Saturday, January 12, 2019


MR TRUMP duly lawfully elected President of the US wants to do something central to his successful election promises,  " Make the Southern border more secure to reduce illegal immigration and curb the flood of drugs that daily bring death and destruction to his citizens" at a cost of c5 billion.

He is being opposed by The Opposition Democrats in the Lower House under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi and the Minority in the Senate by Chuck Schumer.
Of course they want illegals to come into America no matter what they cost in welfare, crime and Jobs as such aliens vote overwhelmingly Democrat.
Of course an additional benefit never promoted could come from the improved "Wall" making life a whole lot more difficult for the People Traffickers who make the Slave trade almost a benign historical aberration as it was in ignorance then   seen as an economic necessity.
Today the barbarism and killing of those lured by hope to pay exorbitant sums of money in these enlightened times seems as, if not a greater sin than that occurring in the centuries before people such as Wilberforce ended the Save trade for so many, to be difficult to differentiate.

Yesterday in a meeting to work out a solution to the Impasse that sees many federal employees facing hardship from frozen wages. Such deprivation, threatened since before Xmas, is only due to actually bite  now when the scheduled payments finally cease,
Trump walked out of the meeting after 14 minutes because he says, the total intransigence of the moronic Dem Leaders.
In addition to the 5 billion requested being a minor figure in the total Federal spend the strangest bit of this somewhat comical saga comes when it is fact that Pelosi, Schumer, and failed Dem Potus candidate,  then a New York Senator,  all voted larger sums from the Federal funding basket under the previous President Obama,  now suddenly  blinded by visceral hatred of Trump they are saying a flat "NO".

Of course nothing ever to be published about such inconvenient information by our Media circus who source all their  "American News and Opinion" from the Fake news Champions of the world.

Hypocrisy is a threatened species in the US of A as TDS and Fake news are basic sustenance to a very biased MSM.


David said...

Get off the Kool Aid Muzza, back in to the Sherry, and stick to topics you know about, like, oh, old farts in Gophers blocking the aisles at 4 Square.

Trump had two years with control of both houses and didn't get his wall funded. Why is that?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

David, probably because he didn't have control of both houses.

Snowflake said...

Yes he did. Why do you lie so much Adolt? Taking lessons from Trump?

There’s a difference between actual border security and the useless huge waste of money that is the wall (that Mexico is supposed to be paying for). Conflating the two is the pastime of right wing tardos and grifters.

David said...

12 months ago

Senate - GOP 50 seats
Dems 45 Seats
Other 2 Seats

GOP majority 3

House - GOP 239
Dems 194

GOP majority 45

Whitehouse - GOP 1
Dems 0

Guess you don't quite understand basic arithmetic. Must be why you kept buying those losing lottery tickets. :-)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

We are surrounded by idiots who don't want to remember why the repeal of Obamacare failed.

Lord Egbut Nobacon said...

I have finally twigged what is going on after reading Dodgers cut and paste. He is a Democrat mole tasked with converting the simple minded. Working on the principal that even the bottom of the intelligence percentile would recognise that as a half witted pro Trump post and realise they were being patronised.....well done Dodger you have my blessings.

Snowflake said...

Well Adolt, the Obamacare repeal failed because Trump and the GOP, despite railing against it for years, did not have any viable replacement. This proves they’re not fit to govern, of course, so I’m not sure you should be bringing it up.

RosscoWlg said...

Trump is masterful really, the Democrats are like NZ Labour, they just keep on giving.

Who cares if he failed to pass it 12 months ago, that's ancient history that nobody wants to visit now. That's a bit like Labour being in opposition for 9 long years and not developing a policy, anywhere!

He has been able to turn it into a big stick that he beats the Democrats around the head with. Masterful to shut down the Govt at the same time, and it all looks like the Democrats fault.

Pelosi so reminds me of Aunite Helen, that same pinched face! But far richer in the bank account I believe, unexplained of course

Anyway we have the most "open and honest Government, ever" to go on with. Im waiting for Snowflake Central to explain that one away!

Wiggo(Right to the Bone)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well Snowfake, in fact, the Obamamcare repeal failed because John McCain voted against it.

David said...

Adolt, the repeal of "Obamacre" has nothing to do with Donny Two Scoops failure to get his wall funded in his first two years. That is all down to his inability to his job unless he gets his instructions from Moscow.

Trump is acting all tough because Putin has told him to do it, to further weaken the remnants of US democracy and bring about a dictatorship with Putin as the ventriloquist and Commander Heel Spurs as the dummy.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

David, you shouldn't be drinking raw moonshine on the Sabbath.

And one more crack like that will put you on holiday.

Snowflake said...

Wrong again, Adolt. The GOP Senators who voted against the Obamacare repeal did so because Trump had no viable alternative. This is because he is too stupid to come up with one. He he had been smart enough to produce a viable alternative it would be done and dusted.

Am unsure what Wigout is talking about, as he’s largely incoherent after 2pm, but Trump owns the shutdown, he said so himself. Again he’s too stupid to offer up an alternative to the arrangement already passed by the Senate and that he reneged on, so it’s on him.

And, Adolt, why are you threatening to ban David from Gravetodger’s blog? Senility much?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Snowflake you continue to display your ignorance. The President does not bring legislation to the House or the Senate. You seem to overlook the glee with which McCain gloated over casting the deciding vote against the repeal. But that's normal for you. You only ever shout shit.

Snowflake said...

Presidents can create policy which can then be introduced and shepherded through Congress. Should be easy if your party controls both Houses. That’s why Obamacare exists FFS. Jesus, you’re really stupid enough to need to have that explained to you? McCain was not the only GOP Senator to have genuine concerns at the impact of repealing without a replacement (due to the President being too lazy and stupid to have developed a viable alternative). Now fuck off you ignorant shit for brains.