Saturday, January 5, 2019


Comment from genuine cricket lovers welcome.


Johno said...

It was a hell of a game indeed. Got so frustrating watching then drop catch after catch. Then when Southee bowled four full toss pies in one over I was looking for objects to throw at the TV!
Glad Perera got the MOM.

The Veteran said...

Johno ... I feel for you. Our quite lovely neighbour with whom we are very friendly wandered over this morning to ask about my health. Apparently I had been shouting a lot (at the TV or, more precisely, Tim Southee).

gravedodger said...

Then again a certain Tim Southee did reasonably with the bat day one second test at Hagley Oval when the NZ team was only marginally better than their still standing record all out for 26 in march 1955. Then Tim took three cheep ones in setting up Trent Boult for his extraordinary demolition of SL first innings with six for 4in nine balls.

Perera was in a mood but who won, remind me again and after six dropped catches and four runouts, here was me thinking it was only a game.

I hit the sack with SL eight down thinking it cant happen and if it does I have no wish to see it, only after checking again with my Sub Continent Bookie.

A very strange series so far, cant wait for Saxon Oval in Nelson, SL are multi world cup winners so two nil ahead, however done has got to be satisfying.

The Veteran said...

GD ... you missed out on an incredible hour of power batting. Agree re Nelson

gravedodger said...

With two batsmen facing and several balls flying to the rope it was just too hard to focus let alone remain awake Vet.
Thisara had passed fifty when sleep deprivation sent me off and I thought eventually his luck would run out but he almost did the impossible in bringing it back to a run a ball and only 20 odd short, sheesh!!