use of recalibration to be utter commercial speak bollocks.
If Kiwibuild was a dog I would suggest the vet, not to remove testes but to be put down, any other option is abject cruelty to others.

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